Episode 99 Kathryn Becher Action for Children in Conflict Kenya

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Recorded a-la carte in the snow storm on the way to work.

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Esteven Torres with some headphone reviews and a question about sex before a race?

Well, Estevan, I guess that qualifies as an equipment question…

Seriously, first I think you might be pulling my leg, second I’m definitely the wrong person to answer this question with any authority!  But, I have heard this discussed many times.  It’s interesting that you think you’re seeing a negative impact because the consensus from men who I have talked to say that there is no discernable impact.  Some even say that it’s better before a marathon because it will relieve some of the pre-marathon stress, relax you and put you in a better mood.  I’m not even going to attempt to speak for the ladies out there. Maybe someone can phone in their opinion.

Clearly you must be putting some epic effort into these pre-race shenanigans to have it so negatively impact your performance.  Good for you!

So – from everything I’ve read, heard and experienced – doesn’t do any damage – but it’s up to you man.  Be safe out there.

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Dane sent you a message.

Subject: off season?

I am a middle aged man who has bee running consistently for about 4 years and have a running question that I would like to address to you.  It may be a topic for a show, or not.  I have been looking around for the answer and have come up with many different answers.  I seem to agree with most of your advice, so I am hoping to rely on your answer this time as well.
The question is about the off season.  Do I need to take a break or back off?  I like to run about 6 days a week and average about 50 miles.  Last season I ran 4 marathons and 2 50ks.  One person that I heard speak said the off season is simply when you aren’t training for anything.  You don’t necessarily have to stop running, maybe just back off of the intensity.  I seem to like this opinion the most becasue I don’t want to back off of the amount of running, I enjoy it to much.
Any opinions or ideas.  I really enjoy the podcast and listen to it right away when it comes out.  Say hi to Buddy.
Sincerely,   Dane Liebel

Dane – good question.  I think I responded to you already that there really isn’t a completely off season when you sit around and do nothing.  You really need to keep some level of activity to maintain your fitness.  Especially if you are older.  You can lose 3 months of training in 3 weeks of sitting around.  But, that being said there are a couple of things you can do in the off season to keep yourself fit and keep the fire burning.

You can lower the volume of your miles, but try to get at least one quality workout in a week, something reasonably challenging, like hills or tempo to keep your edge.  The other thing that off-season is good for is working on strength, conditioning or flexibility.  Sign up for a yoga class or a weightlifting class or anything that is going to work and strengthen your body.  Your running will be better when you start up again and you’ll have less injuries.

The other thing that I do is I try to mix it up by switching from a road marathon campaign into a mountain biking comapaign or a triathlon campaign or a trail running or ultra campaign.  Chunk the time up into a series of 2-4 month campaigns, each with a new and interesting goal so you don’t get stuck in a rut, you maintain your fitness and you build your overall strength – and importantly for me – to learn something new.  I always learn something new about myself when I try something new.

Thanks for reaching out and keep working – you sound like a wily veteran to me.


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