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The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 197 – Lisa Buohler Duathlete

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Hello and welcome to the Winter in October podcast where we get 8 inches of wet snow before the leaves even have a chance to fall.  Yeah, that’s right we skipped right past fall to winter this week up in New England with a big pile of snow and sub-freezing temperatures.

We got off fairly lightly at my house.  We only had 8 inches of heavy wet snow, and lost power for a few hours. I was unprepared.  I haven’t got my garden turned in.  I hadn’t worked on the snow blower.  I hadn’t moved all the crap that accumulates in the driveway over the summer.

The snow brought down trees all over the place and that knocked out power.  Some places lost power for almost a week, including the club where I swim!

I got up Sunday morning and after shoveling out went to find some coffee.  Those coffee shops that still had power had lines out the door and around the block.  Now I know what I’m going to sell when the zombie apocalypse comes! Coffee!

And, for you new listeners, two things…first quit now before all hope is lost and second, this is the RunRunLive Podcast, episode 197, and this is Chris your host.  We bring you a weekly show that consists of lots of rich chewy endurance sports goodness with a handful of nutty flavors and a fruity finish mostly consisting of whatever I think of between the time I sit down and when I turn on the microphone.

Today we have a great show for you! I have a challenging and interesting talk with Lisa who was in her taper for the world duathlon championships when she got hit by an SUV.  I talk to her from her recovery.  Powerful and thoughtful stuff.

I’ve got a lot to tell you about so forgive me if the intro today is a little long.  Think of it as old friends catching up.

I had a good week.  I’m using a new toy I bought for winter.  It’s a heated mouse.  With my low heart rate my mouse hand get really cold in the winter and it impairs my ability to type.  I’m testing out a heated mouse this week.  It’s not perfect, but it’s interesting.

I didn’t travel this week.  I’ve gotten in a few good workouts.  I’m trying to increase the duration of my workouts in this injury period to at least an hour because I’m struggling to keep the weight off.  With the pool closed I had to take a couple zeros but on the other days I’ve ramped up my stationary bike and weight lifting.

I also get to take Buddy for a well deserved and well-needed walk each evening when I get home.  He’s already programmed to expect it and starts acting annoying when he thinks I should be coming home.  As soon as I walk through the door he’s on my heel ‘talking’ to me in hurried tones, like “Ok, let’s go!” He’ll be 9 years old in the next couple weeks.  I’ll be 49 on Monday.  So we are both old, hairy dogs.

My Plantar is still a little hurty, but I’m hopeful.  I’m up to 196-198 pounds which is 10-15 pounds over race weight for me, even with the plant based diet.  I’ve discovered that much of the plant-based stuff that I like to eat mass quantities of is calorie dense, and I have to adjust for that.  For example all the dried fruit and nuts and soy milk is, as it turns out, fattening.

The other thing those calorie dense veggie foods do is give me the wind something fierce!  Man, I’m going to get thrown out of my house.

Since I did not travel this week I put my head down and finished, that’s right finished, recording the audio for my book “The Mid-Packer’s Lament”.  Now all I have to do is a bit more editing and I will have it up for you.  It’s a series of about 50 stories on running that I wrote between 2003 and 2005.

It was actually quite interesting for me to read it again and travel back to those days.  I got to read about how I dealt with some earlier injuries that really helped me put my current plantar faciitis in perspective.

In summary, (see that’s a literary trick to let the reader know that the end is near), in summary I have a ton of stuff coming to fruition that you probably could care less about!

Thank you for all the great inspirational emails and comments.  Feel free to write me a note on any of these topics.  I like the interaction.

And in summary…On With The Show!

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Lisa Buohler – http://www.lisabuohler.com/


My full name is Lisa Louise Buohler.
I was born in Emsworth, England, in July of 1969.
I am 5ft 4in and weigh 114lbs.
I was always active growing up, either biking or running somewhere, but not competitively, until 2006.
I tried a number of different sports growing up, from judo to horse riding.
I have lived in Sweden and Germany for a short time, but after settling in Southwest Florida in the United States in 1991, this is where I feel at home.
I am married to a German, and have two children, a boy and a girl.

