Episode 66 Adam Ulrey

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Episode 66 – Adam Ulrey on weight loss and Nutrition

Bruce Mcintosh with the intro… www.brucemcintosh.blogspot.com

Miscellaneous audio and tunes…

Ramones – I want to be sedated and Blitzkrieg Bop.

Clash – Clampdown


Hello and welcome to Episode 66 of the RunRunLive Podcast! Get your kicks on episode 66.  This is going to be a great show.  I have my friend Adam Ulrey on the talk about some practical nutrition tips.  I have to lose some weight.  And the rest of it is “fun with the Boston Marathon”  One section you’ll hear is a recording of what it sounds like when you pass through the Scream Tunnel of young ladies at Wellesley colledge – I want you to realize how long and loud it is.

Boston is the world’s best marathon.

Congratulations to everyone who ran Boston this week.  Virtual friends Megan, Josh, Justin, Shelly, Tim, Mary, and Abel, and from my club Brian and Mark who both got PR’s of 2:56ish…First timers Jenny, Tracey and Rick who made it through alive! Old friends Frank, Paul and Gary who jogged it. And every one else whom I’ve missed and forgot to mention.  Congrats to Dave McGilvary for pulling off another extraordinary event.  Thanks to Chris Chisholm for her massage expertise and thanks to Mrs. ChrisRunner and all the other running widows and widowers out there who make our obsessive compulsive behavior possible!

Weather wasn’t bad – nice and cool – little bit of a head wind, pretty good day for racing.  I’m not happy with my performance – I felt heavy and undertrained. My legs went on me early and I suffered in around 10 minutes off my goal pace –so at some point this year I’m going to have to train for a marathon and run it hard and get some of that time back!


Adam Ulrey

More Clips and tunes


Buddy and I.  Ran with Megan the VeganRunningMom in Concord.  Met a very strange Park Ranger.

Check out my Boston videos at RunCast.tv   Come run the Groton Road race on the 26th of April

Switching over to the Trial bike.  Lots of work.  Plenty  of things to talk about.

Penguin, .2, Vt Marathon…

Send me suggestions and I will follow up.  Help me out with audio etc.

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