Episode 144 Kavitha Kanaparthi Ultra-Racing in India

The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 144 – Kavitha Kanaparthi Ultra-Racing in India

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JayDub – @JayDubRunning  B-Hag Running Podcast




Hello and welcome to the Australians Gone Wild podcast – where we surreptitiously capture audio of blokes from down under who are clearly off their rocker and one player short of a full side.  Thanks to JayDub for being a good sport and recording that awesome intro for us.  JayDub has a podcast on running, I mean who doesn’t these days?, and he is still in that honeymoon period where everything is new and fresh.

You remember those early halcyon days, don’t you?  When we first met?  That passion? How we couldn’t wait to get home to be together? How each time was like the first?  Now, look at us?  Here we are three years later, and this is episode 144 of the RunRunLive podcast where, yeah we talk about running.  I still love you, but do you still feel that old spark? Do we need to see a counselor? Or a barrister?

So here we are again, you and I, two old friends with a hoard of shared experience to keep us company?  What shall we do? I say we raise a toast to us! And get on with it!

Let’s not get weighed down by the preponderance of history.  Let’s keep moving forward and work hard to make today and every interaction in it of value for both of us.  Let’s try to keep that spark alive, to keep learning, keep striving and keep growing so each day, each episode is new and fresh yeah?

We’ve got a really interesting show for you today.  We talk with Kavitha about the ultra races she produces in India.  I think you’ll like it, even if you have never been to India.  I encourage you to think out of your box, think inclusively, think as a world citizen.  Explore your world.  Broaden yourself.

As a side note I’m training a new editor in the Philippines so if the interviews seem choppy – feel free to make some suggestions.  She has helped me post up through episode 60 on the RunRunLive website.  If you’re new to the sow go and see what you’ve missed.  There are some gems among the toadstools.  Also, with her help I’m getting close to spinning up an email newsletter where I’ll take the equipment check, the quick tip and that weird semi-thoughtful bit I do in the outro and make them available to whoever is on the list each week auto-magically.  You can sign up on the site – look for the big red arrow.

Since we’re on the website topic, you really need to go and read through the comments that people have left on the Go Headband contest.  There is some really moving stuff there.  If you’re having a bad day it will turn you around.  Good stuff.  If you want to leave your own comment for a chance to get a headband gratis from Kat you’ve got until Nov 15th.  That’s when she will decide on 6 winners with the wisdom of Solomon.

Wait, there’s more!  I’ve also started a video blog for the occasional random videos I shoot with my Flip.  So if you are trying to lose weight, just go and gander at my ugly mug and it will put you off your food for days.

I ran the Groton Town Forest Race this past Sunday.  I ran with a bunch of the NERTS.  I even had the excellent experience of a Twitter follower coming up and saying “Hey, you’re Chris, I recognize your voice!”  That was a fun race.  I went out at a easy pace with those guys and then pushed it in a little in the last 5k.  Very enjoyable.

My training is going well, in the sense that I’m getting it done, but I’d like to be seeing more improvement now, two months into the program.  I got 3 new pair of shoes – and I’ll chat more about those.

Well – I’ve used up all the useful oxygen in this room – so On with the show!

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Buddy’s Job is saved!

Post-Groton Town Forest Races

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Runner’s Round Table recruiting pitch.


Story time:

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Equipment Check:

When it rains it pours.  I haven’t been buying many new shoes lately so you’ll be shocked to know that I got three, yes three new pairs of shoes this week.

I had to go up to Lawrence to visit my friends at New Balance so I made it into a shopping expedition in their factory outlet store.  I had a need for some speed work compatible shoes and some trail shoes.

I ended up getting a pair of 572’s for trail shoes and 904’s for speed shoes.

Then I was asking for ideas on Twitter and one of our running friends offered to send me his slightly used size 12 pair of Brooks Launch.  So I now have three new pair of shoes!

I am not fanatical about what shoes I run in.  I have three basic categories of shoes that I own and regularly wear. First is a high mileage trainer for all the long runs and marathon training on the road.  Currently I have a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus for that role.

The second category is only really necessary when I’m doing a lot of speed work or track work.  I like a light neutral shoe without much tread for this.

Finally, Buddy and I spend a lot of time in the woods, even in the winter, so I like to have a pair of trail shoes with a little more traction and protection.

Where it starts to get Imelda Marcos like is that I may have 2 pair of shoes I’m rotating in each category.  Like an old and a new.  This is how I get to have 4-6 active pair of running shoes.

If I had to pay $150 bucks for each pair that’s $900 worth of inventory.  So I don’t ever pay retail.  I buy the old models online or I shop opportunistically at the factory stores.  For example, the 572’s and the 904’s were both discounted into the $45 dollar range, and with my additional 40% employee discount from my friends up there I got two pair of good shoes for around $50.  You can’t beat that with a stick.

I wore the 572’s in the GTF 9 miler and they are just fine.  Not too heavy and a decent grip.  The toe box is a little tight but after I lose a couple toe-nails they’ll be fine.

I took the 904’s for a test drive down at the track Friday night and they are sweet.  Really light but still enough shoe for a guy my size.  The bonus here is that they are incredibly cool looking – bright yellow and gnarly.  I may race in these. We’ll have to see if they hold up over longer distances.

