Episode 202 – Jon Gordon on finding your Purpose

The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 202 – Jon Gordon on finding your Purpose

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Episode 202 – Jon Gordon on Finding your Purpose

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Hello and welcome to the Jungle explorer podcast where we delve into hot equatorial jungles and bash our way with sharpened machetes through African wilderness.  Sounds exciting doesn’t it?  Sounds adventurous and exotic.  Too bad for you because this is the plan old RunRunLive Podcast and this is Chris your host and this is episode 202.

Any of you old enough to remember a bad show from the 70’s called “Room 222’? It came on after the Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family and before the Odd Couple and Love, American Style.  All of which I can hum the theme songs to.

But 222 is going to have to wait because this is episode 202 and we have a great show for you today.  We have a long interview with author and speaker Jon Gordon.  When I first talked to Jon a few years ago he was working to get his business going.  Since then he’s become quite successful publishing 3 more books.  I had to actually make it through his assistant to get him this time and it took more than a month! But we made it work.

I loved his first book “The Energy Bus”.  I talk to him in this episode about a subsequent work called “The Seed” which is a nice little parable about finding your purpose in life.  It’s a long interview and we may have to squeeze out some other content to get it all to fit.  Or I can close the lid and have the kids sit on it…

I like to throw in these episodes that are not directly related to the act of running.  I feel that if you are an amateur endurance athlete then you are by definition an individual who strives and looks for answers and is interested in asking questions.

If you don’t like it you can fast forward. Unless of course, you are listening to this while pool-running and your MP3 player is trapped in a plastic bag under your swim cap where you can’t get to it.  In that case you’re in for the duration.

I’ve got a lot to update you on this week.  The good news is that I raced this weekend.  I ran the 2.5 mile leg of the Mill Cities Relay.  The bad news is that my foot was killing me afterwards and I generally felt out of shape.

I’ve had three visits with the Physical Therapy people.  They are digging into my Plantar with a tool called the Graston technique.  They are trying to manually break up and straighten out the little fibers in there.  I’ll write up my experiences at some point.  As you would imagine I’m a horrible PT patient because I think I know everything.

It looks like my spring racing season is shot now.  I’m not in any shape to get quality times in.  I’ve been doing my swimming and my weight lifting but it just isn’t enough to keep those running muscles fit.  When I start training again, whether next week, next month or next year I will be starting from scratch. I’ve had to wrap my head around that.

I managed to relatively survive the last couple weeks of travel by counting calories.  I’ve checked my weight at around 188 pounds which is within the safety zone and I’m comfortable I could lose as much as I wanted at will now.  I’ll slip in a piece today on that for you.

OK – let’s see if we can move things along here! On with the Show!


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Rick Coveno telling a story from the Mill Cities Relay

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Jon Gordon – the Seed. http://www.jongordon.com/seedvideo.html

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The “Mid-Packer’s Lament” Released for Kindle!

Ok my little elves and Elvis’s, you have Purposefully found your way through the dense, lush jungle that is the RunRUnLive Podcast Episode 202 in the can.

Next week we’re going to chat with Darryl from Loving the Bike and the Cycling 360 podcast.  He’s going to share with us some winter cycling tips.  Which is important to me because it looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time on the trainer over the next couple months.  Maybe it’s time to start that IronMan training after all!

I’ve got interviewsint he can out to episode 206.  One of the cool things about my total world domination project (ie trying to get to 10K twitter followers) is that I’ve met some really interesting people.

What’s really surprising is the number of runners who have blogs.  I think we are more literate as a society now than we have ever been. People may not be reading books, magazines nad newspapers but they are writing out all their personal feelings, adventures and misadventures on line.

In fact one of the books I’m reading on my kindle is guy who got into IronMan, atarted blogging about it and it turned into a book.  This is a major change in the way things get into ‘print’.  In the old paradign you had to beg to be chosen by a publisher.  Now you get to choose yourself.  That is the democratization of power.  Sorry to all the dead-tree people who have fallen victim to the resultant structural obsolescence but this is a classic technology enabled shift.  Dig it.

Sorry, went down a rat hole there.  Hope everyone is keeping their wits about them in these difficult, dark and busy times.  Keep fighting the good fight and create your own reality.  Don’t worry about me.  I’ll heal.  Before you know it you and I will be skipping down the road hand in hand like Thelma and Louise.


You know what I find interesting?  It is how we as humans are ‘pattern matching machines’.  We see patterns in everything.  We create, or assume correlations that are not supported by data.  How did we get this way?

Some scientist say it is an evolved survival behavior.

Let’s say it’s 2.5 million years ago and you’re a hominid walking through the forest.  You hear a rustle in the bushes.

9 out of 10 times that rustle in the bushes is going to be a squirrel or some other innocuous thing.  What do you do?  You may decide it’s a lion and get ready to flee to safety.  If you’re wrong, what’s the down side? Nothing more than a stressful moment.

But here’s the thing.  If you go with the data and assume it’s nothing and it turns out to actually be a lion, you get removed from the gene pool.   You’re lunch.  Maybe we evolved to make the ‘safe’ assumption.

This is why every time you get ready to leave the house to go for a night run your wife tells you to be careful.  It turns out there is a critical penalty for ignoring a small risk sometimes.

But, my friends, although we are hominids, you and I do not live in the primeval forest.  We live in the modern world.  We can’t live our lives being afraid of lions.

I challenge you to challenge your fears.  What’s the worst that can happen?  You lose your crappy job?  There are plenty of jobs for people who are willing to work for them.  What’s the opportunity cost?  To live in fear?

Find your purpose my friends.

And at some point I’ll see you out there.


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Great news my running friends – my book of running stories “The Mid-Packer’s Lament” is now available in Kindle format at the Kindle store on Amazon.com!  Just search on “Mid-Pack”.  It’s a bargain at an easy $5 and all proceeds go towards supporting the underfunded pension plan of the retired cleaning staff at the RunRunLive world headquarters. I recently got a kindle myself and I love it.  It does reading very well.

The Mid-Packer’s Lament is a series of short stories on long distance running, racing and the human comedy inherent in all sports enthusiasts.  This is the perfect book for runners and wannabe runners.  There are stories about training, eating, special places and special races.  There are stories about the accidental athlete in all of us and the stupid things we do for even amateur endeavors.  Whether you are a weekend mid-pack runner or a competitive club runner, you’ll find something thought provoking and amusing that you can relate to in the Mid-Packer’s Lament.

Over the next couple episodes I ‘m going to take you out with some of Colin’s parody songs.  Because they are soooo good we should leave them in the box to collect dust.  We should enjoy them.  If you want to find them I’ll include Colin’s promo to tell you how and where.

As I have often quoted the great theologian Hunter S. Thompson; “It got pretty weird, but it never got weird enough for me.” And “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”



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