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Hello and welcome to the Ex-runner podcast. Where we have given all our running shoes to the Goodwill, have sold our medals for scrap, have made our bib numbers into a bonfire to our past vanities and have shredded a thousand accumulated race tee-shirts to stuff pillows for the poor…

Now, we just sit on the greasy couch, eating Costco-family-sized bags of Cool ranch Doritos, weeping for my lost athleticism and watching the soap operas on TV.

I have stopped going to work. I sleep til noon. I never get dressed or shower.

I can’t run anymore, so all hope is lost…

<big pregnant pause>


I say again – Hah!

Do you really think that I’m capable of that type of self involved misery?  You’ll be disappointed to know that I am not! I’m having a great summer and, by the way, this is Chris your host and this is the RunRunLive Podcast and we have an excellent show for you today.

Ann has a great piece.  She’s starting to have fun with it and you can hear her ‘voice’.  She’s successfully making the leap to take the power from her writing and make it come alive in her audio.

I’ve got a good chat with Dane about his book and his running adventures.  And I’ll chatter on incessantly about many and sundry topics that interest me and my friend Buddy the old wonder dog.

I didn’t travel this week so I’ve gotten so pretty good training in.  I got my Motobecane 29er back from the bike shop and took it for a 3.5 hour tour of all the trails around where I live on Saturday.  I made a 3 part video of it that I posted up to my site and my YouTube channel.  I got some good rides in this week.

I went out for a couple hours in the landlocked forest in Burlington yesterday afternoon.  That’s some tough riding.  Very hot, very technical. I got eaten by a random hole in the trail and have some contusions to show for it today.

I stopped to take a picture of piece of old car and looked up to see two young bucks, white tail deer, standing there looking at me.  Their color this time of year is wonderful.  It’s this deep reddish brown.

I’m mixing road workouts on Fuji-san with the Trail rides with Mr. Moto.  I discovered that you can’t just ride the mountain bike to train.  The trails around here are too technical to get those long steady cranks in.  You have to mix in some good road pulls to build the engine.

I’m also doing a lot of core work – which as it turns out is essential for mountain bike riding – especially with a guy my size throwing it around on the technical trails.  A fit core saves you.

I took the plunge and signed up for the Hampshire 100 mountain bike ultra August 19th.  I should be ok – I should be able to get 62 miles in under 8 hours.  I’ve been bike training for almost a year and my core is fit.  I DNF’ed out of this race last year by tearing a derailleur hanger off about 40 miles in.

I might get coach to set me up with a training plan.  I noticed some of the core is starting to get too easy and I don’t want to get bored.

Speaking of getting bored, I have probably lost you already, but, oh yeah, I’m not running but my foot feels pretty good.

On with the show!

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It took me a few months…but I kept at it and now can present to you The Mid-Packer’s Lament Audio book.  This is ~50 running stories read into audio by the author (me) and ends up being 6-8 hours of audio.

The Mid-Packer’s Lament is a series of short stories on long distance running, racing and the human comedy inherent in all sports enthusiasts.  This is the perfect book for runners and wannabe runners.  There are stories about training, eating, special places and special races.  There are stories about the accidental athlete in all of us and the stupid things we do for even amateur endeavors.  Whether you are a weekend mid-pack runner or a competitive club runner, you’ll find something thought provoking and amusing that you can relate to in the Mid-Packer’s Lament.

Hope you enjoy consuming it as much as I enjoyed recording it!

Ciao, thanks, and I’ll see you out there.



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The importance of Core for Multisport –

Featured Interview:

At 35, Dane Rauschenberg http://danerunsalot2.blogspot.com/ is an extreme athlete who successively ran a certified marathon every weekend in 2006. Dane’s effort was part of a fund-raising effort titled “Fiddy2”, which benefited the Mobile, Alabama chapter of L’Arche Internationale .

Dane raised over $44,000 for L’Arche Mobile, all while working in a patent licensing firm in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Contrary to most who predicted he would slow with time, Dane ran his fastest marathon of the year in his 42nd race- a 2:59 in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Since that time, Dane has quickly become a sought-after motivational speaker for not only marathons and races of all distances, but also for corporations and businesses nationwide looking for a spark!