And last night I tried out the Brooks Launch on a 9-miler in the rain, on the road with the dog and they are super comfy.  Really light but still very responsive.

So in conclusion – I’m really happy to have three new pair of shoes that all seem to work.  When you take the hunter-gatherer approach to discount shoe buying that I do you end up with some duds occasionally but these are all functional – so I’m ahead of the game.

I would really recommend those 904’s as speed shoes for anyone who can get to the Lawrence, MA NB facility.  You have to have a decent form, but they’re super cool looking and fast.

You don’t have to break the bank to get shoes.  You will make mistakes, but you don’t have to make $150 mistakes.

And Michael, don’t ever ask your wife for permission to buy shoes.  Just buy them – that’s a hill that isn’t worth dying on.

Featured Interview:

Kavitha Kanaparthi – Directing ultra-races in India.

Kavitha Kanaparthi: It sure is a dream come true, Chris. I just love all the simple bits of joyful moments I get to make part of my everyday life, and deal with things as they come. Yes, I am living my passion. Thank you for your kindness, and bringing these locations to those who look for something out of the ordinary.

Dear Chris,
Pre race day for us here, and it is a little hectic. India’s first 100 mile race is on tomorrow, and I hope all things go well. You can follow us on twitter. We will post updates as it happens.
Here are some links which runners might find informative:
Events link: http://globeracers.com/Events.html
Blog link: http://globeracers.wordpress.com
We are on facebook as well, page listed as ‘Globeracers’
Thank you much for putting this up and giving runners a little more to run for 🙂
Have a great weekend.

Quick Tip:

For you beginners out there and for those of you who may have forgotten I have to remind you to take the long-term view.

I’m in a point in my training where I’ve been hitting it hard for a couple months now and in my head somehow I decided that this was when I would start seeing the breakthroughs.

To the contrary I’ve had some stupendously difficult work outs over the last couple weeks and it is frustrating to me because I’m waiting for the training effect and I’m waiting for it to be easy.

The truth is that it is never easy and the improvements come when you are not expecting them.  Sometimes they don’t; come until race day and that is a real adventure.  And I know this, but still I get impatient.  I whine about how sore I am, how tired I am and how far away my goal performance seems to be.

I think you may experience the same thing.  It’s only natural.  You see people expect linear improvement.  If I did 10 pushups yesterday, I should be able to do 15 today.  It doesn’t work that way.

You tend to improve in steps.   Sometimes the improvement happens when you have given up on improving at all!  You’ll work hard and get to a plateau and get stuck on that plateau.  But if you keep to your training and stay consistent eventually you’ll break through and get to the next step.

This is particularly important when you injure yourself.  Sometimes you have to take a step back before you can take a step forward.  Sometimes you feel like you’re losing ground.  But it is all part of the same journey.

Stick with your plan.  Do what your coach tells you to do.  Be consistent and you’ll see those breakthroughs and they will be moments of pure joy.

It may not be today, or tomorrow or even next month.  You’ve got to take the long view because over the course of months and years of consistency, of lifestyle you will get better as an athlete and as a person.

Stick with it.


So my friends that is it your caravan has traversed the dunes of the long parched desert called the RunRunLive podcast and like a sirocco episode 144 has blown into the can.

Coming up we have chats with Jay Newton, Sasquatch and Dave, Erin DeMarine from 3tri-bar and I’ve just interviewed the famous Hawaiian Blogger FrayedLaces.  She’s a hoot.

I was trying to think of what I could share with you this week that would add value.  I decided I’d share some time-management secrets with you.  I think every one of us has more to do in a day than they can possibly fit in.  If you’re like me you have some remorse for the great things you weren’t able to get to .

When I look back on my days they tend to be filled with many tasks, the majority of which don’t really get me to my goals.   Of course I have goals, don’t you?  A quick note on goals.  Just answer the question “what is your purpose in this life?”  That will help you set goals.

Now there are hundreds of books on ho to organize your tasks more productively to get more of those tasks done in any given day.  I start each day with a blank piece of paper and write down all the stuff I’ve got to do.  One particularly good one is called “Getting things done”.

But, to be honest with you getting more done really misses the point.  The big gift I can give you is the concept of not doing the stuff that doesn’t add value.  You know what your added value is.  You know what your goals are.  Then how come you spend 90% of your time working on tasks that do not use your added value and don’t move you towards your goals?

Here’s the cool thing.  You can just stop doing some things and nothing bad will happen. And you can take the things that you add no unique value to and have someone else do them, for instance someone in the Philippines.

I have gone through and unsubscribed to everything in email inbox.  Gone.  I don’t hate you but having to deal with your stuff doesn’t get me to my goals.  I’ve got a number of management reports that get automatically generated for me.  I created a rule and had them sent to a folder. I don’t have to look at them.

What are the things in your life that you are choosing to do that don’t get you to your goals?  Why not decide to just not do them anymore?  It really is freeing.  Give it a try.

And since you’ll have so much more free time, I’ll be seeing you out there.

Got a fun dance number tonight to take you out called Again and Again by 2 Sided Story – It’s around 3 minutes and 21 seconds long – so you should be able to do a nice tempo 800 – ready? Go!



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