Episode 183 – Plantar Fasciitis Jeff Hoening

The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 183 – Plantar Fasciitis Jeff Hoening

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Matt Suetter – who didn’t leave any links but seems to be a kind and generous soul.


Hello and welcome to the RunRunLive Podcast – this is Chris your host and we have a great show for you today, or this morning or tonight or whenever, thru the miracle of Podcast time-travel you are actually listening to this.

I’m at the car dealership this morning and they are giving the Race-Camry the 30K check-up.  Which translated means they are soaking me for another $300.  But, it’s nice here.  They have high speed internet, strong coffee and some food.

The guy in charge of shepherding my customer interaction just called me in with that concerned look, you know the look, it’s their “I care about you so much that it pains me to tell you we found something unexpected…” but, since they always find something unexpected, it is, actually quite expected.

This time he says that some rodent has crawled into the filter box that provides fresh air to cabin of the car and made a nest, but not to worry because for another $80 they can run a sterilizing routine on the air system.  He’s not too disappointed when I tell him it really doesn’t bother me and he should dump the nest out and get on with it.  If it was a nest of zombies, well, that would be another matter.

Our great show for you today is all about this endurance adventure we all share.  It has some thematic entertainment, lots of information and maybe, just maybe a schmeer of inspiration.  Julia French is going to read from her new novel for us as well.

I moved today’s interview up in the queue because I think it’s going to help a lot of folks.  Friend of the show Jeff and I go over the ins and outs and ups and down of Plantar Fasciitis.  We also have some guest spots and some fun stuff for you too!

This is my first experience with the curse of plantar fasciitis and I’m excited to be able to share something new and useful with you.

I’m less excited about not running for about a month now, but I’m staying busy.

I’ve been riding my bike 3 days a week with one long ride on the weekend and then doing a total body core workout another 3 days.  I feel fit, but without the running I’m starting to bulk up.  My body is reconfiguring around the bike workouts and I’m getting some nice quad and glute definition.

When I start running again I’ll be nice and strong but I’ll have to strip off the extra muscle bulk.  But – life is change and for everything there is a season, yeah?

So I got some new pedals for my mountain bike this week.  I spun them in and jumped on to go for a long ride. After a few moments, I’m in the woods cruising along and realize there is something wrong.  The new pedals are so tight they aren’t releasing.  Translation, I’m riding with my feet clipped in and I can’t get them out.

Eventually I had to just choose a soft spot to crash so I could pull my feet out of the shoes.  There’s still something wrong with these pedals and I still ended up losing a lot of skin even after I adjusted them.

Next week I’m on vacation. I’ll still put a show out.

I hope you folks are enjoying your summer, your lives, your moments.  You should, these are the only ones we get!

On with the show!

Audio clips in this episode:

Why can’t a couch potato run a marathon?  Marshall Brain from the Brain Stuff Podcast.

Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode:

Tresemen Aquapelt commercial.

Story time:

Julia French

Good morning, my name is Julia French. I am the author of the soon to be published novel, Daisy and Connor’s World. It is a lightly romantic story about the lives of a group of High School runner’s. I’d like to read for you page 21; Daisy & Grace’s first High School competition…..


Daisy and Grace’s first competitive race

Page 20-21 of Daisy and Connor’s World


September 25th rolled around pretty quickly. Daisy and Grace were super excited about their first official High School competition. A man’s voice suddenly boomed from the loud speaker over the football field.

“All girls running the 2 mile please take their place at the starting line!”

“I guess that’s us.” Daisy meekly whispered to Grace.

They jogged over to the starting line together. Butterflies fluttered around in the girl’s stomachs as they stretched out. They wished their friends were around to encourage them. Connor, Andy, Maria, Mark and Willie were all off running in their own events or preparing to run so there was no one to wish them good luck but Coach Peggy. Coach Peggy noticed the jittery pair of girls from the sidelines and jogged over to the starting line to greet them.

“Hey there girls, you’re lookin’ good. Remember what you’ve been learning at practice. Start out slowly then gradually pick up your pace, one notch at a time. Then give everything you’ve got at the end. Save it for the end girls, don’t rush it. You can do it!” Coach Peggy smiled and held her hand up for high 5’s.

Giving an older woman a high 5 was very unusual. But they responded to her encouragement and returned Coach Peggy’s high 5 with appreciative giggles and loud slaps in the air.

“On your mark! Get set!….” shouted the loud speaker then the crack of a gun went off and the race began.