His speeches cover details such as:

• The impetus behind the idea to run 52 weekly marathons.

• Anecdotes from his running career around the globe.

• The importance of physical fitness in every aspect of our lives.

• Always striving to be a better person.

His goal is to inspire people to give their all, regardless of what their “all” may be. More than just a speech about running, Dane’s talks are the get-up-and-go, kick-in-the-pants speeches which come from the heart. Dane helps people realize that without effort, nothing will happen. But with the right attitude, there are few things to stand in your way.

Whether it is to improve as an athlete, do better at your occupation or excel as parent, sibling or friend, Dane provides inspiration to take those first steps and take matters into your own hands!

It is easy to see why his speeches have been successful nationwide, as Dane has:

• Run the 202 mile American Odyssey Relay – by himself- in just over 50 hours!

• Won and set the course record at the 2010 Iron Horse 50 Mile race by 50 minutes.

• Won the 2009 Sawtooth Relay (solo division) – running 62 miles and beating all solo runners as well as 70 of the nearly 300 six-person teams!

• Took 10th Place overall in his first ever USATF National Championship race (50k) March 1st, 2009.

• Won the Inaugural Little Grand Canyon Marathon on Sept. 19th, 2008 by FIVE Minutes!

• Won the Inaugural Drake Well Marathon (December 23, 2006) – where twenty participants ran 105.5 times around a high school track in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Dane also served as the race director for this race to keep his 52 marathon streak alive, as no other marathon existed on this date.

• Won the PT Cruiser Challenge (February 5-6, 2005) – an event consisting of a 15k, 5k and marathon all in 24 hours in Tampa, Florida.

• Ran 52 consecutive weekly marathons in 2006 with an average time of 3:21.

• Owns the farthest distance ever run (84 miles!) at the Presque Isle Endurance Classic (October 18, 2003) – a 12 hour event in Erie, Pennsylvania.

• Run 138 lifetime marathons with a personal best of 2:49:36 run at the Ogden Marathon on 05.16.09.

These accomplishments follow a solid but far from stellar high school track career which only encompassed two seasons. Dane has often said:

“If you picked 10 guys from my track team who would have done something unusual and unprecedented in the running world, I would have been 12th…we had a really good mascot.”

Dane’s Awards and Recognition

• 50 States & D.C. Marathon Group U.S.A. HUMANITARIAN AWARD 2009

• Invited to be the Charity Chaser for the 2010 Mississippi Blues Marathon on January 9th, 2010. Dane passed all but 16 runners in the marathon running a sub-3 hour marathon just one day before running another marathon in Mobile, AL (where he helped the women’s leader to victory!)

• Invited to be the Charity Chaser for the 2009 Pittsburgh Marathon on May 3rd, 2009. Dane passed all but 161 runners (marathon, half-marathon and 4-person relay) of over a possible 9,500 participants raising nearly $46,000 for the Pittsburgh Promise.

• Invited to be the Charity Chaser for the 2008 Under Armour Baltimore Marathon on October 11th, 2008. Dane passed all but 99 runners (both marathon and relay) of a possible 5,887 participants raising nearly $12,000 for the United Way.

• Invited as a solo runner to MBC Hangang Marathon in Seoul, Korea on April 27, 2008. Dane made this his 4th marathon in 13 days and posted a 2:56 time.

• Ran the Boston Marathon course twice in one day on April 21, 2008, joining race director Dave McGillivray in running the course mere hours after completing the fabled race in a time of 3:01.

• Selected by Metro Sports DC as its Athlete of the Month for its July 2007 issue.

• Invited to the Dalian International Marathon in Dalian, China on June 17, 2007 by the Li-Ning running shoe company as its special guest.

• Chosen as the first person ever to be featured in a Road ID advertisement (July 2007 -Runner’s World.)

Frederick Marathon’s first ever “Charity Chaser” where he began dead last and received a dollar amount for every runner he passed during the race to benefit the united Way of Frederick and L’Arche Mobile. He passed 1572 of a possible 1600 runners.

