Episode 108 100 Pushups

Episode 108 – Steve Speirs and the 100 Pushups phenomenon

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Hello and welcome to episode 108 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Welcome.  We’ve got a great show today.  I feel like we’ve had this conversation before?  It’s like Groundhog Day all over again.  But repetition is the tool of mastery, right?  This is Chris your mid-pack mastermind and meandering maniac master of ceremonies.

How is your winter going?  Is it the winter of your discontent?  Are you thigh deep in snow?  Decorated with icicles like stalactites in a hoary cave redoubt? Relax – it’s all good, spring is right around the corner.  The days are getting longer and the spring racing season is upon us.  Unless you’re in the southern hemisphere, then, I ‘m afraid to say, you are on the edge of winter my friends. But, it’s still all good, because without winter how could we appreciate summer?

I remember working in Quebec where summer is known as 4 weeks of bad ice-skating.  When it got to be July and August everyone would be outside and celebrating.  Driving around in convertible cars and motorcycles.  It was a joyous Diaspora of summer.  A desperate celebration of summer.  They appreciate the warm weather.

Today we have our Valentines special.  We’ve got Steve Speirs, the British Bulldog in the hot seat to talk to us about the 100 pushups program.  We’ve got a love poem from our friend Steve Chopper from the mile-with-me podcast and Eddie Marathon, who has a great radio voice, is reading a story about the warm Las Vegas desert.

So – Grab your sweetie, cuddle up and let’s get our butts in gear and take it to the streets! On with the show!

Audio clips in this episode:

Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode:

Steve Chopper and a love poem.

Story time:

Eddie Marathon with the Red Rock Run Story.

Equipment Check:

Here’s a quick equipment check for you.  When I’m out running in the winter I’m usually wearing gloves. And because I’m wearing gloves I can’t use the tuning dial on my iPod because it is touch sensitive.  I found out tonight that if I wet the tip of the gloved finger I can trick the iPod into thinking it’s bare skin without having to take my glove off.

Yup – that’s it.

Featured Interview:

Steve Speirs – the British Bulldog with 100 pushups.  www.onehundredpushups.com

Quick Tip:

We’re getting into that time of year where people are in the 4th or 5th or 6th week of their spring race training programs.  I have a warning for you.  This is the time when most inexperienced people get injured.  You start to feel really strong because of the training effect but your connective tissue hasn’t toughened up yet.

Stick with your program.  Don’t decide to throw in an extra set of hill charges or swap out a 16 miler for a 20 miler.  You have to stick to your plan.  You can’t get to the finish line until you get to the starting line.  If you’re feeling peppy, throw in some extra stretching, yoga or core – don’t do any extra miles or any back to backs or any big increases in intensity outside of your plan.  Have some discipline.


You, my friends have rowed your way to the end of another long stream of consciousness know as the RunRunLive Podcast and Episode 108 is in the can.  So we had better paddle for shore before we plunge over the edge into the precipitous torrent of no return.  (It doesn’t mean anything, I just like the sounds of the words and I a big metaphor/simile user – got me through 8th grade English class)

We have some excellent stuff on the horizon.  I’m going to talk to Gary about the Utah Valley Marathon and interesting little event up in Provo that goes right by the Redford’s Sundance residence.  And then I had a terrific and compelling talk with Josh Cox.  A really good and inspiring talk – so don’t miss that one.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Groton Road Race up here where I live, about 40 miles north west of Boston.  $20 entry fee, beautiful closed course and the undying love and gratitude of cyktrussell.  Come up and run with us – I’ll make sure we take care of you. www.grotonroadrace.com

I had scheduled the Hyannis ½ marathon as my target race on Feb 28th but my daughters early acceptence college choice decided to do an orientation on that day, so I pulled some strings and rescheduled my target race to the ½ at the Hamptons in Hampton NH, one of the Loco will run for beer races.  A nice flat course.  Should be able to take an honest sing at the 1:30 marathon there.  It’s a shame because there were going to be a ton of tweeps at Hyannis and it’s their 30th year so the swag was going to be killer, but family first, eh?

I am also going to sign up for and run the San Diego RNR marathon with my crazy mountain bike friends – that should be a hoot.

Happy Valentines Day – next month is my 25th wedding anniversary and I’m in negotiations with my wife on taking a couple days off.  She wants to go to the Philadelphia flower show! Yikes.

Last week we talked about abundance.  This week I want to talk to you about accountability.  Why does coaching work?  Why does the support of friends on Twitter and Dailymile help you get out the door and keep on track to your goals?  Because it creates an accountability.  Everyone knows it’s difficult to blow off a run when you have a friend waiting for you.

You need to get an accountability partner.  It can be an official or unnoficial coach.  Either in real life or virtual.  Someone to share your successes, commiserate in your lesser successes and kick you in the butt when you need it.  It can’t be someone you are married to or otherwise emotionally bonded with.  Find a friend and make a pact to keep eachother acountable.  Share your goals and work together towards them.  No man or woman is an island and you will find that one plus one is mcuh more than two.

And as you are being accountable keep your head up, cuase I’m watching too!  I’ll see you out there.

Music tonight from the Podsafe Music Network is mark_pickerel-codys_dream.mp3

Enjoy your week people and send me some positive waves.


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