Episode 78 Hornet Juice

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Intro by BamaRunner @bamarunner


Hey folks this is Chris welcome to episode 78 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  We’ve got an good show for you today – jammed packed with lots of chocolatley goodness like a Nutella and chocolate chip sandwich.

Apologies to Samantha for getting her name wrong last week – No excuse for that but she did get a nice new pair of trail shoes.  And the reports are starting to drift in from the front lines that people are really excited about the Patagonia shoes that Vibram gave away.

I need to explain a couple things – first there is some strange ad hoc poetry in this one.  Why?  Because my friend Jenny started a email trail when no one showed up for the night run and it just snow-balled – so I had some of the club record their responses after we ran the other night.

I’m two weeks out from my mountain bike ultra and although I really like biking, I wish I could do it without involving a bike.  Actively riding a bicycle requires the same cash flow as I would need for a mistress and a crack habit.  I don’t want to spend hours fawning over it mechanically, I just want to ride it.

I interview Mike Ward from Hornet Juice today.  He was nice enough to call in from New Zealand.  Interesting stuff, hornet juice.  It was recommended by Brett over at Zen and the Art of Triathlon. I’ve been using it and it seems to do some good on the long rides.  Remember, I’m no doctor, so you need to do your own research on any supplements that you use.

As always if you have a charity or blog or podcast you want to shill for by reading the intro to the show, like Bamarunenr today, either send me an audio file or call my dial in number 206-339-7804 – The script can be found on my website – www.runrunlive.com I added it under the home menu pulldown.

OK – hope your training is going well and try to stay cool – on with the show.


Two weeks to my mountain bike race.  I’m feeling quite burnt out and looking forward to my taper.  I have some things lined up for you folks – next week I’m interviewing Tamara Shilling who is a motivational speaker and that will be a nice change for us. I also have feelers out to the race director for this Ultra I’m riding.  I also have the Medal to mettle guys and a bunch of others.

Congrats to Tri-boomer for his podcast ‘the stay tuned report’ making it to a year old without pod-fading.  Good job.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and I look forward to seeing you out there!

For your listening pleasure to take you out tonight I have Roscoe Chenier – Live Cherry – you know how I like the blues.  You can find my whole playlist at the Podsafe music network cyktrussell.

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