30DDR – Day 3

30DDR – Day 3

January 3, 2018 – 183.8 Pounds, 12.6% body fat

Decent day yesterday.  Got up early and got my morning routine done.  Got carried away writing this blog and ended up heading into work a bit later than I had planned.

Managed to have a single 16 oz cup of coffee.  I think Rachel is not so much concerned about the chemicals or caffeine in the coffee as she is in the acidity of it. Drank various kinds of tea during the day.

Took a premade salad to work with fruit.  2 apples and 2 pears.  With the salad I had a boiled egg for protein.  I didn’t boil those eggs longs enough so they are a bit soft in the middle but that’s ok. As the say ‘It is all going the same place’.

Also brought a green smoothie in a water bottle for after my workout.  Ran 40 minutes easy on the treadmill after work before the train home.  I think MyFitnessPal over credits the running calories.  I’m not sure an easy 40 min jog on the treadmill is worth close to 700 calories.  That seems a lot.  I would put it more like 300.

Had a big bowl of pre-cooked brown rice with pre-cooked green beans.  Heated that up in the microwave with a green chili sauce for seasoning.  That giant bowl of brown rice is only 500 calories.

I was still short ion calories and not entirely full so I added a cup of butternut squash that I had baked over the weekend.

I got ambushed by a birthday party at work and had a piece of cake foisted on me.  In these situations where you can’t avoid the social construct just control the portion.

Had a frozen pipe in the garage last night and lost didn’t get to sleep until later.  My wife was up watching the news getting worked up over the combination of winter storm and super-cold temps that are heading this way later in the week.

My mind is running in a bunch of different directions and I don’t feel like I’m getting enough done but this diet is on track.




  • Eric

    Reply Reply January 3, 2018

    I ate an entire pizza last night. In my defense, it was the best wood-fired-oven, puffy thin crust pizzas I have had this side of Italy.

    • cyktrussell

      Reply Reply January 3, 2018

      Yes, but you also ran 30 miles.

  • Alix

    Reply Reply January 3, 2018

    Nice Chris ! This sounds almost macrobiotic to me! Did you skip breakfast? I’m going to try to do 40 minutes on the treadmill today after work like you !

    • cyktrussell

      Reply Reply January 3, 2018

      I never skip breakfast.

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