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Intro by Matt – a.k.a. Digger – the Run Digger Run Podcast



Hello and welcome to episode 90 of the runrunlive podcast.  I’ve got a superdy dooper show for you today!  I am interviewing Dan Browne who is a fairly accomplished runner.  Like Olympics, US records, world championships – i.e. elite American runner.  As with most of the elites in our sport Dan is highly approachable and gives us some great insights.

Thanks to Digger – for the intro – check out his podcast.  He has some great sotries and gives running tours of the monuments in Washington DC.  I’ll meet him at the Marine Corp Marathon in a couple weeks.  And, By the way, I’m racing! Yup! The old guy is going to put his head down and turn an otherwise entertaining tour of my nation’s capital into a 26 mile suffer-fest. Yeah baby! That’s how we do it.

I had a good strong week of running last week.  I ran a manly set of 7 1600’s on Friday night after work.  Felt very strong.  Then I knocked off somewhere around 23 miles on Sunday on a new rail trail near my house– felt ok.  I haven’t put this number of quality miles on my old legs in a long time and I’m amazed at how they are holding up.  I have a little achilles and a touch of runner’s knee, but knock on wood, other than that I feel great!  The only thing that I could do better right now is that I’m still a tad chubby.

This week was a weird travel week.  I flew out from Boston to San Francisco on Monday.  It’s a 6.5 hour flight.  Avis always gives me something strange for a car in SFO.  This time they gave me a Mercury Grand Marquis which is like a 20 foot long land-yacht.  Then we had trouble getting out because there was a bomb scare in the rental car garage.

We drove the 2.5 hours up to Roseville which is north of Sacramento – really pretty ride up over the golden gate bridge through Sonoma County – but a long day.  S I decided not to even try to get a run in Monday.  But Tuesday morning I got up and ran in the dark on the trails near the hotel and got a great hour or so in before spending a day a t the client.  I took some audio – that I’ll send off to the extra mile.

In my taper now for the Marine corp – I’m going to do one more heavy tempo workout and then wean myself off for the race.  I’ve got some timely advice about what to do in your taper in here too.

So enjoy the ride and on with the show!

Equipment Check:

Found a great new thing this week that really saved my whole day on Wednesday.  I had a meeting in Milwaukee on Wednesday and the only way I could get there was to take the redeye out of San Francisco.  What does that mean?  That means getting on a plane in SFO at 11:00 at night and then getting off that plane in Chicago at 5 in the morning, which doesn’t sound too bad until you remember the 2 hour time change.  So it’s really just over a 3 hour flight.

Let me paint the picture.  I was in a middle seat with the bulkhead in front of me, meaning a wall.  And on this wall was a meter high video screen playing ice-age 2 about 12 inches from my nose.  Then Iwas joined by an enormous funny smelling woman.  She was invading my personal space and touching me.  Now normally I have no qualms about cuddling up to a strange fat woman on a plane if I can get my sleep that way – but this one was twitchy too.  And it did find it a challenge to not be bothered by the random twitchiness when combined with the indiscrete physical contact…but I digress.

Stay with me – I have an excellent tip coming up – I swear.  So -Needless to say I was feeling a little rough when I got to Chicago and not looking forward to taking a sponge-bath in the bathroom sink.  I wandered over the Hilton looking for someplace to get a strong coffee and maybe plucg in my laptop.

It turns out the Hilton has an excellent health club with pool, cardio, full free weights and everything.  I figured they would shoo me away, but I went in anyway preparing to pleade piteously for a shower…

Lo and behold that lady says “no problem – $15” – I would have paid $100 for a shower alone at that point but instead I got a huge locker, big enough for my laptop and travel duffel and access to all the amenities.  So I put on my running stuff and spent 45 minutes on the treadmill watching ESPN, had a decent workout and a great shower.  Got cleaned up with some fresh duds and smelling nice for the client.

So – next time you pass through O’hare – wander over to the Hilton and you can get a workout in for only $15 bucks!  Now that’s a great find and a great tip!

Equipment Check

The Chicago O’Hare Hilton health club

Dan Browne Interview:



Thanks for coming along for the ride this week. That’s it – Episode 90 in the can.

Next week I’ll be interviewing Zev from Zensah socks.  These are one of the new compresion socks that everyone is grooving on.  I like them.  It’s a good interview.  The week after is probably going to be Epic Bill Bradley who is one of those guys who runs the 900 zillion mile races.

I’ll be running the world wide festival of races with Buddy the Wonder Dog and some friends from my local running club – the Squannacook River Runners.  By the way we’ve already started working on next April’s Groton Road Race so if you’re looking for race to run a place to volunteer or a race to sponsor you’ve only got 8 months to hook up with Groton.

Good luck to every one – and there are a lot of you – running races over the next few weeks and months.  The fall is such an exciting time.  I’d love to know how you’ve done. Shoot me an email or a tweet – I’m CYKTRussell on twitter, Facebook and cyktrussell at yahoo and gmail dot com.

The music tonight is a good social networking success story.  If you remember a couple episodes back I played an Irish drinking song by Doug Folkins?  Well somehow he found out and we had a subsequent email exchange and he sent me a couple more songs to play – this one is called” King Henry’s good times” and if you like it go to Doug’s site and toss him a couple quid for the lot of them.

I know you must think I’m nuts getting up in the morning and going running on this sleep deprived travel junkets that I go on.  But – I got to tell you, I love going for a run in the cool crisp mornings and exploring new places.  I could whine and complain about the travel but I don’t.  I see it as a big adventure a grand lark.  If I was to bget miserable then I would be creating the very thing that I hate? Why would I do that when I can create a joyous world of adventure and morning runs?

It’s a great big world out there.  Lift your head up and look around once in a while.  The world you experience is the one that YOU create.  So create a good one this week …and I’ll see you out there.

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