Episode 76 Ashworth Awards

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Intro by Mango…



9th Annual – Wilderness 101 – Saturday Aug. 1st, 2009
The Wilderness 101 is event #5 of 8 in the NUE Series
2009 registration is open and ready to go
Check out the 2008 RESULTS
and some event pictures here

The Ragnar Relay New England


Intro Audio by Chris,

Three Turkey stories from the Mountain Bike.

The ski hills

The crash

Equipment Check:

I am interested in more information regarding your recent episode with Vibram soles – I will have to check your website for a link – I am looking into doing more “winter” trail running and your right regular running shoes get stiff and hard with the cold.  I just started the podcast – but I wanted to thank you for supplying information one would normally not get with any runner’s book/magazines.  You are providing a great service – I recently purchased and will continue to purchase Gracie’s sports bras-LOVE them!!! I cannot thank you enough for bringing her on with her products….A-1!!!! Her customer service is unstoppable!!!!  Can’t say enough good about Gracie’s gear!

Thanks again Chris for what you provide us newbie’s!!

Laura Jones – Elkhart, IN

Featured Interview Dan Ashworth – Ashworth Awards.


Contest Results

Ok Folks – here are the winners for the trail shoe contest.  Thank you to the folks at Vibram for doing this.  And you winners – It would be nice if you could send us an audio or at least a note to let us know how they worked out.

A quick discussion of our methodology.  Here’s how we chose.  I compiled all the entries into a big document.  I numbered them and had 3 people read through them and choose their favorites.  (I wasn’t one of the three people) Then I took the pool of favorites and randomly selected 5 from that pool.

Thank you everyone for your great entries!  I really appreciate the time and effort you put into it.  And now that I have your emails you can expect a constant flow of weight loss and male enhancement emails – just kidding…

Drum roll …The envelope please… Anouncing the winners of the Patagonia Release trail shoe contest…

Username First Last where Email
lonewolf Adam Ulrey United States ajulrey@yahoo.com
andshewas23 Chandra Leister ? chandrakis@gmail.com
ostfalcon John Inglese United States dragon25@optonline.net
Lybbe Lybbe Blair Canada lybbe@sympatico.ca
Run4Fun Samantha Foster United States samantha-kyra@comcast.net

Congratulations – Erin from the marketing department has your email and will be reaching out to you – enjoy!

Outro –

Ok folks that’s it – another uncomplicated show this week.

I’ve got to get some seriously long rides in to get ready for the Wilderness 101.  Going to go long with Anthony tonight.  Might end up down at my Cape house in Harwich for the weekend.  My plans are in flux – like a flux capacitor.

Have been writing a lot for Coolrunning – so make sure you check them out at www.coolrunning.com part of the active network.

Next week I think the timing is right to get a couple of marathon coaches on the podcast to talk about the do’s and don’ts of your training for fall marathons.  Because if you’re training for Baystate, for example, this weekend is your first 12-13 miler.  Therefore, I’m going to get Josh and Justin, better known as @speedysasquatch and @mangorunner to come on the show and teach us about training for a PR in the marathon this fall.

After that I have some feelers out for a couple things.  One intersting contact I made was with Dan Browne, Olympian and 5K record holder.  Another is with the Medals for Mettle folks who have an organization for donating medals to sick people.  Another is the new Warrior Tour folks who are doing a series of races in war zones.  And I also traded correspondence with the “back on your feet” people who get homeless and addicts back on their feet through running – but they don’t’ seem to understand what a podcast is…

I also had a really interesting conversation with Scott Zagarino from Athletes for a cure about charity running.  He reminds us all of how lucky we are.  I certainly feel lucky to be able to do all the stuff I do.  You may not be the world’s greatest athlete, you may be just starting out, but even if you get that one foot out the door for an ugly short run, or a shaky ride, or a wheezy swim – you’ve been blessed and given a great gift.

So my friends look around you, I know these may be difficult times, I know you can get tired and feel like giving up – but you and I are very fortunate and should try to cultivate a constant celebration for the gifts we’ve been given.


Music today to take you out is a great little piece by the Dala Girls called Levi Blues and you can find this on the Podsafe music network.

Hope everyone has a great week – And I’ll see you out there.


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