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The Summer Smoothie Spectacular!

The Summer Smoothie Spectacular! It’s all fresh in the summer. I know.  I know.  I know.  When I talk about smoothies your brain switches off.  I sound like some sort of California new-age nutrition wonk.  But, bear with me.  This is a fantastic time of year to learn the art of the smoothie and apply…

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The List

The List “Man perishes; his corpse turns to dust; all his relatives pass away. But writings make him remembered in the mouth of the reader.” – The Teachings of Ani, 16th century BC Egyptian text. Fallen echoes of time drifting through human space.  Ripples of quiet desperations.  Sense-smells of humanity. S. CREAM ROLLS SNACKWELLS BALANCE…

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The Data Revolution in Training

The Data Revolution in Training Heart Rate versus Ventilatory Threshold We try to train the best we can with the tools we have.  What is the ‘best’ training? The challenge we have had over the years is that there is a gap between the available data and what we need to measure to find ‘the…

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Self-Study for Life

Self-Study for Life The bigger you grow your island of knowledge, the larger the shoreline of what you don’t know is.[1] But that shouldn’t stop you from learning.  All that means is that there is no end point to your personal growth.  The more questions you answer the more, and better questions you create. I’ll…

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Dealing with Uncertainty

Dealing with Uncertainty I had a chat with the Anxiety Podcast guy this week.  One of the things that I noticed, while talking to him and looking at the situations where we have anxiety is that much of it stems from uncertainty. Uncertainty is where we have many interrelated events, or pressures in our life…

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