Financial Independence

Financial Independence A quick public service dispatch I am not a lawyer, nor an accountant, nor a financial expert of any sort.  I have always had this as a blind spot in my career. I’m not illiterate.  I can read a financial statement.  I’ve worked plenty of contracts and negotiated deals.  But none of that…

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Getting Faster

Getting Faster I must come off as some sort of crank with the number of times I talk about speed work.  Like I’m obsessed with speed.  Like the only thing that is important, the only goal, the only reward is to get faster. I’m not.  I think racing and speed are just one of the…

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Spartan up!

Spartan up! (Audio: link) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Link SpartanUp.mp3

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Episode 4-348 – Kristy Jo and Power Foods!

The RunRunLive 4.0 Podcast Episode 4-348 – Kristy Jo and Power Foods!  (Audio: link) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Link epi4348.mp3

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Running Tip Roundup

Running Tip Roundup Some quick, useful topics. Should I put my running shoes in the wash? This time of year your favorite pair of shoes may be getting a bit fraught with sweat and grime from your summer campaigns.  Maybe you ran a long trail run and got them muddy, dirty and dusty.  How do…

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