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Intro by Anne. http://www.annsrunningcommentary.com/


Hello and welcome to Episode 91 of the runrunlive podcast. This IS Chris your host and today we’ve got a great show for you. I’ve got lots of good advice. Free advice too so it’s worth every penny – as they say.

Thank you to Anne for doing that energetic opening.  I think Anne is stalking me and I’m all for that, I’ve been trying to encourage her.  Hey – why haven’t you called in and done the intro for us?  We want to hear your beautiful voice and groove on your professional intonations.  Just call the dial in number 206-339-7804 and read the script that is on the website at runrunlive.com.  It’s easy, have fun with it.  If you do a good enough job you may win the Nobel prize.

It’s been a long week and I’m a bit tired but I’m ambulatory.  I’m in my taper for the Marine Corp.  My track workouts have been going great.  I’m going to shoot for a 3:25 finish.  I’m pretty excited because I haven’t actually raced a marathon in a couple years so this should be fun.

Shouts to Quadrathon who has a torn quadriceps and RunnerMatt the dump runner who has a stress fracture.  Limp proudly my friends.  You had the huevos grandes to go out and hurt yourselves and that makes you ok in my book!  It’s a badge of honor.

We have a great show today with a killer interview of Zev from Zensah socks.  I’ve been wearing them for my speed work and I really like them.  When I was a boy we didn’t have Zensah socks.  We only had rocks, but since the earth had just recently cooled they were very flexible still and quite warm.

Are you ready?  On with the Show!

Equip check: – NB800 shoe review.

Interview: Zensah Socks.


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Digging Ditches and building pyramids.

Ok that’s it you’ve managed through sheer pig-headedness and will power to bull your way through the 91st episode of the runrunlive podcast.  Thanks for all the great emails.  It makes me smile when someone says I helped them get out the door.  That’s great.  Feel free to send me fun audio or ideas for topics or skits.

Good luck to folks running marathons this weekend.  Especially those at BayState.  Wave when you go by mile 17 of the marathon I’ll be there handing out water probably.  We’re running late on time so I’ll be quick.

Music tonight is another song from Doug Folkins of the Celtic genre called “the streets of Rome”  I know some of you listening are closet performing artists so feel free to send me an MP3 and I’ll get you on the show.  The only thing worse than a starry eyed entrepreneur is a starving artist.  Live your dream.  Share with us.

To take it out – I have talked about how busy and stressful a time of year this is for individuals, families and companies.  It is a perfect storm of going back to school, cold weather in the north, shorter days, kids get into fall sports, all the fall bills are due…people get sick, the companies have the end of their fiscal year – Q4 sales cycles and a boatload of other deliverables that have to be done by the end of the year.

We find ourselves with too many things to do.  Too many pulls on our time.  And all these things are important.  You find yourself in great lose-lose situations.  Do you have dinner with a client or do you see you kid’s ball game?  You come home from fighting a 12 hour fire at work to find you have to construct a model of Machu-Pichu from macaroni for the following day’s science project.

If you’re not careful there is screaming and recrimination.  Things don’t get done, or get done poorly.  It’s an opportunity to make mistakes in your relationships that may damage them.  But it is also an opportunity to lead.

And this leadership takes two forms.  First, you have to focus your energy and just work. The only way to get done is to get started and that is a powerful secret. Don’t be overwhelmed – just start digging and good things will come.

But secondly with all this work and digging you tend to lose site of the long term goals…the big picture.  So make a special effort to pull yourself up and remember the big things.  Remember your vision for your life, your family and yourself.  If you don’t have a vision then get one.  You’re a runner so you’re already ahead of everyone else.  Just leverage that and you’ll do fine.

Peace be with you, and go in peace. I’ll see you out there.

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