Episode 148 Frayed Laces

The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 148 – Frayed Laces

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Show intro by:

Coach Jeff from Australia.  http://coachjeff.com.au/triathlon-coaching/

Not MY coach Jeff, who is Coach Jeff Kline from Colorado at www.prsfit.com


Hello and welcome to The Thanksgiving 2010 edition of the RunRunLive Podcast this is Chris your host and I’m speaking to you here from the week of the US Thanksgiving holiday which is always the 3rd Thursday in November for us.

Thanks to Coach Jeff from Australia for reading the intro for us – just to confuse everyone he is a different coach Jeff than the coach Jeff that has been training me for my race.

This other Jeff, the Australian Doppelganger coach Jeff, is a prolific podcaster in Australia– a full time endurance sports podcaster.  My coach Jeff is Jeff Kline in Colorado who runs PRSfit with his soul mate Diane.  Confused? Not me.  I dig Chaos.

It’s been an interesting week.  I’m in my taper for my race on the 5th.  I feel strong and fast.  I’m hopeful and I believe hope is a good thing.  There was a book that was popular a few years back called “Hope is Not a Strategy” and I strongly disagree.  I think hope is an excellent strategy.

I ran my last hard workouts last week and managed to tweak my hip.  I was stressed out for the Slattery’s 5 miler that I had on the schedule for last Sunday, but I worked it out and everything was ok.

I went out and raced Slattery’s because I had written a promotional article for their 30th anniversary at CoolRunning.com and they liked it so much they invited me.  It’s close by where I live.  When I got there the Race Director Mark handed me the microphone and had me ‘say a few words’ to the crowd before and after the race.  So I told them that if I knew I was going to be on TV I would have changed out of my pajamas.


  • elma

    Reply Reply November 30, 2010

    Loved the gobbling turkeys filling in Buddy’s barking slots. And the new pumpkin pie song is an excellent running track.

    • cyktrussell

      Reply Reply November 30, 2010

      Yeh – I screwed up one of the transitions towards the end. I was rebuilding my new laptop and using a loaner… bit of a struggle…but we made our deadline.

  • Julia French

    Reply Reply December 15, 2011

    1)Loved the intro guys view of running, just beautiful. 2)Interesting interview, I’m always learning something new from this site.
    3)Liked the rolling on the hot water bottle tip for kinks in your hip too, man, tons of stuff here, thanks. 🙂

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