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Intro by Nigel



Intro –

Hello and welcome to episode 75 of the runrunlive podcast.   This is Chris your host and we’ve got a great show for you today.  Today I’m interviewing Sarah Stanley one of our Twitter friends. I started following Sarah because she’s an ultra-runner and she’s always in a great and positive mood.  Sarah is a lovely young lady who is really committed to making the most of life.  We have a great talk and if there are any young men out there who are looking for a challenging girlfriend Sarah told me she’s between boy friends.

Listen through the end of the show because I’ve got something special from @ironBrandon  the proprietor of the Brandon’s marathon podcast that is going to raise you IQ and make you culturally significant.

It’s been raining here for 3 straight weeks – so we’re just ignoring it.  I went out with Buddy the Wonder Dog and Devo early on Sunday and did 14 or so miles on the trails in a couple hours.  When I’m not training for a specific running event but I still want to maintain my fitness I find that 12-14 miles or around 2 hours is a good maintenance run.  It’s long enough to put you into glycogen shortage for ½ an hour or so to make your body remember how to burn fat and manage the wall – but not too long to hurt you.   If you can manage 12-14 miles it’s not that much of a leap to 26.2.  It gets you half way there and you won’t have to start from scratch.

I’m doing fine – I apologize for the low energy last week – I was battling some sort of allergy and had some external stresses.  I promise not to let it happen again!

Listening to this next part where I talk about my bikes – I sound a lot like Brett from Zen and the art of triathlon – see – this whole bike thing changes you!

On with the show!

Equipment Check

The bike room…

Featured Interview – Sarah Stanley



Quick Tip:

Ok I got an interesting question this week from Clinton in Detroit that made me think of something.   He did something where he somehow tore a big hole in his heel.  He asked what he should do to be able to run without irritating the abrasion.   I have two points to make here.

One is specific to cuts or tears or toenail problems it usually works if you use tape to protect the affected area.   I’m talking about white hockey tape, the cloth kind not the shiny kind.  If you just use a Band-Aid or normal bandage it will come off when you run.

Here’s how to do it.  Put some Neosporin or some sort of anticeptic on it if it’s an open wound.  Put some gauze over the wound. Tape over the affected area.  Then spread some lube on the tape so it doesn’t rub – preferably aquafor or body glide, but you can use vasoline in a pinch.

As a broader topic – you can use tape to support almost any injury.  If you remember your school sports – there are specific wrapping techniques for ankles, knees, hamstrings, achilles – and they’re all available on the internet.  So if you are the type that likes to play wounded – tape it up!


My friends Isn’t Sarah great?  If I wasn’t 100 years old and married with children…but that’s another story.  I have my plan together for this bike ultra and just have to put the miles in.    This weekend is my running clubs Hash run – so If you don’t know what a hash run is – Google it – but let me just say I will be wearing a dress and Anthony will be drinking whiskey…it could get ugly.

I’m going to close out the Patagonia Release shoe contest on the 30th and we’ll pick the winners and announce them – thanks for playing.

This week’s contest is to see who gets to date Sarah!  She’s got a hundred miler planned for that first date!

Ok folks that it for me – I’ve got a special treat for you tonight to take us out.  Brandon from Brandon’s Marathon is not only a marathoner and an ironman – he’s a really good looking guy and an opera singer so sit back and enjoy as Brandon tells us about his gig and sings 02 Salut! demeure chaste et pure

Brandon’s shout out

Brandon’s opera.


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