Daisy and Grace stuck to each other like glue as they zigzagged through the crowd of runners, looking for just the right spot. The running group thinned out after a few minutes. Some enthusiastic girls took the lead immediately and others stayed in the rear, unsure if they could finish the course. Daisy and Grace found an empty spot smack in the middle. They’d run at medium speed just like Coach Peggy had suggested and reserve energy for the ending. Lap 1, lap 2, lap 3, lap 4, lap 5, went by in this way. Lap 6 and 7 they picked up their pace and held it securely. Some of the front girls dropped back behind Daisy and Grace now. Then on lap 8 Daisy and Grace decided it was time to pick up their pace again. They steadily increased their speed over and over and over again. Faster and faster, one notch at a time they took ground with youthful vigor. They could see the finish line now…, desire to take it rose hungrily in the girl’s hearts.

“I want it, I want it…take it, take it…” Daisy repeated within herself.

Grace was her only competitor now. The two girls flew past the bleacher’s full of noise spectators. Arms pumping in perfect sync with their legs, eyes focused, seeing nothing but the yellow tape before them. With one last mighty gust of strength Daisy pulled out past Grace and sped through the tape. The girls jogged around in circles attempting to catch their breath as other runners came through the finish line after them. Daisy looked up to the sky, hands on her hips, walking in circles, until her heart stopped it’s mighty pounding and her breathing slowed to normal. She passed Grace as she made circles. They both grinned hugely as they jumped in the air giving each other victorious high 5 slaps.

“Good run Daisy” Grace exclaimed.

“Yea, it was fun, runners rock!” Daisy returned elated. The girls then jogged off the track in search of their friends.


For more on Daisy and Connor’s World please visit my blog site: daisydesk.wordpress.com

You can also find me on twitter: french_julia


Equipment Check:

Speed work Follow-up – http://www.runrunlive.com/follow-up-on-speed-work-for-beginners

Featured Interview:

Jeff Hoenig

Hi Chris –

This is jeff from Tampa, FL, a long time listener to your terrific show.  Have a show idea for you.

I battled plantar faciitis for over 2 years and finally defeated this monster by taping, Spenco sandals, night splints and changing shoes (actually ditching the Newtons and going to my former shoes Mizuno Wave Riders) to untighten my calves.  I tried chiropractic, massage, ultrasound, laser you name it.  I’d love to share this information with your audience by an interview.  I can give you my background, what I’ve tried and what was successful for me.  We could provide links to the things I mention – I don’t sell this stuff, just want to get the word out.

I’ve run 4 marathons, numerous halfs and have been running regularly since 2004.  I run around 20 miles per week, 3-4 times per week.  I’m your basic recreational runner that runs for the joy of it.

I’ve heard you’ve had some heel pain on your show lately and really encourage you to check out this video on taping your foot.  You use standard athletic tape you can get at any drug store.  This was hugely beneficial for me.


If you run in the eve, tape up in the morning before work and take it off by lunch.

I taped up for half the day and wore these incredible sandals/flip flops all the time: http://www.spenco.com/products/footwear/yumi-sandals/mens_yumi_bp

Jeff Hoening, who am I:

41 year old recreational runner from Lithia, FL an eastern suburb of Tampa

Running regularly since 2004, but ran in high school and college to support my baseball training

Ran 4 marathons and numerous half marathons

Run for health, fitness, alone time, outside time, a sense of accomplishment

Running is something as primal to me now as eating or sleeping – it’s a part of my life

Run 3-4 times per week, spin classes, swimming

In mid-2008 training for the 2008 Air Force Marathon (about 2 months out) , I felt my foot “give” during a speed – kept running on it

Mayo Clinic website:

Plantar fasciitis involves pain and inflammation of a thick band of tissue, called the plantar fascia, that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes.  Under normal circumstances, your plantar fascia acts like a shock-absorbing bowstring, supporting the arch in your foot.  If tension on that bowstring becomes too great, it can create small tears in the fascia.

I tried chiropractic, ultrasound, laser, massage therapy, podriatrist, orthodics – little or no relief – in fact some of this actually aggravated the problem.

I’m a podcast listener, read Born To Run by Christopher McDougall and really locked into the natural running concept

Purchased Newton sir Isaac Guidance Trainers (their entry level mid foot striking shoes) helped at first because I wasn’t mashing down on my heel, I actually PR’d the Gasparilla Marathon in March 2010 with a 3:52 but my heal still ached

One evening at a DC appointment my chiropractor said I needed to SUPPORT MY ARCH and let my feet heal themselves, walking barefoot and using my Vibram Five Fingers was a bad idea as walking barefoot with PF b/c it actually stretches and tears the fascia that is trying to heal itself

What worked for me?

