Episode 89 Back on my feet

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Intro by Carlos from PuertoRico – Carlos J Iglesias Colon, CPA

The Canadian Running Project by Kelownagurl from the kelownagurl tris podcast.

Music “Canada” by Gordon Scott.


Hello and welcome to episode 89 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  This week we’ve got a great show for ya! By now I’m sure you’re totally confused.  Let me ‘splain.  “Lucy, I got sumthin to ‘splain to you”  I’ll take a step back because I think we may have some new friends here this week because iTunes decided to add a “running podcast” badge in the iTunes store and list this podcast  on the “Running Podcast” front page.

This is Chris your host, and I am not Canadian or Puertoricano.  I’m a fellow runner from New England on the north east side of the USA.  I run with a dog.  His name is Buddy and he’s a 6 year old Border Collie. This is a podcast about running.  Running is my hobby.  I’m a runner, marathoner, ultra-marathoner, triathlete, cyclist, all around gadfly and social media monkey.  I like to think of myself as a mid-packer, although some of my friends think I’m crazy!  Some people think I’m an old guy too, but I’ve never felt younger!

If you’re new to running podcasts, there are a bunch of great shows out there.  Go to www.runningpodcasts.org to get a great list.

I’ve had the great fortune to have been an active participant in a very active running community up here in New England and my goal with this podcast was to share the tribal running knowledge that I’ve collected with other runners.  I do this in two ways, one is through direct tips and the other is through an interview each week with a running-related person.

This podcast, the runrunlive podcast has a fairly standard format – but we try to keep it fun and interesting and entertaining. We publish once a week on Friday and the show is 45 minutes long or less.  I was targeting the length of your average workout.   We open with a guest announcer from our community – this week it was Carlos from Puerto Rico with a great and funny rendition of the intro in perfect Spanglish – If you’d like to contribute one – the script is on my website www.runrunlive.com.

We might then have a variety skit, which is just a short play I script up, trying to be funny or ironic.  This week we had the Canadian running project acted out by KelownGurl who has a podcast of her own for beginner triathletes.  And the accompanying music was a haunting song called “Canada” by another member of the online running community Gordon Scott who lives on the small island of Tyree off the Scotish coast!  Are you confused again?

The main feature of this podcast is the featured interview, where I interview some interesting member of our community.  This week we have a great interview with Wylie from the “Back on my feet” project that is helping homeless people through running.  Next week I’ll have USA Olympic distance runner Dan Browne.  You get the idea.

I’ll also have a “quick tip” where I share advice on some running topic and I may have an “Equipment Check” where I talk about gear.  I’m also fond of mixing in some motivational speeches once in a while or stories from my books on running.  I’ll end the show with some music from the podsafe music network.

So – Welcome to the new folks, virtual hugs and kisses to my old friends and on with the show!

Interview: Wylie Balesik – Back on my feet


Quick Tip on Marathon Moments of truth.


That’s it Episode 89 of the runrunlive podcast in the can! You’ve survived yet another brush with extreme and hard core mediocrity that is the runrunlive podcast.  I’m digging the new headset.  Good audio quality.

I am about to enter into a period of frenetic travel for work.  I’ve got a bunch of deals going.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be in California, Milwauke, Allentown PA and Lion France.  I’m going to have to find a way to squeeze some quality runs in and not get to weird on my nutrition and sleep deprivation before going into the Marine Corp Marathon on the 25th.  But, it’s ok – because as you all know by now I am indestructible.  And I’ll bring the recorder with me to take notes.

We are out of time – so I’m going to wrap it up.

Remember folks that this time of year is very stressful for everyone. So have patience and be of good humor.  And at the end of the day you’ve got to be willing to choose wisely.  Make reinforcing personal choices every day.  And don’t be afraid to do some long hours and some hard work.  There’s nothing wrong with a little honest labor.

The music tonight is a song called “Canada Day” by the Escape Goats – I don’t make this stuff up.

Keep practicing that love, patience and hard work and I’ll see you out there.

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