• One of four runners chosen to represent The 50 States Marathon Club at the MBC Hangang Marathon in Seoul, Korea on April 29, 2007.

• Selected co-Male Runner of the Year by the Washington Running Club for 2006.

• One of MarathonGuide.com’s Outstanding USA Marathoners of the Year – 2006

• Only male member of Team Tiara, the charity running leg of Girls on the Run International for his work at the Shamrock Marathon in 2006.

and much more!

Quick Tip:

Ann’s Segment – “A fortunate Coincidence”


Ok my friends of high personal achievement, yes I have it on good authority that you scuccessfully accomplished 52 weekends in 52 weeks last year, we have accomplished the end of yet another RunRunLive Podcast, you and I, episode 235 in the can.

Next week we speak with Kyra who I met at the Mattapoisett 5 miler and runs an organization called Women-run.  It’s good stuff.  She is right in our sweet spot of entrepreneurs encouraging people to start running.

I have some others coming up including, I think, I’m going to get someone from Comrades marathon.  I’m going to run Comrades at some point.  It’s on my bucket list.

A couple of points before I let you go.

I present these interviews and this information for you to consider.  My intent is to give you something to think about.  My view on interviews and the other information is that you are all adults and able to judge for yourself.  Your able to, or should be able to take from each person, from me, from your personal cadre of leaders, to take the good things that fit your personal goals and augment your purpose and filter out the bits that don’t.

And it’s too easy to criticize people who are doing something.  You should never let yourself fall into that trap. If you think you can do a better job then get off your butt and do it.  Don’t criticize, show us how.  Share your light.  Be a leader not an energy vampire or a hater.

My second point was to talk a bit about emotional swings.  I joked in the intro about being depressed about not being able to train and run marathons and such right now.  But I’m not! Seriously, I feel awesome!

There would have been a time in my life that may have been true.  I used to have emotional ups and downs like a roller coaster.  I don’t know if it is just a product of age and my chemistry has changed or if I’ve somehow learned to reset my emotional set point over the years.

But I see on Face book those people, and maybe you’re one of them, who go through these emotional cycles.  They’ll be positive world beaters one week and depressed to the point of paralysis the next.  Maybe you’re one of them.

I was thinking today of what I’ve changed to avoid this cycle?

I know one of the things you do have to do is to realize that you cannot base your emotional state on external influences.  Your parents, your boss, the economy, your school, your work, your relationship are all examples of external influences that can trigger one of these cycles.

You have to get yourself to the point where you are not dependent on external influences to set your emotional state.  Your emotional state comes from within. You set it independent of anyone or anything else.

The First thing you have to do is to take control of your own state.  If you can do this you can set your own emotional stability and those external things may influence you but only by your choice.  You are a good person.  You bring a unique value to this world and if some other knucklehead wants to bring you into their emotional maelstrom just walk away.

After awhile you’ll see that this inner strength, this unspoken assuredness and peace will start to filter through your environment and positively affect those around you.

So, my friends, Be at peace with yourself, and I will definitely see you out there!

Music tonight is a rough glam-punk number by die_wasted – called sleazy_nights_till_armageddon – Sorry, but I really like listening to punk rock when I mountatinbike ride.  The intensity matches the cadence and pace of hurtling down the side of a rocky gulch not knowing what’s at the bottom.

Don’t forget to live life.


Great news my running friends – my book of running stories “The Mid-Packer’s Lament” is now available in Kindle format at the Kindle store on Amazon.com!  Just search on “Mid-Pack”.  It’s a bargain at an easy $5 and all proceeds go towards supporting the underfunded pension plan of the retired cleaning staff at the RunRunLive world headquarters. I recently got a kindle myself and I love it.  It does reading very well.

The Mid-Packer’s Lament is a series of short stories on long distance running, racing and the human comedy inherent in all sports enthusiasts.  This is the perfect book for runners and wannabe runners.  There are stories about training, eating, special places and special races.  There are stories about the accidental athlete in all of us and the stupid things we do for even amateur endeavors.  Whether you are a weekend mid-pack runner or a competitive club runner, you’ll find something thought provoking and amusing that you can relate to in the Mid-Packer’s Lament.


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