Anybody want to host a podcast?

Anybody want to host a podcast?

Look; I never said I was ending the podcast.  I said I was looking for a new host.  I’m hoping to give myself a promotion.

Since you’re adults you’ll need to know why? Well, first, I don’t think I’m pumping out the same level of creativity that I used to and I think that lowers the quality. Second I don’t feel like I I’m bringing the same passion to the endeavor.  Third I’m in the twilight of my running career and I feel like I’m making excuses for stuff I used to be able to do.  Fourth, I’d really like to gift to some likeminded acolyte the ability to produce a show and share their passion – to be an enabler.  Fifth, I feel like I’m not growing – it’s become a nice habit but nothing that stretches me.

I have to ask the question, how can I do the most good with this vehicle I’ve developed?  I could just kill it off but that’s not an additive function at all.  If you want to take something and expand it you have to look for the points of leverage.  The point of leverage here is if I turn my vehicle into a training ground for the next generation of apostles and evangelists.  That’s how we leverage what we’ve done.

One of the big reasons I didn’t ever want this to be about me and my life is because that doesn’t scale.  If you are the brand then you have constrained the brand – you’ve bound your ability to spread the good.  Does that make sense?

Therefore:  Here’s what I want to do:  I want to give someone the hosting duties of the RunRunLive podcast.

–        I’ll continue to pay for the air time and all the tools necessary to get it out.

–        I’ll continue to contribute one or two pieces a week (if you want)

–        I’ll help the new host find interviews ( and do them if you want)

–        You get to be host for a renewable term of 6 months or 24 shows.   If you want to keep going we’ll decide, but at that point you will have everything you need to start your own endeavor.

–        I’ll give you my format and all the bumpers and all the tools I use.

–        Your responsibilities are:

  • Write the intro and perform it.
  • Write the outro and perform it.
  • Write and perform 1 or two information, entertainment or inspiration segments per week.
  • Conduct interesting and compelling chats with interesting and compelling members of our community.
  • You don’t have to edit the interviews.  We can usually find someone willing to do that.
  • Edit and produce all the pieces into a coherent episode of between 40 and 50 minutes by Friday of each week.
  • Post it up to the RunRunLive Blog and the iTunes RSS feed.

–        Writing requirement is about 1500 words a week (which takes me less than an hour)

–        Production requirement is about 2 hours to assemble and post.

What are the job requirements?

–        About 4 hours a week of time committed for no pay!

–        Requires a high-speed connection and probably $100 in a good microphone.

–        Passionate about running and endurance sports.

–        Looking to learn how to perform an audio show – but needs to bring some performance experience – ToastMasters or similar.

–        Needs to be self confident and optimistic at all times.

–        No whining.

–        No energy vampires.

–        Not a commercial endeavor but you can use the bully pulpit to bring awareness to your own commercial interests (races, books, websites…) Would really like someone who’s passion is unencumbered by an economic agenda.

I reserve the right to interview extensively for this position.  I reserve the right to hurt your feeling by telling you I don’t think you’re a good fit. I reserve the right to change my mind next week.

If you’re interested write a 500 word segment that you think will blow my mind and read it into audio for me.  Rock my world and the job is yours.  Be authentic.  There are so few authentic people in our world.

What’s in it for you?  I’ll teach you everything you need to know about podcasting and producing a show.  I’ll give you exposure to my hoards of followers, well maybe not hoards, but they are definitely barbarians.

In six months you can parley this experience into your own gig.

What’s in it for me?  I get to keep producing my show. I still own all my content and my network. I get to write and perform when I feel passionate about something.  I get some relief from the weekly schedule.  I get to expand my influence network and impact more people.  I get to establish potential lines of succession for when I decide to hang it up completely.

So…Do you feel lucky punk?  Do you have the huevos to step up and take the challenge?  Or are you going to be one of those scared and timid souls that knows neither the thrill of victory nor the sweet agony of defeat? 

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