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Sparkica From Slovenia



Hello my friends, have you missed me?  I missed you.  Got a really good show today.  A couple highlights for you.  I interview Dr. Monte and you should make your sedentary friends listen to this one.

I’ve also got a reading of one of my articles by Joe Bears and he does a great job.  I have some other people who I’ve asked to read some stories in.  I get sick of my voice and I’m sure you do to.  If you want to read some stories – shoot me a note and I’ll give you a copy of my books in PDF form in trade for your services.

I’m throwing in some more snippets out of my music collection because I got positive response to last week’s show.  That just proves I listen to your feedback!  I’m going to slot in some mellower bits today so as not to offend those of you who may not appreciate my taste in music!  But I swear putting Rancid on your earbuds will take 15 seconds off your mile splits!

I also read you emails! I usually don’t read emails or race reports on the air, but I wanted to mention one.  I got a note from Greg who said he ran the Philly half marathon and went out so fast that he set a 5k PR in the beginning and then suffered in.  That my friends is taking a page from the Mad Dog racing manual! Nice work!

What a crazy crazy week. I feel like my whole life is just a blur of activity.  And I wonder if that makes it a better life or a less fulfilled life.  I’ll let my biographers struggle with that.

This is Thanksgiving week here in the States so most of us turn it into a week-long holiday.  I’m running the Ayer Fire Dept 5k.  I’m going to race it in my NB 800’s and see how they perform in actual road race conditions.  We’ve got new treadmills in the gym at work so I’ve been doing some speed work and progression runs this week.  The new treadmills have a smooth ride.  It’s nice.

I just wish that the treadmill engineers were runners.  Some of the stuff just doesn’t make any sense.  I was doing intervals yesterday and it wouldn’t let me program my cool down faster than a 12 minute mile.  Then I tried to grip the heart rate pads after my interval to get a sense of where I’m training at and it told me it was too dangerous for me to hold the grips while running.  At the risk of sounding like a cranky old guy why do we have to design so much over-engineered nonsense to protect me from myself into everything?  Cant’ we just leave it alone and let the gene pool clean itself out?

Thank you so much to me Slovenian friend Sparkica for reading the intro for me – she promised to send me another in actual Slovenian for a future show.  Always looking for people to do the intro – if you have a podcast, website, race or charity you are collecting for just call it in – the script is on my site at runrunlive.com

Get those digestive juices’ flowing – because it is on with the show!

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Chris and Buddy picking up stuff at the old burial ground in Groton

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Dr. Monte


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Ok that’s it episode 97 in the can.  Couple updates and I’ll let you go.  And you can saunter off to join your loved ones knowing that you have been fortified by your weekly dose of RunRunLive.  Buddy and I are pulling for you.  We’re right behind ya. Go ahead. Make your move.  Take the risk.  Make something big, something wonderful happen this week.  I dare you!

Heh heh…

We’re coming up on our 100th episode so I’m still looking for you, my friends, to record some sort of nugget and send it off to the show so we can play it and inspire some others in our troop of wayward, strange and quixotic endurance junkies.

I’ve tentatively slapped together a new training plan with lots of long runs in it to see of I can crush a marathon early this spring – but like all my plans it’s flexible.  Flexible to reality and more so to my whims and passions.  I’m trying to do mostly progression runs in my training and to support that I’ve acquired a cast-off Garmin 205.

A progression run is when you start off slower and finish faster.  This way your training your body to finish strong and that’s what I’ve been struggling with.

Next week we’ve got an interesting show.  We are speaking with Pastor Randy about the relationship between religion, spirituality and running.  I know, deep, huh?

Read an interesting article this morning that I’m going to take home and hang on my fridge.  It was by Joyce Shafer and it discoursed on Negativity.  She explained how negativity while not something you can avoid is something you can recognize and manage.  And she talks about ho negativity in people is actually fear. And when fear is triggered you project a negative future vision.

But the interesting part for me, because I know people who are systematically negative, is that feeding your negativity is a learned habit.  And when you see the symptoms of negativity in yourself you can acknowledge it and then choose to take a different direction.

We all have aquired habits.  There are good habits and there are bad habits.  But we have the power to recognize which are which and we have the pawer to break the patterns.

It’s your life – go ahead and decide how YOU want to live it.

And when you figure it out I’ll see you out there.

Music tonight is a mellow reggae number by Lazo called “love is on your side” enjoy. Be well. Happy Thanksgiving


Excerpt from “Are you Gonna be my Girl” by Jet

Excerpt from “Mellow Mood” by Bob Marley

Excerpt from “54-46 Was my Number” by Toots and the Maytones

Excerpt from “levi_blues” by dala_girls

Music tonight is a mellow reggae number by Lazo called “love is on your side” enjoy. Be well. Happy Thanksgiving

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