Episode 68 Peter Sagal

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Episode 68 – Peter Sagal

Intro by Lybbe: – fiftycountingdown.blogspot.com

Help on the NPR Wait, Wait…Don’t tell me! Parody by Neumen: theneumenshow.blogspot.com

Very nice words from Rich at Go wago: gowagon.com/


Welcome to episode 68 – this IS chris your host.  We have a great show for you today!  Yes it can get better.  Today I chat about running with Peter Sagal the host of NPR’s Wait, Wait…Don’t tell me! Radio show. He made the mistake of entering the Twitterverse and we hunted him down and brought him to ground like a crippled gazelle on the savannah.

He’s hilarious – obviously – but also a member of the hard core running tribe.  He qualified and ran the Boston Marathon – and I give him big props for that because he could have easily got all the leftist socialists NPR listeners in Boston to get him a waver number – but he cowboyed up and ran the time.

Hey – how are you doing?  It’s springtime. Have you taken the time to go outside and smell some flowers?   Are you planting a garden this year with wonderful vegetables?  Don’t forget to take some time for youselves folks.  As Mr. Covey would say “you have to remember to sharpen your saw” – because you’re no use to us dull.

Don’t run like it’s work today – run like a child – look around and see your world – appreciate this day.

I’ve also got some tips and some audio for you so Let US Get on with the Show!

Peter Sagal Interview

Quick tip = Mtn Biking transition.


Episode 68 in the can…I have exhausted our time together thoroughly – so let me make this quick.  Next up I have already interviewed Running Legend Joe Henderson for next week – If you stick with me you’ll learn a lot from Joe next week.

Always looking for people to help me out with Parodies and to read my intro – send me an audio or just call it in on the call in line (mentioned at the end of this show).  I’m also going to interview a running bra company and to do that I’m going to collaborate with a couple of lady runners – Eva and Jo (better known as LIRunner).  That should be interesting…

Awesome woman blues by Koko Taylor called Voodoo Woman to take you out!

Sorry for going so long today – thanks for hanging out with me – Have a great weekend –don’t forget to check for ticks – and I will see you out there!

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