I am a professional certified fitness trainer and Specialist in Sports Performance Nutrition. I am a certified coach with the RRCA and with USATF. I am currently studying exercise therapy with the international sports sciences association.
I believe in practicing what I preach, and that nutrition is a key to performance along with a good training plan.
Before running competitively I had been strength training three days a week for two years with a trainer, I had decided to lean up a little more by running.
My first competitive race was a 4 mile road race, where I placed first in my age group with a time of 30.27, this was the beginning, I enjoyed the competition and challenges of training and improving. So, I raced again, and again, and again, from 5K’s to half marathons, and then came the Duathlons. Wow! this is fun, I thought. The determination to get to the bike from the run, then the determination again to get off the bike and run again. I proceeded to run my first marathon in October 2010, the Athens Classic 2500th anniversary in Greece.
I have been placing Overall female or Master consecutively in most races and first Age Group in some.

My personal bests so far are as follows:
5K time: 17.27
4 mile: 24.46
8K time: 30.30
15K 61 minutes.
20K time: 1.28
Half Marathon time: 1.27.12
Sprint Duathlon: 49.22
(1m run 10m bike 3.1m run)
First and only Marathon so far, Athens, Greece: 3.26

Recently I have had the pleasure to meet and run with some very talented runners, such as Olympian marathoner Gabriela Trana, Zola Budd,, Joan Benoit Samuelson, Frank Shorter, Ryan Hall, Terri Rejimbal, and the gifted Christa Benton, and was able to meet pioneer marathon women Kathrin Switzer, the wonderful lady that officially broke the gender barrier at the Boston marathon. I was so fortunate to have the pleasure of Bill Rodgers company at a luncheon in Sarasota, and meet with him again for a great charity run, then run with him in the Masters half marathon national championships.
I love the competition and challenge’s that I experience through competing.

Some goals for the future are to run more Masters USATF championship races, to try track for the first time ever in the 5000m at the World Masters Championships, to compete at ITU World Duathlon championships in Spain, to run some big city marathons, New York, London, Berlin, to name a few, and maybe do a half Iron Du, to get a new PR is always nice also:-)

In my spare time, if there is any, I like to Scuba dive with my son, trail ride with my husband, or run with my children and our two dogs through the park trails. I love to travel and hike and spend time with friends. And enjoy studying new foods and the power of them:-)

Three of my training days are with a group called the Speedsters, all ages and levels.




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That’s it you have pedaled safely to the end of yet another RunRunLive Podcast episode 197 in the can.

Next week I have Joeseph Tame who is the guy drawing hearts and other things with his GPS on the map of Tokyo.  Interesting dude.

Since I was in the office this week I set up a bunch of other content too.  No end in sight.  I’m going to revisit some old friends that we’ve spoken to before and some new friends that we have not.

I know we have our 200th show coming up and in honor of this I got Ray Zahab back on for a chat and update of what he’s up to.  We had Ray on for the 100th too.  Other than that I’m not planning anything special.  Maybe I’ll get dressed up, take myself to dinner and a show to celebrate.

I re-booted the RunRunLive Facebook group to a Facebook fan page or whatever Zuckerberg so doing now – so go check that out.  I’ll post blogs and podcast out there.

Since I finished a couple projects this week I started a bunch too.  I compiled my outro’s into a book and decided to launch it as an E-book.  I have homework for you.  I’m looking for pictures to put with the content.  I created a project to crowd soure the phots for it.  Go to my website RunRunLive and look for the Photo Crowd Source post and see all the chapter titles.  Send along as many great photos as you can and I’ll post them in the E-Book.


I was at my club last weekend suffering away on the exercise bicycle and a kid gets on next to me.  He had to move my kit bag to get on the other bike so we got to talking.  I commented on his shoes.  He had those cool multi-colored ASICS on the ones that look like what a Rastfarian would run in.

He told me he just ran the Chicago marathon. I said I was there too.  He said he ran around a 4:15.  I said that was great.

He told me he was at the gym to get in shape because he was heading off to Army Ranger training.

I flashed to a presentation I had seen at the conference I was at earlier in the week.  The presenter was a fit looking young man and ended his presentation with a photo of Army Ranger candidates during hell-week.  They were standing in the surf.  They were lined up with their arms linked.

This gentleman ended his presentation by describing that moment.  When they are all laying in the surf.  Exhausted from lack of sleep.  Chilled to the point of hypothermia.  And the sergeant says “Come on, you can quit now and get a nice hot cup of coffee and some warm donuts, all you have to do is ring the bell.”

He said that as soon as one person quits a flood of others will.  But if they keep their arms linked, if they stick together, then no one gives up.  They draw strength from the others, the squad, the team.

I told that young man he was doing something meaningful and he has our thanks,   I thought about our world and how we can all keep from giving up, from giving in, if we just stick together, if we keep our arms linked in the cold surf of this world.

I’ll see you out there.

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See ya next week.


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