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Hello My Friends!

A Video from me to you! Yes I’m in my office…Yes I’m wearing a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 T-shirt, but don’t hold it against me, I’ve had a long week!

Click here for Video -> Team Hoyt!

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I am excited, ne stoked! To be able to announce the honor of running for the Hoyt Foundation this year at the Boston Marathon!

I don’t know if there could possibly be anyone out there who hasn’t heard of Team Hoyt.  Dick Hoyt has been competing in endurance events with his son Rick since 1977.

From that first race Team Hoyt has become a worldwide phenomenon in endurance sports.  Rick and Dick have raced their hometown marathon, the Boston Marathon many, many times and have become part of the fabric of our sport.

They’ve run Boston 32 times, have competed at Kona and have biked and run across the United states among hundreds of other races.

In the process Team Hoyt has Thousands of other around the world to push through limitations and expectations – to really make a difference.

I’ve had the privilege to run lots races with Rick and Dick over the last 20 years and running Boston for them is a way I can make a difference, thank them for helping so many others and help them continue their work.

Please support me as I run for Team Hoyt in my 16th Boston Marathon this year.

Thank you,


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