Nice Laundry Socks

I’m going to throw in a couple product reviews today.  The first one is some socks.  I’m a big believer in good athletic socks when you’re going long.  They help keep your feet healthy.  But, other than that I can run in just about any athletic sock.  I tend to like the short socks now.  I got like 10 pair from ASICS when I ran the New York City Marathon for them and they have survived very well. I typically tear through the big toe after a few months in regular socks.  I still have most of these, so they are pretty tough.

A couple weeks ago I got a couple pair of socks from an outfit called nice laundry.  Now, there is nothing super special about the tech socks they sent.  Good, tough tech material, reinforced in the heel and toe.  Good socks.  I don’t make any money off this but if you’re interested the link is _>

There is something very special about the second pair they sent me.  They are 1980’s style tube socks that are tech socks.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  Remember like Larry Bird style socks? Maybe 8 inches up the calf, white socks with the two colored stripes at the top?  Yeah, those.

Now I can show up at a race with my fashion-disaster short shorts AND a pair of 1980’s, retro tube socks to race in!  It totally completes my fashion disaster protocol.

Socks are the next thing.  Our over-financed friends in Silicon Valley have decide that socks are the next accessory.  We’ve done away with ties.  Have to find something else to differentiate yourself from the fashion herd.  It’s socks now.  Socks as a service.

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