Episode 59 An inside look at the ING Georgia Marathon

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Episode 59 – An inside look at the ING Georgia Marathon

Guest intro by Gordon from the “Run to Disney” podcast.

Hey Dog, Buddy, Come here, I need to talk to you. What’s with this personal ad in the “ the Littleton Independent”?  Single Black and White Male, Enjoys long distance runs on the beach, playing frisbee, chasing anything that moves, herding sheep and being scratched on the nether regions seeks likeminded companion for good natured romps.  100% fixed and disease free. I’m a one woman K9.

Now. Look dude, I know I haven’t been home much – but I’m in training you have to cut me some slack.  How about we compromise on some play dates?  And if I catch you logging into Match.com again on my laptop I’m cutting your internet privileges.

OK – Hello and welcome to Episode 59 of the runrunlive podcast and what’s all this madness then?  What’s all this mindless mincing about on the macadam by you magnificent mid-packers?  Is it marathon season again?  A famous line up here where I live, from a journalist goes something like, “It must be marathon season because the saps are running”  And, Lo Patriots Day approaches.  That one holy Mondayin april when we all drop into Hopkinton and point our toes towards Boston for the day.

Today we will speak with the folks from the Georgia ING marathon coming up at the end of this month.  They still have some slots available so sign up and run with me.  I’m going to run it for fun with the Trilogy Running boys and Peter Shankman from HARO – Help a Reporter Out.   Should be fun.  If you’re going to be there drop me a line and we’ll hook up.  I’m staying downtown Saturday night and flying out late Sunday.  I know there has to be someone out there who wants to buy me dinner on Saturday!  And don’t forget – Shawn and Jason are having a huge combination Luau, barbeque and keg party free to all Georgia ING Participants Sunday after the race at their house.  Send an RSVP to Trilogy Running.

So what’s new with my training?  This whole running to work thing screwed up my rhythm last week.  I ended up only running 4 times.  I felt like crap on Saturday and Sunday.  I skipped Stu’s 30k, after I was already in the truck on the way.  It just seemed like a bad idea to run sick in a snow storm.  I went out into the woods and did an easy 10k with the dog.  Then we got another foot of snow Monday.

I was going to run to work again this week, but I just can’t work the logistics out.  If I could figure a way to carry my laptop.  You know you just don’t realize how much stuff you carry until you try to figure something like this out.  But next week should be my final really long run for Georgia, and I’m starting to fall in love with the idea of running both ways for the full 35 miles…huh?  Yeah baby that’s what I’m talking about.  Run Forest run.  That will work well being a couple weeks from Georgia and then 3 weeks after that until Boston it’s all maintenance miles.  Then I hope to transition to the bike and get in shape to do a trail bike ultra in the fall.

Had a one day trip to Chicago this week – no running that day.  Had to drive the old truck to the airport with no heat and around 7 degrees faranheit.  It was like a Tolstoy novel with the heated rocks in the sled because I filled up a couple two liter soda bottles with hot water to keep me warm.  One of my Twitter friends was giving me instructions on how to replace the heater core – isn’t that cool?  That’s what Twitter is all about many-to-many connections – it’s like a cloud resource.  So hook your cloud to mine by typing in @cyktrussell and Chris Russell on Facebook.

What else is there?  On with the Show!

Equipment Check:

So I always hear you folks talking, more like obsessing over what to take as nutrition on the run.  I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t really stress about it.  All the sports gels and drinks have the same basic stuff in them.  Sugar of some sort and electrolytes.  Some have caffeine and some Ultra drinks like HEED have protein.  If you’re running for less than an hour you don’t need any gels or anything.  As you get into the marathon distance you want to refuel the sugars and electrolytes to smooth out that big energy crash around mile 18 – and the longer you are out there the more you’ll need.

How much?  How often?  This is something you’ll have to figure out what is right for you, through practice on long runs. My rule of thumb is every 40 minutes to chuck down the equivalent of a gel.

I don’t really care what kind, I have my favorites, but it doesn’t really matter.  Since ultra training I can pretty much eat anything and keep it down.  The harder you are running the more likely it’s going to make you queasy.  This is why some folks do ok in training then get upset stomach in the race – because the intensity is different.  If you’re running really hard your body takes blood and resources away from the GI tract to the muscles.

The only real secret is practice, practice and practice. Try to drink and eat more than you need in training so that you learn to digest it.  If you get sick you can always slow down, or throw up – either way it’s not going to kill you. Don’t be fafraid to try new things in training, but keep it simple in the races.


Georgia ING Marathon

Listener comments:

I got this great email from a friend of the show and it raised some concerns so I wanted to address it.  I’ll change the name so as not to get this person in trouble.  So let’s just say the name is Shawna from the triple running podcast…He writes:

Dear Chris, I’ve got a terrible problem with my little brother (we’ll call him “Mason”).  I started my own Podcast but now he’s horning in on it and it’s really getting to be a pain in the buttocks.  Plus he’s a really slow runner and I hate having to wait for him.  So my question is this, “How can I tell this SOB to get the heck out of my podcast without hurting his feelings or causing trouble in the family?

Well Shawna – I would suggest you just confront Mason with your feelings. Lay it on the line.  But make sure Y’all do it on a steep hill so you can outrun him if it gets too hairy.

Good Luck – Chris,

The Quick Tip:

More on running in traffic.  I have had the luxury to grow up riding a motorcycle so I assume that most cars are trying to kill me.  Just because you have the right of way or are in the cross walk doesn’t mean they are going see you.  Just because they have a red light or a stop sign doesn’t mean you shoud step out into the road.  Look directly at the driver of the car and make eye contact.  Wait for some sign of recognition before you step out, and the passenger waving you on doesn’t count.

Direct the drivers.  Show them which way you are heading through pointing and gestures.  If they stop or wave you on, make sure to smile, give them a thumbs up or an OK sign and mouth “Thank You” at them.  Be a good citizen and don’t tangle with the cars because they will win.  Don’t ever make any assumptions that could cost you your life.  I have been hit by a car once.  I made the assumption  that this lady would not pull out because there was a school bus with the flashers on – she got a big surprise when I was up on her hood with my ugly mug looking in the windshield at her!


With any luck I’ll be posting this after having run to work again.  That’s cool.  And with any luck I will have figured out how to put a billboard for the Groton Road Race on my back to advertise my race to the commuters.  We’re still looking for some sponsors so shoot me an email at cyktrussell@yahoo.com if you’re interested in reaching our 3000 direct participants.  But definitely come up to run.

This weekend is my 24th wedding anniversary so give my long suffering bride your condolences.  The Joneses never make a scene about running to work!

Since I’m running my long runs to work during the week that leaves my calendar open to do some short races – 5M or 10k on the weekends!  I’m open to suggestions.

You’re all outstanding citizens of Mid-Pack Nation and I hope you’re having as much fun listening to the podcast as Buddy and I have making it.  So feel free to offer suggestions and I will see you out there!


Hound Dog Taylor – Gonna send you back to Georgia

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