Episode 83 Medals 4 Mettle

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Intro by the Megan the Vegan Running Mom

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Show theme is Buckaroo Banzai

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Intervention Parody

(watch this ->http://www.aetv.com/intervention/index.jsp – any episode, you’ll get the idea)


Chris – man with running addiction (played by Chris)

The interventionist – professional hired by family and friends to intervene – Gordon (Links here)

Brother,  (Greg) Greg’s links here http://gregchance.blogspot.com/

Wife,  (Erin)Erin’s links Here http://erin337.podbean.com/

Daughter (Daughter)

Friend1 (Jo) Jo’s links http://twitter.com/LIrunner9

Buddy as himself

Queue intervention Music…Fade in…

Chris:  Hey what are all you guys doing here?  I was just headed out with the dog for a run…Who are you?

Interventionist:  (matter of fact and athoritative)

Chris – I was called in to help facilitate a family meeting to help you get your life back…




So if you can just take a seat they have some things to say to you and we’d like to offer you a way out, we’d like to help you kick this thing….Dave why don’t you start?

Sound of sobbing and rustling of papers…

Brother: (choked up, barely holding it together)

Chris, I’ve seen your addiction to running negatively affect your life.  I miss the times we used to go fishing, play golf or hang out at the pub, drinking beer, smoking cigars and eating hot-wings… I mean, you’re my baby brother man, I need you, I feel like I’ve lost a friend, (breaking down in sobs) I…feel…like I’ve… lost a brother… (Trails off in sobs)


Chris these people love you – please take this opportunity we’re giving you…Let’s hear from your wife…

Wife:  (emotionally wrenched) Chris,  I just don’t know you anymore… I mean look at you…Look at what your addiction has done to you! You’re all skin and bones! I can’t even hug you anymore.  Sunday mornings used to be our time for nookie, but now when I wake up you’re gone – out for a long run with the club and that damn dog!  What about me?  What about our life together?  I love you honey, but I can’t live like this, not knowing if I’m going to get a call from the police…that they’ve found your body dead in a ditch…Please…Chris…take this gift…

Interventionist: Chris, you’ve got to stop kidding yourself.  Take this offer for help.

Chris:  (angry) Who the hell are you?  You don’t know me?

Interventionist:  (heated and melodramatic) I do know you! I’ve been there…the shoe buying binges, late nights on the track, stress fractures!  I’ve done it all!  I’ve lost everything and I’m here to help you not make the mistakes I made!  ……Your daughter would like to say something to you…

Daughter:  (pissy) Dad, you’re such an asshole.  I mean wearing those tights to pick me up at school! How do think that makes me feel?  My friends see you and think I’m some sort of freak!  And coming to my soccer practice and running laps around the field! Oh my God! You’re such a loser.  Just stop it. Please…

Interventionist… (calming) Can you see Chris?  Can you see how this running addiction is tearing your family apart?  Come one man! Reach for this life line we are throwing you! Take my hand let me pull you back to the comfort of the couch… Who else here has something to say to Chris?

Friend:  (trying to convince) Chris, I’ve known you my whole life.  We went to school together.  I remember you running cross country but we figured it was just a phase…that you’d grow out of it…This is the end of the line…you’ve got to stop now… you’re not going to get a better chance..please take this gift.

Interventionist… So what’s it going to be Chris?  We’ve arranged a car to take you to the airport right now.  We’re going to fly you to California and check you in to the Happy Drones Inertial Institute.  It’s a 90 day program.  You’ll have to check in your running shoes.  We’re going to fit you with a heart monitor so that the attendants will sedate you any time your heart rate gets over 80.  When you get back you can restart a new life as a happy, sedate member of the community.  What’s it going to be?

Chris: Can I just take the dog for one last run?

Interventionist: No, no more runs, it’s now or never, you have to choose!

Chris:  What’s to stop me from just getting up and running now?  You?  You going to chase me?  Looks to me like you’d have a coronary half way to the door, you fat bastard!

Catch you all later!  And don’t wait up I’m going for 20.  Come on Buddy!

(dog barking and fade out music)

Feautured Interview – Shan Riggs from Medals 4 Mettle

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End of Show:

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Music tonight is from the Podsafe music network.  It took me while today to find something I liked.  There is a lot of bad music out there seems that every over active teenager with a PC thinks he or she is a DJ… but I liked this one It’s by a group called Planetary Nights and it is called “Road Trip” Enjoy!

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