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Hello and welcome to episode 98 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Welcome fellow travelers.  Today we’ve got an interesting show for you.  We talk to Randy McCarter who is an ordained Minister in the Church of Christ about the relationship between running and our relationships with God.

At this point a have to put in t disclaimer that this episode was intended as a thoughtful conversation not a promotion of any specific theology.  My intent was to have a discussion with someone who has a specific personal relationship with their god and also was a dedicated runner.  So I hope you take it in the spirit that it was intended.  It’s an interesting discussion and I’d love to hear what you think.

I will not talk about myself or my beliefs.  However Buddy wanted me to let you know that he is a dyed in the wool Church of England Episcopalian.  I’m hoping to get him a vicarship.  He’d be good at it.  He’s a great listener, is good at comforting stressed out people, and you’ll never have to worry about him molesting your wife or your children, unless of course they have hidden bacon in their pants…but that’s another story…

My second disclaimer is that I was out walking the dog in the neighborhood when I was interviewing Randy – so there is some wind noise, please excuse that, it comes and goes.

To quite Robert Duval’s character in Broken Trail:

We’re all travelers in this world. From the sweet grass to the packing house. Birth ’til death. We travel between the eternities.

On with the show.

Prayer from Randy McCarter.

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D2 and me in car after AFD5K

Inlaws at T-day

Chris and dog at pond

Caught in the storm at night with low batteries

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Equipment Check:

Got a few quick equipment notes for you.  First: I have acquired a Gramin 205 from one of my Twitter pals – thank you Linda.  It has so far told me what I already know – It’s takes me a mile to warm up, then a go like hell and then I slow down at the end! It’s good I like it. But now I can’t lie – as much – about my mileage.

Second thing is I wanted to close the loop on the bamboo underwear I got from Saxx Appeal.  It is not appropriate for athletics because it has too many raised seams – but they are sexy as heck and you should check them out as good present material for the man in your life. www.saxxapparel.com

Just a quickie today – we’re tight on time.

Featured Interview:

Randy McCarter – Ordained Minister



Quick Tip:

Progression runs.  Great way to train for races.   Start 15-30 sec per mile slower than your regular pace.  Then run your regular pace in the middle. Then drop to a tempo pace to finish strong.

For example I do 6 mile progression runs on my easy days.  First 2 miles at 15 seconds slower than my regular pace, second 2 miles at my normal pace, then 5th mile at tempo and 6th mile at fast tempo.

It helps to have a treadmill or Garmin to do this.

This will train you physically and psychologically to finish strong and will make you feel fantastic after your work out.

Jim Morrison and the Doors “American Prayer”


Ok that’s it; you’ve listened to another episode of the runrunlive podcast.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I, of course enjoyed putting it together as always.  I’ve been training hard as usual.  Fighting through some colds that the kids have brought around.  I don’t actually catch the colds but I do get some of the systems and lose energy for awhile.

Work has been absolutely insane – I am blessed to have so many excellent challenges laid before me each and every day.

Next week we will be talking to Kathryn who runs an organization in Kenya for street children.  It is extremely compelling stuff and I think you’ll enjoy it.  For the 100th episode in two weeks we are talking to Ray Zahab from the Run Sahara movie.  Pretty cool.

I got the bug to ramp up my miles and try to crush a marathon or half marathon and I have been sort of working towards that.

I think I was able to ‘back-door’ an entry into Boston through my long term service to the community.  Yeah – I broke down and asked for one.

Which is an interesting topic – which I will lead you with.  Runners are independent people.  WE believe that we can take action to improve our lives.  We take responsibility for our fitness and we take responsibility for our lives and many times for the lives of others.  And it’s great to be independent.  But sometimes you have to give people the gift of letting them help you.  Even if you do not need their help or want their help, don’t let your pride get in the way.  Give them the gift of asking for and letting them help you.  Ben Franklin gives an example of a man that he had a bad relationship with.  They just didn’t like each other.  So one day Ben decided to ask this man for a favor, he asked to borrow a book, which in those days was a rare and valuable thing.  In this way he complimented the man and got into his good graces and they became friends.

So my friends – do someone the favor, give someone the compliment of letting them help you.

No man or woman is an island.

Although I have met some that are houses – I’ll see you out there.



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