Episode 141 – CoachPRS and marathon tips

The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 141 – CoachPRS and marathon tips

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Gracias Jorge, y recepción cada uno al episodio uno cuarenta uno del podcast RunRunVivo. ¿Di que usted sabe que trabajé en México cuando era más joven? Hice, en la ciudad de la chihuahua en México norteño.

This is Chris your host and welcome to the stupendous yak-herding and zombie-hunting podcast, or is it the  Yak-hunting and zombie-herdingpodcast, I can never remember, so tonight we’ll talk about running.  You know you need to keep your cardio fitness up if you intend to become either a zombie hunter or a yak herder… But that’s all just nonsense – this is the RunRunLive podcast the podcast to entertain, inform and inspire my endurance friends – and today we have a great show for you.  We catch up with CoachPRS about this heart rate training and some other stuff – very informative.

I had a good weekend.  Drove up to Corning NY and ran the WineGlass marathon.  Had a blast.  Ran with Michael form the Real Rookie Running podcast.  I’m sure he’ll be putting his thoughts down so I won’t steal his thunder, but suffice to say we had a good time. I made a video of the race over on my YouTube Feed at CYKTRUSSELL.

I was chatting with Mike about podcasting and he said something about podcasters begging for money – so I went ahead and put a PayPal ‘donate’ button on my web page at RunRunLive.com.  So if you feel so inclined to give me money I promise not to spend all of it on hookers and crack cocaine.  I don’t need money as much as I need time, but with money I can buy time.

I’m training now seriously to run a 1:30 ½ marathon before the year is out.  This will put me in really good shape about 3 months early for the Boston marathon, so I’ll have to find something to do with all that fitness in January.  Maybe I’ll squeeze in a trip to somewhere sunny.  Anyone got any ideas? I was thinking about the Vegas ½ marathon in December for my A race, but it’s $140!  That’s outrageous.  I’m now looking at potentially the Palm Beach Marathon.  I need something relatively flat, or even downhill!

We’ve got lots of friends running the WWFOR this weekend and many doing it at Chicago.  God Speed and good weather to you my friends.

Many of our friends qualified for Boston last weekend – a special shout out to Luau and Oblinkin who rocked the new Smutty Nose Marathon in New Hampshire to punch their tickets after a number of failed attempts.  It’s not easy, but I think they’ll agree it’s worth it.

I’m going to continue with some marathon prep tips in this show for you folks.  Because I was listening to another podcast and they said you have a duty to your audience, you need to serve them, you need them to take away one thing of value from each show because they are making an active commitment to listen to you.

So – Hang on tight, here we go – On with the Show!

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Audio from the WineGlass Marathon

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Equipment Check:

Marathon Checklist

First clothes:

Shoes, socks, shorts, and a shirt.  Make sure they are technical and comfy.  Don’t try anything new that you haven’t trained in.


If your race is going to be cold – A 30 gallon plastic trash bag, a throw away sweat shirt and throw away sweat pants, consider thin gloves or cotton gym socks as throw away gloves.  Wear a hat.

If it is going to rain wear a throw away pair of shoes and put your race shoes and socks into a sealed plastic bag – don’t put them on until you get to the corral


Body Glide, aquafor.  Grease up your pointy bits, belt line, arm-pits where your arm rubs.  Put a little layer of lube all around you feet and toes before you put your socks on.  Carry one of those sample aquafor tubes that they give away in your shorts key pocket.


Eat what you normally eat before a long run.  Keep it simple.  Sip Gatorade in the morning – but not too much.  Eat a powerBar 90 minutes before the gun.


Get in line for the porto-potty 20 -30 minutes before the race start even if you don’t have to go.

Put your bib number on your race shirt the night before and put the shirt on to make sure the pins aren’t in a bad place.

Select a rugged sports bag that you can use as your gear bag. Pack a dry change of clothes, a towel and a plastic bag for wet stuff.

Hit it baby, hit it hard.

Featured Interview:

Coach PRS


Quick Tip:


Folks I have run a lot of marathons.  You have 3 strategies to choose from.  Negative splits, even splits and blaze of glory.

If you want to enjoy the race run negative splits.  That means going out at a pace that is 10-20 seconds slower than your target pace and then accelerating the pace through the late miles of the race.  This is a great strategy for someone unsure of their training and fitness.  Do a body check around mile 17 and if you feel good start feeding gas.  Accelerate by 10 to 15 seconds a mile.  If you get to 22-23 and you still feel good give it another 10-15 seconds a mile and close it hard.

If you want to squeeze the most speed out of your race then run even spits.   Get a pace band, or memorize the key splits (like 5, 10, 15, 20 – where the math is easy).  Stay at or above that pace through the race.   This will yield the fastest results, but you will have to be courageous in the high miles because it is going to be hard.

If you want to have a great story to tell, go out as hard as you can and try to hold on.  You are guaranteed to blow up in the late miles and will have to struggle in.  This makes for a cool race report and blog post.

I’m going to recommend that you avoid the pace groups and try to run your own race.  Pace groups are unpredictable, especially in the high miles when you need them.  But, again it’s your race and your day so do what you think is best.

Have fun, run hard and get the most out of it that you can.  I’ll be sending you high-frequency positive karma through the universal mastermind.


OK Folks, that’s it you have struggles through the high miles of yet another RunRunLive Podcast, episode 141 in the can.  And let me just reiterate here that marathons are hard.  They are supposed to be hard. That is why they are worthwhile.  So remember that when you get to mile 22 or 23 and you think you are going to die – this is the good part – this is the part you trained for – this is the place where you get to stand up and be accounted for.  That’s the good stuff, revel in it and enjoy it, as strange as that may sound.  You don’t get many opportunities to be physically and mentally brave, seize the moment and make it your moment of triumph.

Next week we have Kat from GoHeadbands and she and I are going to run a promo to give away some head bands.  Listen in and you can win! Pay a visit to my new site at RunRunLive.com where I have some archives and my blog and all these show notes – and let me know if you find any broken links – worpress hates punctuation.

I’ll be running the Groton Town Forest Trail Race at the end of October – that’s my next event.  I’ll be working the mile 17 water stop at the BayState Marathon if any of you folks want to position some gear or a special bottle I’ll gladly take it with me.

I ran with Michael this past weekend and it was his first marathon.  I got a lot of feedback about ‘gee Chris you’re such a great guy for going up and running with and supporting him, etc.’ but the truth I s I love running marathons, especially when I have no time goal.  I know it may sound strange to you but I truly enjoy running them for fun.  It is my privilege to be able to take part with Michael.  These are my people.  I love the smell of menthol in the bus, and the nervous chatter in the corrals and the great camaraderie of the mid-pack.  It is really cool.  Anyone who has raced with me will tell you that I am in my element.

But I think about going and meeting a stranger and sharing this cool thing.  I can’t do much to help people but I can set a good example and be that stone thrown into the pond that creates ripples.  And those ripples will keep spreading.  And maybe someday we won’t be talking about the obesity crisis anymore.  And maybe someday they’ll have to run the Boston marathon for 7 straight days to accommodate all the runners.  You can be the stone.  You can create those ripples.  And you can do it by doing that good thing that you love.

And when you’re doing it, I’ll see you out there.

Music tonight is again my choice because no one suggested any music from Music Alley – It is garage punk from the coachwhips- called ufo_please_take_her_home.mp3 By the way this song is 3 minutes long – so pick it up.  Ciao.



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