Crickets 3.3

Crickets 3.3



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Crickets 3.3

Hey folks, Jim and I decided to push this week’s episode a week.  The every-other week Friday schedule was lining up with a set of meetings I have, also every-other Friday (basically phone calls all day starting at 7:00 AM), and it was hard to work around those.  We are going to shift it a week so I don’t have the overlap.

To assuage your disappointment I’m going to give you something else to listen to today to fill your long and weary miles this weekend.

I have been calling these interregnum episodes, (between episodes), “Crickets” – the joke is that all you hear is crickets when no one is talking (or the performer gets no applause).

I’m going to give you a couple stories from the new audio book I’m recording and maybe some other odds and ends.

“Olde Towne, New Course” – is a story I wrote about the Groton Road Race which is April 28th this year in Groton Massachusetts.

“The Mid-Packer’s Lament” – is a story I wrote, a prose poem really, that attempts to convey the fellowship of runners.

We’ve got a bit from Alex about park runs.

And I’ll throw in a bit you’ve probably already heard on Steve’s podcast that I wrote for him a couple weeks ago for beginner runner advice.

Don’t worry about me.  I’m still training away for Boston.  I’m right on the bubble of re-qualifying so it should be an adventure.  I’m still collecting for Team Hoyt and would appreciate a couple bucks if you can spare it.

On with the Crickety show.


Next week I’ll push out Episode 3-257 which will include an interview of Michael Porter the pied piper of barefoot runner and author of the “Barefoot Running” book.

I’m also working on a piece about a new electro-shock thingy therapy called ARP – I had it last week and there’s a funny story around that.

I had some questions this week around what books I would recommend and what podcasts I listen to.  I’m afraid the answer is not terribly useful.

I thought about it and I’ve probably read close to 2000 books in my life so far.  For pleasure I read hard Science Fiction, especially anthologies, like the Nebula anthologies.  I might breeze through the odd detective novel.

I do not read romance novels.  I don’t like fantasy novels either.  Typically if it is on the NYT bestseller fiction list, I’m not interested.  Those are the literary equivalent of a sitcom or Hollywood summer movie.

I do like the short story form and read literary anthologies.  I like the concept of being able to immerse myself and get some really good prose wrapped tightly around one good thought.

For non-fiction I’ll read business books – but I tend to speed read those for the content and not necessarily for the pleasure of it.  I also read histories and biographies and these tend to be much more enjoyable.

I have always tried to read the classics.  You know those books that some angry professor of the English Department is forcing teenagers to write papers on?  I find that I can pick those up in paperback at book sales for a quarter.  The funny thing is that there is typically a reason these books are in liberal arts curricula – they are usually quite good works of art.

The fact is that there are way more books available that I’m interested in than I have time to read.  I know this all sounds a bit misdirected but I just enjoy reading and enjoy learning.

For podcasts I tend to like histories. I like story telling.  I listen to some business and some science.  There’s great stuff available.  I’m not so much interested in running podcasts unless it’s one of my friends like Steve, or Mike or Rob or any of the folks I’ve been palling around with on line over the last few years.  I’m not so much interested in just hearing people talk about their lives, like I’m doing right now, as I am in listening to a good story and maybe learning something.

One of the topics I’m thinking of for next week is what you can learn from military history.

Until then, I’ll see you out there.


And… a little music for you…

“Mistake” from the HorrorPops from Music Alley



Also remember that I’m running Boston this year for Team Hoyt.  I would very much appreciate it if you would help me, help them change the world by clicking on the donation banner on the right side of my web page at

Also the direct publishing of the show notes with all my links to the mailing list continues to work.  If you’re interested in seeing it pop into your inbox each time I publish a show just go to or check the show notes and sign up for the mailing list.

Mailchimp link here

I am up to 11 published chapters of the audio version of my second book “The Mid-Packer’s Guide to the Galaxy” and I’m having a lot of fun with it.  If you’re interested you can visit my kickstarter project.

It’s nice to chat with you, my friends again.  Please keep me in your thoughts and I will keep you in mine.  We are all part of the same big adventure and…

I’ll see you out there…



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