Episode 3-265 – Brian and the 24-4-24 SnowDrop

The RunRunLive 3.0 Podcast Episode 3-265 – Brian and the 24-4-24 SnowDrop

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Introductory Comments:

Hello and welcome to episode 3-265 of the RunRunLive podcast.  I’m going to see if I can attempt a weekly schedule for a little while. I may fail, but it’s worth a try.

If everything goes right, we’ve got a good show for you today. I talk with Brian Gruender who we’ve spoken with before when he ran 135 miles solo across Wisconsin.  He’s got a new challenge with some friends this month.

In Section One I’ll share some thoughts I had on how we perceive people of great accomplishment as somehow magic or lucky and the perils in that.

In Section Two I’ll give you my Bay of Fundy race report.  It’s a bit long so I’ll go easy on the opening and closing comments.

I took a week completely off after the race.  That last cycle I was starting to feel some over-training symptoms and instead of doing what I usually do, which is jump right back into training, I took a week totally off.  Except for a long walking tour of Copenhagen I did no workouts.

I got back on it this week with a hot, hilly 5 mile race in Harvard Mass.  I had to walk-run the big hill and my legs were really upset with racing.  My quads tightened up after the first mile and I had to pull over and do a little self massage a couple times.  But, I sorted myself and finished with a respectable tempo run of 38:28 – 7:44’s.

I really dislike short races, especially when I haven’t been training for them.  I need to do some hill work and continue to rebuild my base fitness.  It will come.

On with the show.

Section one:


Featured Interview:

Brian Gruender – 24-4-24 for Snowdrop

Starting July 4th, four ultra-endurance runners will embark on a Fourth of July Independence day salute, their personal journeys to raise funds and awareness for children afflicted with cancer. 24-4-24 is dedicated to our nation in hopes that one day these sick children can gain their symbolic national plus personal independence from chemotherapy.


Each of the four runners will run full marathons, 26.2 miles per day, for 24 consecutive days.  On the 25th day, they will each run 24 miles to reach 2400 total miles as a group.


Runners are:


Tim Cunningham from New York, NY…Emergency room nurse and international philanthropist through Clowns Without Borders who has run numerous marathons/ultramarathons…barefoot.


Brian Gruender from Appleton, WI…Snowdrop Foundation, Wisconsin Chapter President, programmer/analyst, husband, father of four who has run numerous marathons/ultramarathons and completed a 135 mile non-stop solo run across Wisconsin.


Kevin Kline from Houston, TX…Snowdrop Foundation President and morning radio host who has run over 60 marathons/ultramarathons and completed a

482 mile solo run across TX in 13 days.


Lyndsey Nelson from San Francisco, CA, a veteran endurance runner who recently participated in the MS Run Across America


These runners must balance daily life, family duties and work duties while finding time each day to run their marathon.


“It’s really quite similar to the life a parent of a cancer child leads once their kid is diagnosed,” says Kline.  “Life doesn’t stop, you just figure out a way to adjust your schedule to accommodate what needs to get done.”


Adds Gruender, “The number 24 is symbolic because it’s the number of cancer beds at Milwaukee Children’s Hospital and the number of hours we have each day to complete our runs.”


Complicating factors for both Cunningham and Gruender include the lack of sleep each will get during the event.  Cunningham spends long days as emergency room nurse.  Gruender will start his marathons at 2:00am CT because of his family and job commitments.


Kline and Nelson will each contend with weather issues, Kline having  to overcome Houston heat and Nelson the fog and chill of a San Francisco morning.


All proceeds benefit Snowdrop Foundation Wisconsin Chapter, an organization started by Gruender and his wife, Laura, in October, 2012 which provides funding for continued pediatric cancer research and scholarships for pediatric cancer patients and survivors.


For further information please contact:


Brian Gruender    920-213-0423  brian@snowdropfoundation.org

Bruce Merrin PR  702-367-0331  merrinpr@lvcoxmail.com


To donate, visit our Snowdrop Foundation 24-4-24 specific fundraising page:



Facebook 24-4-24 event page:


Section two:

Fundy – http://www.runrunlive.com/a-fun-day-at-fundy-june-2013


Ok my friends – That’s episode 3-265, thanks for listening.

I’m trying to talk the race directors from the Somerville Road Runner’s 24 hour around the lake run on July 26th to let me in.  The event circles a lake in Wakefield Mass on a 3.2 mile loop and has a certified marathon course baked into it.  It’s a pancake flat course so I think it’s a good BQ chance for me.  It starts on a Friday night at 7:00 and there is a chance of hot weather or thunder storms.

If I get in that will be interesting.  It will keep my streak going.  Then I have the Pocatello Marathon at the end of August.  I’m not going to get hung up in this streak thing.  I’m just trying to run and have some fun.

Thanks to Alex for helping edit this week’s show so I could get it out.

If you get the show notes or visit my site, you’ll see that I signed up as an affiliate for Brooks sports.  I usually shy away from these sorts of things, but I like the company and I run in Brooks shoes.  I use the Cascadias for my trail runs and the Launch for my speed work.  If you click through on the links in the show notes or the banner on the site to buy shoes, I get a commission.

Thanks for coming along on my adventures.

I hope to see you out there.

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