Episode 79 Inspiration with Tamara Schilling

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Her video -> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x9aasc_tamara-schilling-transform-adversit_webcam

The RunRunLive Podcast is a podcast primarily for runners.  I try to inspire and enable anyone who runs or want to run as part of a healthy life style.

What I’ve found is that when people embrace a healthy life style that (including endurance) it becomes an enabler and it opens doorways in other parts of their lives.

1.       How do people use these current hard times to “transform adversity”?  How do they use current adversity – leverage it to get to another level?

2.       I wanted to get you on because I think that your message is important and very topical.  Today people are under a lot of stress and in many cases struggling.  They are in that moment of adversity that you speak of.

3.       What would you say to people who are struggling right now to make their mortgage and just hanging on?  How can we speak of a ‘life fulfilled’ when there are bills to be paid?

4.       How do people find the energy to pursue dreams when every moment of your day is pulled at by competing forces and they all want 100% of your time and attention and energy?

5.       How does personal health and the physical body fit into a fulfilling life?

6.       The impact of autism on your life and the lives of others.

a.       I’ve spoken with a lot of folks in the community who have had experience with autism in their lives – and I’ve noticed that what started as an overwhelming challenge, a “why did this happen to me?” moment actually transformed them.  They became better and stronger people because of the challenge of autism in their lives.

I hear this over and over again with Autism or Cancer or other personal challenges where people have turned that challenge into a doorway to a more fulfilling life.  For example Lance Armstrong says that if he had to choose between battling cancer and winning the Tour de France he would choose Cancer – because that for him was a much more defining moment.

So – The question for you Tamara is two fold

1.       What is the process to get through a challenge like Autism out the other side?

2.       And secondly – what about us run of the mill folks who are fortunate enough to not have these challenges?  How do we create anchors to achieve the same fulfillment in absence of life and death struggle?

What is your website and how do people get in touch with you?

Do you have any events coming up or products that you want to share?

To close – What would be the top three things that you would tell people to do or focus on today?

Story time –

Aliens at the track.

Ok that’s it, hope you liked the show! Looks like we are giving you a few bonus minutes over our 40 minute goal here, but remember I Never force you to listen to those 1 hour plus podcasts – that’s just bad planning and lazy editing.

Should be an easy weekend for me – I’m in my taper.  A couple easy rides and a final fix up on my bike.  I did buy another $100 worth of parts to replace – but what the heck.

Next weekend is the race, I’ll be leaving Friday with Dan and tom in a cargo van to drive down.  We’re camping out on Friday night – doing the race all day Saturday and driving back Sunday.  So I have to figure out all my logistics this week, gather up my clothes and food and drop bags, etc.

I’m actually not quite sure how I’m going to squeeze in a episode next week – Maybe I’ll just record over the weekend and put it together on the fly.   I am being smart enough to take Friday AND Monday off.

Then I have to start running again to get ready for the Ragnar Relay.  We got sponsored by Brooks Running so we are going to have some new shoes and duds to test out.  That’s going to be a blast.

Hope everyone has a great week – don’t forget to reach out to me if you need a shout out or anything.

Enjoy your summer, enjoy your family, enjoy your life and focus on what you want!  And I hope I see you in the great out there.

Our music tonight is a nice alternate piece by an artist from the podsafe music network called Firewater and the song is 3 legged Dog – I like the sentiment and I know you were getting sick of blues!


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