Episode 85 Brooks Running

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Ned Music by Gordon Scott

Intro by the famous Steve Chopper of the “A Mile With Me” podcast amilewith.me.uk

Comments from Stuart at the “Quadrathon” podcast and Blog

Guest interloping from …in order of appearance…Kevin from the Extra Mile Podcast…Lybbe from the 50 counting down podcast…@bostoncardiovet…Jen from the “Running From…” podcast…@solorunner – Many thanks…

Equip Check ->will add the brooks list later –don’t have it with me.

Featured Interview : John from BrooksRunning at http://www.brooksrunning.com/

“Dr. Running”

Parody of call in advice show… (the joke is that the answer to every question is running)


Dr. Runner – Kevin

Caller 1: Lybbe

Caller 2: Jenm

Caller 3: BostonCardioVet

Caller 4: SoloRunner

Caller 5: Mad Dog.

Scene opens – callers with questions – bumper music and show jingle

DR: (Talk show voice) Hello this is Dr. Running and welcome to the “Better Living through Running” show…Our sqwtichboards are open so give us a call and ask your question…

Hello – you’ve got Dr. Running, you’re live on the show, what’s your question?

C1. (fawning) Yeah…Ummm…Dr. Running this is Lisa, first time caller, love the show…

DR: Welcome Lisa, What can I help you with?

C1: Well I’ve run my first marathon and I’m looking to get faster.  How do I do that?

DR: Great Question! You need to work some speed work, tempo training and hills into your plan – that will give you speed.

C1: Great – Thank you so much – I love the show…(cut off mid-sentence)

DR:  Dr. Running, you’re on the show, what’s your question?

C2: (laconic) I’m an over-weight coach potato, is running safe for me?

DR: Absolutely! Check out the “Couch to 5K” program and you’ll be healthy, happy and slimmer in no time.

DR: Next Caller?

C3: (questioning) I’m a 40-something guy who’s been running 5k’s and 10k’s but I feel like my life has no meaning – what should I do?

DR: Oh – great question – I get this one a lot – you need to sign up for an ultra-marathon right now and start training for it.  Nothing brings focus and meaning and purpose to a life than running for 10 hours straight…

DR: Hello, How can I help?

C4: (depressed) I hope you can help me…

DR: Yes, yes?

C4: My husband just left me for a younger woman.  I don’t know if I can go on…

DR: Well you’ve come to the right place.  Without the ole Ball-and-chain to slow you down the world is your oyster!

Go to the CoolRunning website, find a local running club and join up! Start running a 5k or 10k every weekend.

You won’t have time to be depressed.  You’ll meet healthy, happy people and maybe even get lucky! Plus – next time you see your Ex, you’ll be smokin hot and they’ll kick themselves for leaving you!

DR: OK – We’ve got time for one more call…Hello, you’re on the air…

C5: Dr. Running?  Hope you can help me, I’ve got a ticklish situation…I had a speed workout on the calendar for today but I took this pill and I’ve had an erection for 4 hours, what should I do?

DR: No problem.  Wear a running kilt, lubricate welland get to the track. This is no reason to miss a workout and as an added bonus you’ll have a place to hang your stuff up to dry.

DR: Well, that’s all the time we have for today – keep fit, keep happy and keep running – this is Dr. Running signing off

Outro music and jingle.

Quick Tip:  Don’t get cocky!

Outro –

Ok folks thanks for listening again this week – Buddy and I love to spend time with you-all.  I’m going up to the Wapack trail race this weekend but I’m not going to run – just going to volunteer and maybe do a short couple hours easy.  Then it relax and taper ‘til next Friday when I mount up with the Twitter Team for the Ragnar Relay with all our Brooks Running stuff.

I already have next week’s interview in the can and it will be a cool thing about relays.  We are going to be attempting to keep our social networking going through the race so stay tuned for that.

For today’s music – in keeping with our Celtic theme – we have a Celtic song called ‘pour me another’ by Doug Folkins I’ve got some Scottish and some Irish in me – just like Muhamad Ali it turns out – seems like all the songs are about drinking and sorrow.  But don’t you let sorrow into your cozy little life – go out there – get things done – take risks and have fun and while you’re at it look around – ‘cause I will see you out there too.


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