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Hello and welcome to Episode 96 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  And this is Chris your warm and loving host.  I’m here to offer you a big ole cup of hot steamy running comfort on these cold fall nights.  Except for you folks in the other hemisphere.  I guess I’d be offering you a hot steamy mug of sunscreen?
I just got back from a run in the woods with Buddy and felt fantastic – I was flying – felt positively weightless.  I was eating up those leaf-covered hills in long hungry strides.  Which surprised me because I just ran the Atlantic City Marathon on Sunday – and today is Tuesday.  I snuck out of work early so I could get out on the trail with Buddy while old Mr. Sol was still about.  But it didn’t quite work. I went out about 4:10 and couldn’t see a thing just now finishing up.  I was running using the Braille method – which is difficult on the trails when you’re going fast.  I wheeled around a corner right at the end and clipped a log with my shin.  I knew it was there but misjudged it in the dark.  It is a big Oak limb from one of the wind storms and it has a jagged edge that sticks out into the trail – I just wrent a big gash in my leg.  I’ll live.  I’m indestructible and that’s what shins are for.  I just put a picture up on Facebook and twotter for you if you want to see.  Look up CYKTRUSSELL.  That’s me.

Speaking of which – Someone also posted a high school picture of me on Facebook this week – so if you want to see the longhaired 130 pound version of Mad Dog it’s there!

So yeah baby – how’s everyone doing?  Getting ready to hibernate for the holidays?  Put on a few pounds and let your training lax and wane?

So today we have a super show for you.  I have some audio from my trip down to Atlantic City to run the marathon there.  I picked up some cell phone interference on some of the clips and I’ll try to clean that up but forgive me if it you hear a buzz.  Had a strong race – still didn’t pick up my qualifier, but ran the whole thing strong with a ‘steady state’ strategy and really showed some courage in the high miles.  It felt very cathartic and got the marathon bug out of my system.

I interview Sage Roundtree today who is a highly qualified yoga practitioner as well as a very good endurance athlete.  Do you think her parents knew she was going to go into yoga when they decided to name her Sage Roundtree?

What’s next for me?  I don’t know but whatever it is you can be sure it will be frikkin awesome!

I’m probably ogoing to intersperse some music clips from my iPod just to give you an idea of what my emotional level is like on race day.  I love racing because I can turn my demons loose – let them off the leash so to speak.

Please keep the emails and comments coming – love to meet you all and race with you – Don’t ya Know? On with the Show!

Music Clips from various Rancid CD’s

Audio from the Atlantic City Marathon

Featured Interview with Sage Rountree -> http://www.sagerountree.com/


Thanks for joining me for another running adventure.  That puts episode 96 in the can as well as

My 28th marathon.  I feel healthy and strong. I hope you do too.  I have to figure out my next adventure – got any suggestions?

Thank you everyone for the emails and tweets.  It’s great to meet everyone and make me feel connected.  I will answer your emails – but I can’t promise a useful answer. J

Next week we get the inimitable Dr. Monte to talk about the secrets to a long healthy life.  He gives a great talk.

I’ve been fairly hard pressed at my job the last couple weeks.  In fact I heard one of the people who works for me say “I hate my job”.  It reminded me of a story Stephen Covey tells of a man who came up to him after a workshop and said “Stephen, I don’t love my wife anymore what should I do?”  Covey responded “Love your wife”.  The man didn’t understand, he said, “but I don’t love my wife”.  Stephen went on to make his point that love is action it is a verb, it’s not state of being.

So I say the same to you.  Love your job, love your life and love your sports.  Make it an action.  Make it your decision.  Act upon it with force and positive action and you may find that you do love your job.

People are watching you and depending on you to swim upstream in the face of the current that is our world.  But that very act of swimming hard against the insurmountable tide will free you.  In the very real sense your attitude and your work Will set you free.

And when you find yourself free, look around for me swimming too and I’ll see you out there.

Music tonight is from the podsafe music network and is a happy number by Daniel Adam Johnson called Let’s watch the World.  Great line is “I dream in Color”.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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