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Welcome to episode 93 of the runrunlive podcast.  Today I interview a gentleman named Mark who goes by the moniker RunGeordieRun and is mounting a campaign to run across the USA for charity.  This is the first of two interviews that I’m doing for people that are doing this and I find it ionteresting that the barrier to entry for running across the US seems to be dropping much like everything else in endurance sports.  It’s all so accessible and normal these days.  I guess you won’t be able to walk out your front door without tripping over an endurance athlete on a quixotic quest in a few years.  Or maybe it’s just our rat race of a western society that drives them to it. What do you think?

Are you having a good week?  Are you contemplating running across the US or some other handy continent?  I ran the Marine Corp marathon last Sunday – I had fun it was a good adventure.  I don’t think race reports are particularly interesting so I’ll give you mine here in Haiku form:

Super Early Pace/ At mile 13 gravity/ Then I struggled in

Don’t know what’s next.  Only race I’m signed up for is a Thanksgiving morning 5k.  Time to scheme!

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

On with the show!

Equipment Check:

How do you keep track of laps at the track? Watch…

Chalk, pebbles, sticks, water bottle…


When I was down in DC I met IronMan Bobby who does a video podcast and he interviewed me. I’ll be on an upcoming show of his.  So look up the ironman bobby podcast on iTunes.

Also we have started planning for the 2010 version of the Groton Road Race which is the big local 10k that I’m one of the directors of.  If you’re interested in sponsorship for an event that draws over 2500 participants and touches several thousand more – give me a call.

For that matter if you’re interested in sponsoring the podcast I’ve set up the format to be able to drop spots in so I could easily do “This week the runrunlive podcast is brought to you by Vegemite – the Australian wonder-food” and add the love and affection of the 2,500 odd runner folks who download this show each week to your prospective customer list.  Frankly I’m tuition poor and the prospects of that new mountain bike for next spring are starting to dim!

I’ve switched over to Gmail so feel free to shoot me a note at cyktrussell that’s chris yellow king tom russell two esses and two ells at Gmail dot com.

Also – to keep me from embarrassing myself any more dial in and read the intro – have some fun with it.

Other big news is that I’m planning on upgrading the web site and moving it to wordpress thanks to Albert who’s going to help me. Right Albert?  And he wants to give away some free wordpress blogs so we have to figure out how to do that.

Next week I’m interviewing Ashley a wonderful young lady who is planning to run across the US for MS.  She’s really got her act together and it is quite interesting.

To take you out I want to talk about unicorns.  On twitter this week I said a perfect race is like a unicorn and if you find one let me know.  That’s really it.  Of the 27 or so marathons I’ve run, perhaps 3 or 4 would I consider perfect races where everything went right.  And even then the moment was fleeting.

Once you understand that perfect races are like unicorns, like magical beasts. They can’t be captured or kept in captivity.  They can only be glimpsed through the trees of our efforts.  The race is an event but your training; your running life is a journey.  Enjoy the journey. Don’t worry about the unicorns.

We’ll see you out there my friends.

Music tonight was sent in by someone named Schnitzel who had a question about knee pain and through a song in as well as a peace offering – it’s called – Bedliner and is also available on the podsafe music network.

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