30 Day Diet Reboot Day 21

30 Day Diet Reboot Day 21

January 21, 2018, 181.4 pounds, 11.8% Body Fat


  • Butternut stew
  • Chicken
  • 5K Time Trial
  • Long game

Well it’s Sunday morning and we are officially 3 weeks into the diet reboot.  To summarize; I lost a quick 6-7 pounds but stabilized around 180 pounds.  I’ve managed to stay clean for the most part.  I have good energy and feel better, but I have a way to go.

I haven’t really ramped up my training during these three weeks.  When that happens, I suspect we’ll see some more progress.  I’ve still got a bit of belly fat to work on, but I can feel my body working better on the clean fuel.

Yesterday, Saturday, I went grocery shopping for the week.  I had the time to make a nice Butternut stew in the rice cooker. http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/food-recipes/healthy/a42399/pressure-cooker-warming-winter-squash-lentil-stew-recipe/

It’s got lentils, spinach and butternut squash.  Surprisingly filling and satisfying.  The ginger and spices give it a great taster.  I used garlic and green onion instead of shallots.  Very tasty.  Will put some containers away for the week ahead.

Since Rachel wants me to get more protein, I bought some chicken breast and baked it.  This way it will be ready for use in salads during the week.  You can also make burger out of it by grinding it up in your food processor with some spices.

Had a couple days off from running (three in a row) now.  Coach wanted me to do a 5K time trial this morning.  I gave it a try.  I hate running short and fast.  I just don’t have much speed anymore. I ended up only being able to hold the pace and effort for 2 ¼ miles before my quads fatigued and I pulled up.

I felt pretty good, but still too heavy.  Which leads me to my next topic – I think I’m going to need to hold this clean eating plan for a few more weeks to get to where I feel good.  I’ve made a good start, and a great reboot, but I’m going to need to hold it to get the real benefit.



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