Episode 67 Vermont City Marathon

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Ok my running friends – my foolish friends – my facebook and twitter friends – my Running Club-mates  -yes you have found yourself here at Episode 67 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Been a busy few weeks for me.  I ran Boston on the 20th and then was heavily involved in the Groton Road race all last week.  It culminated Sunday in a successful event.  We got a hot day so water was an issue and some folks had issues but it went well considering.  Numbers were up because the nice day drove a lot of walk up traffic.

Road my bike to work this week.  If you remember the Run to work episodes – this is the same thing just faster.  I have an old Fuji road bike that I used in my triathlon period.  I have it fitted out with a laptop bag for commuting.  It was pretty good.  It’s a quite hilly course and I haven’t got my bike legs yet –but it only took me an hour to bike the 17.5 miles.  Which is awesome because I’ve had it take that long in the car with traffic before.

I haven’t decided what Bike event in the fall I want to participate in and I’m still working on a training plan.  I want to keep running at least 3 times a week so I can run the Ragnar with Mango and Sasquatch in September as an ultra team.

I road to work and back on Tuesday.  I weighed myself on Monday at the office gym and I was up to 195 pounds! I’m so fat that when I sit around the house I sit AROUND the house.  I weighed in Wednesday after biking to work and was just 190.  I’m working on it!

Today I am interviewing Andrea from the Vermont Marathon.  I had request from a listener to get some info on this race.  My fast friends Frank and Brian from the Goon Squad run this race every year and have great praise for it.  They schedule both Boston and Vermont and then watch the weather to decide which one to race and which one to enjoy.

Thanks to Justin for helping me with the Garmin 2010 commercial.

Looking forward to spending some time with you all today.  Hope everyone is healthy, happy and positive.

On With the Show.

Equipment check.

Maybe you have noticed that I’ve posted some videos that are more than just a blurry mass of jumbled crap.  Well that is because I gave up on the Sony HandyCam and bought a Flip Mino.  This is such a cool and easy little camera.  It’s the iPod of video cameras.

I didn’t get the HD version, because frankly I don’t care about HD.  Any kind of D is good enough for me.  It’s got a great form factor and I’m able to carry it in one hand comfortably while I’m running.

It’s got an hour worth of record time on the version I have and the battery life is fine so far.

When you’re done recording it has a snap up USB connector that plugs right in.  The software is easy to use and you just drag and drop videos to make a movie.  No cables involved and no intrusive self installing software.

It takes a lot of CPU power to save the movie and they are still pretty big to move over to YouTube, but not too bad.  Pretty low effort for pretty high quality.  And the price point is reasonable.

So get youreself a Flip Video Mino and you will be a movie Star

Interview – www.runvermont.org Andrea’ the race director.

Quick Tip…


New Balance Factory Outlet.


Thanks for listening my friends.  Shout outs to all my friends.  Two new lady podcasters this week…Erin the iron woman triathlete has a new Tri N Reality podcast just out and Lybbe has a new show about losing 50 pounds while running.  Also my buddy Miguel is riding for Diabetes so give him some love.

I’ve got a bunch of chores to catch up on after all the events and travel of the last couple weeks.

Do my intro on the RunRunLive home page.

Lybbe and Erin Tri N Reality.


Miguel  – Vitamin Eva!

Music = Eric Strom Day 26 Talkin Vermont Fuzz

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