Episode 160 Mike Duncan History of Rome

The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 160 – Mike Duncan History of Rome

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Mike Duncan – http://thehistoryofrome.typepad.com/


Hello and welcome to the History of Roman Runners podcast where we set the wayback machine to the time of tribunes and emperors – of gladiators and hotly contested races in the hippodromes of old – in our quest for all things running.

But Wait!  This is the RunRunLive podcast and this is Christopherus your host.  And Although I am mostly barbaric and do hail from the Galic hoards this is not a history podcast, this is a podcast where we talk about the endurance athletes who are the pantheon of our hosts.

We have great show for you today.  As you may have guessed I found, or more appropriately engineered and excuse to interview Mike Duncan of the History of Rome Podcast.  Let’s all pause right now to throw a big wet ball of race karma over to his wife Brandi who is running the Austin ½ as we speak.


Also in this episode we have some fun where Joe Bears and I discuss the new RunRunLive Tee-shirt offering and our usual assortment on pedantic running memorabilia – Information, entertainment and inspiration – in no particular order.

I finished up a a strong peak week for my ½ in a couple weeks running  63 miles and capping it off Sunday with a nice 21 miler.  I went out early with my old friends Silent Assassin and Bones.  Around 5 miles into our run I heard a blackberry alarm go off.  I’m quite familiar with this alarm because it wakes me up when I’m on the road it’s called “Antelope” (Alarm sound here).  So – we are trotting along and I hear this.  We all look at eachother – but none of us is carrying a phone.  We look around and there is a blackberry on the ground with the alarm going off – it looks like it fell out of someone’s car – a little scuffed up but functional.  The keyboard was frozen – it was about 15 degrees out – so I popped it into my pocket and took it for a ride.

When we finished up our 21 miles we were walking a little cool down and we looked through the phone log to see if there was someone we could call.  Someone named “Poodle” had called a bunch of times so we put it on speaker and dialed him up.

“Hey Poodle!  How you doing?”

“Huh?  Who’s this?”

“This is mad dog, Bones and the assassin, we found your buddies phone by the side of the road.”

Eventually poodle got in touch with the owner and the guy came and got his phone.  I took a couple nice post run pictures of myself for him.

Buddy has made a new friend.  The new crop of squirrels is out of hibernation and there is one that I’ve named Chester that is camping out at the bird feeder outside my office window.  I have the bird feeder set up so it hangs just inches from the window, about eye-level for Buddy, so I can get a close up of the birds while I’m at my desk.  Chester has given poor Buddy quite the affront, sitting on the windowsill a few scant inches from buddy’s nose, separated by a pane of glass.  Buddy isn’t mad, just perplexed at the cheeky little bugger.

Honestly I don’t think it will end well for Chester.  I’ve got a few hawks that hang around my yard too.

Well before you all lose interest and become road kill let’s get on with the show!

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Allstate Havoc GPS commercial

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Joe Bears performs “the shirt off my back” parody.

Story time:

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Going to the dark place.

Ten secrets to successful running

Featured Interview:

Mike Duncan – the history of Rome Podcast


Quick Tip:

I got asked last week about what exactly I’m doing to work my core.  Well what I used to do was to just work in a set of 20 pushups, crunches and leg lifts 2-3 times a week before my runs.  This was because I didn’t think I had the time to do anything more for my core.

The schedule coach has me on now is only 5 days of running with 2 days of core work outs.  To make up the miles he has me running longer midweek runs.  I used to do mostly 5-7 miles during the week with long run on Sunday.  Now I do upwards of 14 -15 miles on a weekday.  My midweek runs are much longer.

Getting back to the core.  Coach has me doing a total body workout on Mondays after my long run that is an aerobic workout.  I use light dumbbells – 15 pounders and keep moving throughout the workout.  I do high reps 15-20 and I try to keep it clean and controlled and it takes 45 minutes to an hour.

I do lunges and squats, pushups, chest, pushups, abs, pushups, shoulders, abs, arms, abs repeat.  It’s a great workout and is a combination of aerobic and strength to build lean muscle and make me stronger and better able to maintain good running form.

I would caution people to have someone show you how to do any weight bearing exercises cleanly and with good form so that the exercise focuses on the muscle group that it is intended to.  Unless you have weight lifting experience you tendency is to swing the weights.  This can injure you and make the exercise much less effective.

Something simple like a triceps curl has to be done, for example, with your elbows in and pointed, or you aren’t working the triceps.

I’m not sure what my next project is but I really like how this core workout makes me feel and also how it makes me look.  It really tightens up your physique.


That’s it you have pushed your wheeled carts laden with treasure to the end of the Saturnalian temple that is the RunRunLive Podcast.   Episode 160 in the can.

I’ve got some great stuff coming up.  We’ve got the Chris Cooper Long May You Run interview and Allen the 75 year old runner and I’m scheduling a chat with the Race Director of Boston to get some insight on the new changes.

Spring is coming and we had a couple warm days this week.  I’m traveling out to Detroit next week and am going to try to hook up with Eddie Marathon, and DirtDawg and Kevin “just finish”.  That should be fun.  Heading into my taper for Hyannis.  Anne Brennan’s husband Blaise is coming up and coach has told him to pace me to my goal.  That should be interesting.

After that my sights are set on Boston.  I’m in sub 3:20 shape right now and will make an effort to get into sub 3:10 shape which is not bad considering I’m an almost-50-year-old non-athlete with way too much to do.  There are a bunch of great races in the run-up to Boston that I may do – we’ll see what coach says.

The Groton Road Race is coming along nicely.  I signed the last big sponsor to fill out our dance card this week, I got interviewed by the local newspaper and I’m getting interviewed by the Groton TV channel tomorrow.  It’s great that we can pull off an event like this that has become such a positive part of the local community.

I was sitting next to an interesting dude on the plane ride down to Atlanta this week.  He had been up in Boston presenting his thesis on the value of social networks.  He wants to teach college kids and help them become entrepreneurs.

I shared my experience on the different types of relationships in the new world and how you can use them as a sort of universal mastermind.

I’ve seen a lot of super-smart people with really great products that have failed.  They fail because they lack passion.

Passion gives you the ability to sell your idea or product.  Passion connects the emotional truth to your ideas and gets your audience excited.  Passion sells.

Passion also enables perseverance and leadership.  How many battles have been won because the leader rode passionately into to fray and turned the tide?  The real stories of success, the great stories of success are when a ordinary person’s persistent passion for an idea overcomes challenge after challenge and changes the tide of history.

I read a great quote this morning in the business section about some cool new invention and the Venture capitalist said he put money in because, and I quote, “he was impressed by the entrepreneur’s passion and negotiating prowess”.

At its basest form passion can cause people to open their wallets.That’s it folks, passion sells.  Passion causes people to follow you, it gives you authenticity and power.

You may not be the smartest person or the fastest runner in this world but your passion will inspire people.  Your passion for what you do has the ability to pull people along in your wake.  So get up.  Get on it.

I’ll see you out there.

All the music in this show is by a new band I discovered called Sweet Diss and the Comebacks.  Check them out they are a power-pop-punk mélange that sounds great.



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