Episode 69 Joe Henderson

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Episode 69 – Joe Henderson

Intro by John Vuaghn – John from the Poi – Run New England Video Cast and blog.

Star Trek Rip off by Joe Bears and Neumen.


Hello my friends this is Chris and welcome to the RunRunLive Podcast.

Today we interview running legend Joe Henderson who has been writing books about running since before I was born and we have some other audio and some other great stuff.

Hope everyone is having a great week.  I know many of you have completed or are competing in races around this time – so best of luck or congratulations.  Keep moving forward.

I did some mental inventory this morning and figured out that, not counting ultras and training runs, I think I’ve run 23 marathons.

11 Bostons

4 Baystates

2 Cape Cods

2 Hyannis

1 Ocean State

1 Chicago

1 Northern Trail Marathon in MD

1 Manchester City Marathon

1 Atlanta Marathon

And only 21 if you take out the 2 DNF’s I’ve posted one at 13 miles the other at 15 miles.  In those two cases I was running for a time and could tell I wasn’t going to make it so I pulled up to fight another day.

I don’t say this to impress you because I’ve never run to collect marathons like so many bottle caps.  I just think it’s interesting…They were all great races and really I’ve only run Boston and enough races to qualify for Boston.

The best out of those was Boston in 1998 where I posted a 3:06 finish…

Particular congratulations goes to long time listener Ari Goronsky who ran a PR at the New Jersey Marathon with a 3:54 and change – nice job Ari call in and record an intro for your runanskyrun.blogspot.com for the show.

Also new over the last couple weeks – Megan the Veganrunningmom started a podcast called “Run Vegan Run” so you can check that out on iTunes.  How come if we say “Vegetable” we don’t say “Veg-an?”

Ok I’m losing altitude – my Jet lag is catching up with me and I’ve got a big weekend of catching up to do so let us get on with the show!

Equip Check the e-runner website.

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Interview – Joe Henderson

Quick tip from Jason at Trilogy Running – MTN Biking


Ok folks that’s it you have come to the frayed end of another RunRunLive Podcast – that’s episode 69 in the can.

I’m continuing to cross over to biking and my thighs are starting to get those big drumstick bike thighs look.  My legs are very tired because I’m trying to keep my running miles up too.  My diet is stuck at around 194 pounds.

I looked at the 100 pushups website and I’m going to try that over the next few weeks but it seems to easy so I’m going to do the 200 situp and 200 squat programs too…What the heck it’s almost swim suit season and I have to be wary of the papararazzi when I’m down at the Cape.  By the way if you want a summer rental in Harwich on Cape Cod this summer – shoot me a note.

I have some other great shows lined up – I’m going to talk to John Bingham but I lost his email in the pile of 800 emails I have in my Yahoo account right now.  I also talked this week with some folks at Vibram who want to come on the show and potentially give away some shoes – so that will be cool.

But most importantly I have next week the Running Bra =-apolooza episode.  I’ve got Eva and Jo to help me interview Gracie of Gracie’s running bra’s so send me all your running bra questions.

We were going to do the interview this week – but they just couldn’t support me.  I felt a little let down.  I was pointed and up front with them but I was able to restrain myself.  So – don’t let you spirits get all saggy – we’re going to re-connect next week with an interview that is positively uplifting and separates the girls from the boys.

Music today is from an interesting group named the boneless children foundation called stars for anyone.  So enjoy – have a great week – and I will see you out there.

Ciao baby!

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