Episode 176 Molly Barker Girls on the Run

The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 176 – Molly – Girls on the Run

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Norm!  @run48er – http://theruminativerunner.blogspot.com/


Hello and welcome to the different places podcast where we will be recording this week from several different venues so you can put yourself into my shoes, my world…my laptop.

Right now I’m recording from the Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee.

This is the RunRunLive podcast

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On with the show!

Audio clips in this episode:

Ted Kennedy’s eulogy for Robert Kennedy – 01 Eulogy for Robert Francis Kennedy

Race report from the Escape the Cape Triathlon

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The Group Ride – See RunRunLive for Full Text.

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Molly from Girls on the Run – www.girlsontherun.org

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Well folks that is it you have successfully navigated through all these different places to the end of yet another RunRunLive Podcast – Episode 176 in the can.

Next week we catch Jim Parry again, except this time we interview him while he’s in the middle of his 5th marathon out of 7 days in a row.  That’s pretty cool.  All the action as it happens here on the RunRunLive Podcast.

Travel story…

I was over in Tokyo in the 80’s.  This was back when we were all convinced Japan was going to take over the world.  It was a time of confidence and trendsetting in Japan.  One of the things I was introduced to that had not yet popped up in the US was Karaoke.

I remember one cool bar that was a 1950’s theme.  They had a Beatles cover band that was really good.  They were exactly like the early ‘I wanna hold your hand’ era Beatles.  They had all the same mannerisms and accents. Except they were Japanese and speaking Japanese with a Liverpool accent.

It was just like the cliché.  The Japanese business men took me out and we all got tanked up on bourbon and ended up, among other places at a Karaoke joint.  I was forced to sing the two obligatory Beatles songs that were in English, one was Yesterday and I think the other was Imagine.

In the next couple years Karaoke would cross the Pacific and have some success in Holiday Inn lounges and living rooms across the United States.

What do you think of the H2 sound quality?  Pretty Sweet, huh?

What’s next for me? Well I feel like doing a bunch of running and biking and maybe even a little swimming.  Sound good?

So I started reading that book that was mentioned last week in the HBR segment I sampled.  It’s called “Flying Without a Net” by Thomas DeLong.  He describes what he refers to as “High need for achievement people”.   I have some of those characteristics and it is interesting.

This type of people are smart and driven to achieve.  Sometimes this manifests itself as a task list obsession.  Sometimes it is a need for positive feedback (umm…did someone ask for positive feedback last week?) They feel guilty leaving tasks un-done or doing tasks poorly and are their own harshest critics.  They compare themselves negatively to others.

He’s dead on when he talks about how the very things that are strengths for these types of people create their weaknesses.  If they don’t constantly produce results or have set backs they can shutdown and begin questioning their purpose and their value.

The solutions he comes up with should sound familiar to you as well.  He says that you need to be able to do things poorly in order to grow.  You need to move out of your traditional areas of competence and become vulnerable and out of control before you can gain new competencies.  High need for achievement people hate being vulnerable – and that becomes their Achilles heel.

It all comes back to purpose.  If they task, the work becomes the purpose then you are incredibly vulnerable.  If you lay those tasks on top of and in line with your purpose then you have the confidence to succeed.  More importantly if you can define and be comfortable and confident in your purpose then that intrinsic sense of self allows you to let yourself take risks and become vulnerable and ask for help.

All these things come with self awareness. You’d be surprised how many of the outwardly super-successful people you know are just a hairs breadth away from totally losing it!

As you’re chewing on that, I’ll be chewing up the miles with my hairy little brother Buddy and I will see you out there.


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I’ve got a monster of a 7 minute reggae song for you.  I liked it.  What can I say.  I want you to practice a little body empathy.   Start at you head and work your way down really listen to what each part of your body is doing as you run and try to quiet it.  Try to run quietly.



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