1.     Taping – video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy1ZEJ-kKTg

2.     Spenco sandals, wore them all the time!http://www.spenco.com/products/footwear/yumi-sandals/mens_yumi_bp

3.     Inflammation – do you best to avoid inflammatory foods like excess sugar, white breads, processed foods

4.     Frozen water bottle

5.     Returned to my original shoes – Newton running shoes kept my calves tight, returned to my original and beloved Mizuno Wave Riders

6.     10 small rocks in a cup at night

7.     Night foot splints or boots

8.     Sleep with your food off the back of the bed – avoid heavy covers

9.     Consider ditching the Garmin, Nike Plus – let how you feel dictate your pace, not your watch

I feel great now.  No pain at all.  Key concept here is that it’s our job to support our body to mend and heal itself!

Thanks for the great content and for considering the idea.  Lemme know what you think.

Best to you,



Quick Tip:



Ok my friends, that’s it you have waited in the car dealership of life through yet another RunRunLive podcast, episode 183 in the can…see, I can turn anything into an extended simile…

I’ve got a number of interesting interviews lined up for you in the next few shows, including, but not limited to a couple entrepreneurs, some folks who are putting on a zombie race and Ciaity who is a west coast barefoot runner that wants to be our new editor.

I told you Sabrina was retiring from the editors role here at the RunRunLive megaplex.  She’s done a fine job and I enjoyed working with her.  She told me her mom listens to the podcast.  Well, Mrs. Sabrina you’ve done a great job and raised a fine human.

I wanted to let you know Sabrina called me for some career advice.  You’ll be glad to know I told her not to rush into it.  Take a couple years off. Travel as a groupie with a punk rock band. See the world…

Kidding! Don’t send me hate mail!  Can you imagine being at the edge of graduating from college today?  Scary and exhilarating times ahead!

OK, so back to reality.  I’m scratching the Wilderness 101 this weekend.  I could ride it, but I’m not doing it alone.  I’ve got a bunch of races scheduled, but I’m not setting anything in stone until I get my foot straightened out.

Like I said I’m off next week so I’ll probably do a lot of writing and recording. In the mean time you can support the show by checking out my book or some of the audio products I’ve put up on my site and by clicking through any of the affiliate links there.  But, just so you know I’m not profiting unduly from our relationship my expenses for producing the podcast far outrun my earnings! And if that ever changes, I’ll let you know!

AltraRunning has given the green light for us to give away a pair of women’s’ specific zero-drop shoes so stay tuned as we figure out how we’re going to do that over the next few weeks.

You’ll be glad to know I’m not going to rant about the difficulty of hiring people again this week, but I was compelled to post a quick blog post on the 10 stoopid resume and interview tricks – so if you are interviewing give that t look.

When I was speaking with Sabrina she turned the tables on me and asked me what my top three recommendations would be for new graduates.

The first thing I’ve noticed is that companies tend to have the same personality as their chief executives.  If the guy, or lady in charge is someone you could respect, who you could trust then the company culture is probably something you can thrive in.

That being said, most of the folks who start new companies are kind of crazy.  If you choose to work for a start up you’re going to have to gauge your own tolerance for ‘crazy’.  Sometimes crazy can be good.  In risk there is great opportunity – but you have to go in with your eyes open.

The second thing I would say is it’s always better to work for a company that is doing well in an industry that is growing.  There’s more opportunity and more money in healthy industries.  There’s no money or future in buggy whips.  Also look for industries that have decent profit margins – people who have to argue over pennies are always in a bad mood.

The third thing I would say is approach your career as if you are training for the CEO’s job.  What are the skill sets that theowner of the company has to have? Make alist of these. You’ll find that they aren’t the specific technical skills.  They are things like sales, marketing, hiring, personnel development, presentation skills, communication skills, etc.

You should approach your career in such a way that you can gain these skills.  These are the skills that will keep you from becoming a commodity.  These are the transferrable, transportable skills.  Don’t get stuck in a technical skill set because eventually, unless it is incredibly esoteric, you will be at risk.

Finally , overall, have a good sense of humor about all this stuff.  Approach the process with a smile and ask good questions.  Being able to stay positive and happy is your choice.  As hard as it is to believe your personal value, your mental well being is what you decide it should be and is not contingent on what you do for work.  Most people have a hard time decoupling their ‘selves’ from their careers.  That’s a bedrock skill.


And as you are working on THAT skill, I’ll see you out there.


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The music tonight was all by a group called “The Phantom Four and the Aguido”.  This number to take you out is about 3:15.  Be mindful of your running and have fun.



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