30-Day Diet Reboot (30ddr) – Day one

30-Day Diet Reboot (30ddr) – Day one

January 1, 2018.  187.6 pounds, 13.7% body fat.

It begins.

Welcome to the new year!

I did an excellent job of anti-dieting over the last two weeks with the holidays.  I managed to pack on another 6-7 pounds.  Isn’t that a strange human reaction?  If you know you’re going to start a diet you stuff yourself to get ready?

Last night was New Year’s Eve.  I went to bed early.

I was wrecked from trying to run a marathon with my friends in the morning.  It was very, very cold.  1-5 degrees.  I got to 21 miles and decided to stop.  My legs were sore, and I was struggling.  I saw no need to hurt myself.  I’ve got nothing to prove.

My legs are sore today.  I’ve got a bit of specific soreness in my right knee.  I recognize it.  It’s an overuse tendonitis that comes from too much work, but more specifically too little stretching.  It’s calf and hamstring related.  My lower back is sore too.

I woke up at 5:30 and had to go to the bathroom – a symptom of overeating is your bowels wake you up.  I went back to bed until 7:20.

Got up and started with some meditation.  My mind was racing.  Thinking about all the things I have to do.

Usually I put on the coffee and oatmeal when I get up.  But, I decided to try to delay that first cup of coffee because Rachel asked me to get down to one cup of coffee a day.  Today I just started with a glass of water.

My routine is to drink two cups of coffee in the morning.  I usually have one here at the house and then one at work.  I will have to skip one of them or replace it with tea.

My morning routine will have to get tighter.  I am going to try getting up 30 minutes earlier so that I can get my morning practice done.

Today will be an interesting start to the 30-day diet reboot.  It is still the holiday and my family will want to eat delicacies.  Eating is part of what we do as a family.

I’m also going to go jog a 5k with my daughter and jump in the Atlantic Ocean.

I need to do some meal prep today.  I’ll make a week’s worth of salads.  I’ll make some smoothies.  I’ll do a meal plan for dinners.

And so it begins.


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