30 Day Diet Reboot Day 25

30 Day Diet Reboot Day 25

January 25, 2018, 178.2 pounds

You know you’re on track when eating unhealthy food seems abnormal and out of place.

I was at an event last night.  First, I was drinking water instead of the free beer and wine.  Second, I avoided all the cakes and sweets nad sought out the relatively healthy stuff, like tabbouleh and hummus.  Third, when I got home I did nto eat the pizza my kids had made, and frankly didn’t want to.

My point is, none of this was hard or felt like sacrifice or missing out.  It was all what I WANTED to do.  That’s what a successful diet reboot does.  It changes habits.

And this morning I was able to get out of bed at 5:00AM and get to the gym and get into my office to prep for my 9:00 presentation without any suffering or lack of energy.  This is the holy grail of a diet reboot.  Not the pounds.  The lifestyle.  You find more life in your life, if that makes sense.

I felt great looking in the mirror this morning in the gym.  I still have that little belly, but the love handles are gone and I can see the muscles working.

This is the mental trick of a 30-Day project.  At 14 days you are counting down to day 30 so you can open up a beer and gobble a pizza.  But, by the end you want to keep going.  You want to sustain that beachhead and see what goodness is around the next corner.

That’s how mountains are climbed.  That’s how marathons are run.



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