Episode 70 Gracie’s Gear Running Bras

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Episode 70 – Gracie’s Gear – Running Bras

Intro… Glen?

Audio from run with Tim Doirin

OK Folks – Welcome to episode 70 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Today I have a cool show for you that takes me out of my comfort zone but hopefully is really useful for you lady runners.  I’ve got a panel of experts consisting of Eva and Jo who help me interview Gracie of Gracie’s gear and training – home of some great running bras.  You can find her products at www.graciesgearandtraining.com

OK Ladies, and I said Ladies, Gracie has graciously suggested we give away some Bras so, after listening to the episode, I you want to be in the drawing – send an audio, less than one minute, to me either email or the call in number, they are both on the site at www.runrunlive.com .  Tell us why you need a new/good running bra and Gracie and I will pick some winners.  Then you can give us a review when you test them too.  This contest closes on May 27th 2009 – we’ll try to get the winning entries into the next show.  So go and get creative.

Buddy and I went out to Northbridge Mass, near where SteveRunner lives and ran a nice trail run with Tim on the Blackstone tow path.  Great run – thanks Tim.

My Mountain biking is going very well, I’m starting to get my legs and starting to ‘get it’  I ordered shoes and clip-in pedals – so that’s either an act of confidence or an act of Hubris.

Looking at the calendar I find I’m signed up to run the Ragnar rely in September and the Marine Corp in November  – so I’m going to have to schedule this Mtn bike race around those and train for all three at the same time.

I’ve been trying to get 3-4 runs in a week and also get 3-4 bikes in.  The bikes take longer.  So far my quads are fatigued, but I’m hoping the training effect will kick in soon, because if I structure the efforts correctly it all should be complimentary.

I’ve also started the Pushup/situp/squat program.  It actually works well to do these exercises at the same time because there is no muscle overlap and you can do the three workouts at the same time to eliminate the 1 minute recoveries in between – very efficient.

My weight is still stuck – I weighed in around 190 again this week.

I’m going to sneak in the reading of a speech I gave at toastmasters this week.  It was intended thematically to relate our lives to Memorial Day.

It’s going to be a full show.

Don’t forget to send me email at cyktrussell@yahoo.com that’s Chris Yellow King Tom.  Also CYKTrussell at Twitter and Chris Russell in Massachusetts on Facebook.

Love to meet new people.  OK – Let’s get it done – On with the Show.

Memorial Day Speech

Featured Interview…Gracie

Other Audio If there is space.


That’s it you’ve managed to struggle through another 40 minutes of my particular brand of Bombast and hyperbole encased in the RunRunLive Podcast.  I don’t know about you but I think Gracie is going to be very rich in a few years and empower thousands of woman athletes at the same time.

I’ve got some really awesome stuff coming up.  The next show is going to be a friend of ours David Blayley who just completed running 10 marathons in 10 days – I don’t know why – but I definitely want to know more about it!  Then the following week I’m going to chat with John Bingham “the Penguin” who has encouraged thousands of new runners to waddle proudly.  I have always admired the way John approached the sport – his articles are one of the first things I turn to in Runner’s World.

I’ve got a steady stream of stuff coming your way and this summer is going to be fantastic for training and the fall is going to be fantastic for Racing.  Life is good and I am really ahppy that you girls and guys let me hang out with you.  It gives me strength.

Got a little bluesy number to take you out by a group called “the Branded” called “She’s my woman” – As always – all music used on this show is from the podsafe music network – these are all starving artists without big studio contracts so go over to music.podshow.com and give them some love, spend 99 cents, buy a song, so they can put a can of beans on the table for their kids at the trailer park.

And my friends – whether you are starving or not – I’ll see you out there – have a great week.

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