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Hello and welcome to the RunRunLive Podcast this is your host Chris and this is episode 114.  If you’re a returning listener welcome back if you’re new to the show…where the hell ya been?  This is the running show we launch out into the ether once a week and our aim is to inspire, inform and entertain.

Well it has not been a quiet week here in Lake Wobegon Massachusett’s, my home town, on the edge of, well, on the edge of suburbia I suppose.   Spring is upon us and the spring racing season is in full swing.  Lots of people and tweeple have been notching great times

I took another swing at my 1:30 half marathon last weekend and missed again.  Had a strong race.  Ran a 1:31:27.  I think race reports are boring so I give mine in haiku form: ready?

Rushed but strong at start,

Then the quads went dead again,

Good fight, left it all out there.

I road down in the Goon Squad Limo with 3 other Goons and we had a bit of excitement at the end of the race.  My Goon friend Sarah “the Mountain Goat” collapsed in the food line and went into convulsions.  It was scary.  They took her to the hospital and all they could determine was that she had low blood sugar.  I watched it happen and luckily she fell into the arms of Dr. Death and he was able to catch her. There’s a couple lessons here folks.  One is that it is important to watch your nutrition post race.  Goatie is hard core, she runs the mountain series each year and usually kicks my ass so even those of us in really good shape aren’t immune to these types of problems.  The second lesson I would take from this is that even though running is an individual sport, it’s good to have teammates and friends around to help you when you need it.

It’s disappointing that my quads are keeping me from making my goal.  Because I’m not red-lining at all on the cardio.  It’s just the quads seizing up and keeping me from running that long fast relaxed stride that I’m used to.  Very frustrating.  Anyone have any thoughts?  Should I see a Phlebotomist?

I was joking to myself that I strode up the last hill like the colossus of Rhodes – my legs felt like they weighed 40 tons and were made of alabaster.  I know – it’s that liberal arts thing again.

Next up is the Eastern States 20 miler this weekend and then taper into Boston.  Not sure what my strategy should be for Boston.  Newton Mass is not a place you want to have weak quads.

But all this road work is starting to feel like work.  I’m getting to the point of diminishing returns and it’s time to get back on the bike for the summer.

The other big news is that we sold our company this week – so things are going to get weird for awhile. I’ll probably have to cut back on the workouts.  I’m not planning on stopping the podcast, although that seems to be all the rage these days.

Today we talk with Dane Rauschenberg of See Dane Run.  I wanted to slide him in because he has an event coming up in the next couple weeks that he needs crew for.  Sounds like fun.  Help him out.

Enough of my horse hockey – on with the show!

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Chris listening to birds on a Saturday morning

Chris pre-race

Chris Post Race



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BigBearRunner in the ice bath.

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Equipment Check:

USATF for the equipment check I wanted to talk about the form you fill out for the race.  You may notice that sometimes they ask for your USATF number.  This is the US track and Field.  They are the governing body of road racing in the states.

They sponsor a number of events regionally throughout the year.  Runners can score points and they award money for USATF race series at the end of the year.

If you are a race director you can also get cheap liability insurance for your event through the USATF.  So check them out.  They have gotten a bad rap sometimes but they basically exist to promote the sport of competitive running – which is worhtwhile.  So check them out at USATF.org

Featured Interview:

Dane Rauschenberg


Quick Tip:

Pre-race meals.  I get this question a lot so I’ll go over it again.  For you folks running marathons or half marathons or even 10ks this spring what should you eat before the race?  I guess it’s easier to say what you shouldn’t eat.  Stay away from bulk.  Stuffing yourself with pasta or anything else the night before a race is just going to leave you bloated.  Eat normal small digestible stuff the night before a race.  Don’t carbo-load by drinking a case of beer – running hung over can really suck.  Stay away from fiber.  Hey I love oatmeal for breakfast as much as the next person but if you’re going to be on the race course at noon you are setting a time bomb eating oatmeal at 7:30 AM.  Eat easily digestible simple carbos on race morning.  Gatorade, bread, power bars, bananas… don’t have fatty stuff either.

My point is that you already have all the energy stores you need and your going to mess it up by cramming.  Just top it off.  It’s better to feel light when the race starts.

My routine is to drink a cup of coffee for breakfast to “get things moving” then eat a power bar 90 minutes prior to start.  Then maybe shoot a gel 30 minutes before start.  And I’ll have a bottle of ½ strength Gatorade with me to sip on while I wait.

Eat sparingly and you won’t suffer from GI problems.


That’s it you have ambled peacefully to the halting point of another RunRunLive Podcast.  Episode 114 in the can.  Next week we interview Jonathan from GoMotion and it’s really a cool piece of gear.

And I talked with Dave McGilivary the race director for the Boston Marathon and we’ll get that up In episode 116.

I was reading someone’s blog from the south by southwest confrence this week and it really struck me.  He told how someone had left a big pile of Lego bricks in one corner.  People saw them, but know one stopped to touch them or play with them.  He stood there for a long time and eventually started sorting out blocks and creating something, building something with the Lego bricks.  And, wouldn’t you know it, as soon as he started playing and building several other people joined in and soon there was a whole posse of folks digging in and building things with the big pile of bricks.  I love that.  It’s such a great metaphor for how we are and what we are doing.  You, whether you know it or not are setting an example.  You’re not afraid to look stupid or offend soemone.  You’re squeezing yourself into lycra tights for heavans sake.  So go ahead – Pick up the first Brick – and start something – change the world.

And I’ll see you out there.

Music tonight is an indeiu number from the Podsafe musice network called Your spring will come along by David Baumgartner.

Ciao baby.


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