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Interludes 1.3

Interludes 1.3 (Audio: link) [audio:] Link Interludes1.3.mp3 “Interlude of Love” – Backslider Introduction:

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NYC Marathon

Interludes 1.2 – NYC Marathon (Audio: link) [audio:] Link NYC.mp3  

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Interludes 1.0 (from the creators of RunRunLive)

Interludes 1.0 (Audio: link) [audio:] Link Interludes1.mp3 Introduction: Hello my endurance friends and welcome to a crack-stuffing version of the RunRunLive podcast that I’m going to call “Interludes”.  I didn’t want you to think I fell into the abyss as I work to figure out the format for RunRunLive4.0.  I’ll keep passing along some content…

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Expisode 300 – Coach Andrew Kastor and much frivolity…

Expisode 300 – Coach Andrew Kastor and much frivolity… (Audio: link) [audio:] Link epi4300.mp3 Intro:

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Episode 3-299 – Coach Kristie

The RunRunLive 3.0 Podcast Episode 3-299 – Coach Kristie (Audio: link) [audio:] Link epi3299.mp3 Support RunRunLive; Purchase an audio book of running stories.  Written and performed with love by Chris Russell  ————-à>>>>>>><<<<<<<———– Introductory Comments:

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