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RunRunLive Podcast Episode 64 Dave McGilvary Race Director of the Boston Marathon.

Dirt Dawg with the Intro

Neumen with the Monster Truck commercial.


Hey folks this IS Chris and Welcome to the 64th edition of the RunRunLive Podcast.

Been a good week – long week – I’m a bit tired right now.  As we used to say when I worked in Ciudad Chihuahua – Tengo Sueno.

Thank you Dirt Dawg for the intro – he sounds like a nice guy doesn’t he?  And the Monster Truck commercial was a spark of creativity from Neumen that we came up with earlier this week.  Oh and congrats to Ari who ran to work 20 miles through Manhattan!

This is a special Podcast, because most people talk about Boston, but today you and I are going to talk to Dave McGilvary the race director of the Boston Marathon.  We’ve talked to Dave before he’s an amazing guy and the perfect guy for a race director.  He’s got this unique combination of a runner’s headset and an accountant’s brain.

You may not have heard of Dave, but he’s the real deal.  He’s ran across the U.S. back before it was cool.  He runs his age in miles every year on his birthday.  He has run the Boston marathon every year since he was 18.  When the course is cleared, Dave goes out to Hopkinton and runs in by himself.   His book, “the Last Pick” tells some of these great stories.

I’ve got so many other things to tell you about.  My write up of the Georgia ING marathon should be up on CoolRunning in the Viewpoint section.  Thanks to Shawn, Jason and Jenny for putting up with me!

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter – CYKTRUSSELL and Facebook too, Chris Russell.  I finally had someone I had to block this week.  This guys was ranting about the coming depression and the end of the world, so I replied to him not to listen to the Naysaying Nabobs – Which everyone should know is a Ronald Reagan quote – The great communicator.  Then this guy is all in my face with “you can’t ignore this!”  “You’re hiding your head in the sand.” “You’re causing the problems”  So I said, “Yeah, but I can ignore you.” And blocked him.  Because I don’t have the time to spend worrying about crap I can’t change I’m going to use that energy to focus on stuff I can change and make me, my world and the world of my family and friends a better place.

So – I’ve got some other stuff stuck in here – so on with the Show.

Couple Audio clips

Dave Interview


That’s it you’ve squandered another perfectly good 40 minutes listening to me yammer on.  That’s ok my podcast is fully covered for time wastage and if you feel you’ve had your time misappropriated send a letter to my underwriters at AIG.

I did buy a new Kona Trail bike and I did take it out today with Anthony and it’s a blast! My bottom hurts and my legs are killing me.  I told Anthony “how’s it feel to be kicking the ass of an ultramarathoner?”

And I did do my Yasso’s last night.  I averaged between 3:20 – 3:24 so If I get the right weather and don’t do anything stupid I should be able to run a 3:25 or better – which is good for when they change the qualifying standards for next year!

I signed up for the Marine Corp marathon in the fall.

I had some people asking about my book – “The Mid-Packer’s Lament”  it is available on Amazon – but if you want a sign copy from me, just send me an e-mail.  I have some here and can mail them to you for $17.  Hey I have a trail bike to pay for!

I’m out in Milwaukee and Chicago on Monday and Tuesday of anyone wants to run.  I’m in White Plains on Thursday.

If anyone is interested in taking a shower after the marathon we’ve got a hotel room at the finish line – send me an email and I’ll give you the secret password.

I don’t know when I’m heading into the expo, but when I figure it out I’ll tweet it.  I plan to be up against the back fence to the left of the stage right across from the field entrance at Hopkinton.  Come and find me – say hi.

Everyone have a fan-tastic week and We will see you out there!

Tonight’s music is called “Tied to the love” by the band “Great Bloomers” and it is available on the podsafe music network – enjoy.

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