Episode 80 Harmon Hathaway

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Harmon Hathaway

Why should athletes are about yoga and alignment?

What are the symptoms of misalignment?

compounding problems vs. compounding alignment. would also be useful.

What is breathing alignment?  How is this different from other forms of yoga?

Example of alignment posture at work when sitting at computer?

Explain “Learning to trust your own body”.

What are the typical results you see in your participants?


How to incorporate this type of physical meditation into our running?

How do you “direct a breath to a point of pain”?

Do you think we can use our practice of running to gain ’mindfulness’?

Different practice for people of different ages? Why?

Talk about the fundamental difference between what you practice and traditional callisthenic exercises like Sit-ups and pushups.

Tell us about your practice, your website and you book – any other links.

What is the connection between mind, spirit and body?  How do you know if these things are out of balance?

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