Boston Marathon 2017

Boston Marathon 2017 Doing the smart, boring thing. …

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Episode 4-363 – Lauren Fern Watt – for the love of dogs!

The RunRunLive 4.0 Podcast Episode 4-363 – Lauren Fern Watt – for the love of dogs!  (Audio: link) [audio:]

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Algorithms to live by

Algorithms to live by The computer science of human decisions – book review I read this book on my kindle over the last few weeks and found it thought provoking, educational and entertaining.  These guys did a great job writing about the interesting bits of algorithms and how they are applied to our real world. …

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Practical Taper Tips

Practical Taper Tips One of my least favorite things about racing is the taper.  This is the period before the race where you cut back on your training. The taper allows your body to rest and recover in preparation for the race. Even the elites taper for a race.  The length of the taper and…

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The O. Henry Prize Stories 2002

The O. Henry Prize Stories 2002 Book review. The O. Henry award is a yearly literary award given to 20 American short stories of merit.  The O. Henry award was first given out in 1918.  The award is in memory of the American writer O. Henry. O. Henry was the pen name of William Sidney…

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