Episode 62 The Indoor Marathon

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This episode of RunRunLive brought to you by Murky pharmaceuticals and the new anti-apathy therapy from Mobilify.

Bill:  Man, I just can’t get up off this couch to go for a run tonight.  I have no energy and I think I tore a muscle in my right leg.  I’m just going to eat Cheetos and watch CSI until I develop couch sores.

Barb:  Bill, I used to feel that way too, but I found the answer!  A daily dose of Mobilify anti-apathy therapy gets me up and going.  In fact my leg’s been broken, and I have a hip fracture, but just ran 200 miles to Vermont to buy some maple syrup.

Bill:  Wow, that sounds great, I could really use the boost!  But, is it safe?

Barb:  Of course it’s safe.  In fact Mobilify is hand crafted from all natural Yak Bladders by your trusted friends at Murky Research.

Bill:  Well in that case put a couple hits in my cheerios and let’s get it on baby!

Mobilify is not intended for elderly people, those with heart disease Nursing or pregnant women or those who expect to become pregnant.  Side effects include manic episodes, increased likelihood of stroke and renal failure and big freaking purple spots on your behind.

Murky Pharmaceuticals – where patients come first…

Hello and welcome to episode 62 of the RunRunLive podcast.  How is everybody this week?  It’s so exciting to see all the people getting ready for their spring races! Big doings at the ChrisRunner house this week – know how many miles I’ve got in mlast week?  Zero! That’s right Zero!  I took a couple days off to let my calf heal.  Thank you for all the concerned tweets and emails and such.  I promise I’m ok – just a little tweak – I’m basically indestructible.  My kind was bred to dig potatoes in peat bogs in the rain. Tough peasant stock.  I’ll be fine.  But thank you for the concern – I mean I’ve never met most of you guys but you feel like family.

Here’s another example; I have been trading emails with Coach Ken from the Running Stupid Podcast.  So when I got out to San Fran last week I shot him an email to ask him if he wanted to meet or something.  He was busy, but he told me to go to his restaurant and ask for his wife.  So I did and Mrs Coach Ken took care of us and the food at the E&O Trading Company was unbelievable!  Fantastic.  And I got some All Day Kazoo’s Duh duh duh dahhh! Dean Karnases.  So Listen to the running Stupid podcast and support Ken he’s a sweetheart.

Jetting down to Atlanta this week to run the ING Marathon with the Trilogy boys.  I bought a new Flip Video Camera – so far it’s cool – but I’m going to be needing a new-bigger hard drive for all these half-gig files it produces – yikes.

So how’s my Calf?  You’ll just have to listen to the show.

Got a good interview with a guy who’s the race director for an indoor marathon in Wisconsin.  Yeah – you heard me right – an indoor marathon.

I’m running out of steam – so on with the show!

Equipment Ch-Ch-Ch-Check.

Got a great massage tonight from my massage therapist Jill, who also happens to be my sister in law.  Now some of you might find that creepy – but she has great hands!

Interview – Chris from the Indoor Marathon – indoormarathon.com

Wrap up and outro –

Music from the Peach Stealing Monkeys – Available on music.podshow.com


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