Episode 58 Jeff Galloway

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Episode 58 – Jeff Galloway

Sheila with the great intro…

CSI Skit.

Scene opens.  Police tape outlines a badly mauled body on the canyon floor.  The CSI team hunches over, inspecting.

Catherine: “Hey Grissom, I.D. is going to be difficult, the coyotes have really torn him up.”

Grissom: “Yes, You know Catherine, they’re drawn to carrion with high adipose content.  It gives them more energy for mating season.”

Catherine: “Geez, what a mess, how are we going to figure out who it…was?”

Grissom: “Follow the evidence.  What do you make of the hat?”

Catherine: “It’s the 2005 Boston Marathon.  For a 40 something year old guy that only narrows it down to about 4,000 potentials…”

Grissom: “And the shirt?”

Catherine: “Well if he ran the Eastern States 20 miler in 2005 as well it probably gets us to under 50 probables when we cross reference…”

Grissom: “And the shorts…”

Catherine: “MEC, what is that some sort of club?”

Grissom: “Mountain Equipment Company, a Canadian based sporting goods co-op that you have to have a membership to buy.”

Catherine: “So, we cross reference a 40- something guy with Boston ’05, ES20 ’05 who shops in Canada and we’ve got him?

Grissom: “Simple deduction.”

Scene cuts to morgue. Coroner and Grissom.

Grissom: “So what have you got on our friend here, Doc?”

Coroner:  Well he’s got high levels of certain well-being enhancing chemicals in his blood stream.  Do you think he was a doper?”

Grissom: No that’s common with endurance athletes.”

Coroner: “Gil, I’ve autopsied this guy, and he wasn’t much of an athlete…”

Grissom: (scowling thoughtfully) “I believe they call them ‘mid-packers’.  Even though they have little athleticism they still try to run up mountains, it’s not an uncommon psychosis.”

Coroner:  “Well, the other strange thing is that he was carrying a lot of extra weight around the middle for an endurance athlete.”

Grissom:  “The irony is, if he could have pushed back from the burrito buffet he might have been able to make that turn on the switchback.”

Phone rings – Grissom answers – tight cut to Greg

Grissom: “Grissom”

Catherine: “Hey, I analyzed his iPod and found some weirdness.”

Grissom: “Greg, just the facts please.”

Catherine: “Well this dude had bizarre mix of music from classical to punk rock”

Grissom:  Probably a borderline schizophrenic, might have been having an episode on the mountain.  Anything else?”

Catherine: “Can I keep the shoes? ASICS trail shoes are cool.”

Scene fades, music comes up.

Intro –

Well hello my midpacker friends.  My masters, mavens and Methuselah’s of the midpack.  You may ask me, “Chris What is the midpack?” Well thank you for asking your curiosity adds greatly to my personal feeling of well-being.  I would direct you to a story I wrote called “The mid-packers lament”  As a matter of fact I have a copy I have read into Audio and I’ll stick it in this episode towards the end.  I’m going to have to skip Equipment check and the Quick Tip to squeeze it in.  I’ll still probably run a little long – feel free to complain.  I apologize for the lack of rigor. But variety is the spice of life!

So Here’s my quick Equipment check.  I did kill my YakTrax.  I snapped one of the forefoot coils in half.  SO the answer to how long they last is about one winter…Cest la vie.  And here’s my quick tip for running in traffic – Pay attention to where the sun is – people get hit because drivers can’t see them.  I always run into traffic so I can take evasive action if necessary.  If you are running into traffic and the sun is in your eyes and you can’t see your own shadow then it’s ok, the cars coming at you can see you.  But, if the sun is behind you or you are looking down at a long shadow – the sun is in their eyes and they can’t see you.  Pay attention, a lady got killed in a crosswalk a couple years back in my town because the afternoon sun was in the driver’s eyes.

This story that I’ll stick in the end of the show – actually comes from the second book of short stories on running that I wrote.  I tried to put it up as an e-book, but nobody wants that kind of e-book so when I get the time I’ll set up a link to give it away to you assuming there are people out there who can read more than 140 characters at a time without losing interest!

You can buy my first book ironically of the same name “The mid-packer’s Lament” in actual dead-tree form from Amazon and I will get close to $5 dollars of profit into my hot little hands after the friendly publishers take their shekels.

Hey! So welcome.  Welcome to Episode 58 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  If you’re a new listener I do a gig on running here and I try to keep is around 40 minutes and I try to talk to someone interesting for most of the time.

I’ve got a killer interview with the famous Mr. Jeff Galloway for you and it went awesome! You are going to dig it, I had never interacted with Jeff before and I was wondering what he would be like.  It’s funny but Yasso is known for “inventing” the 800 and Jeff is known for inventing “Walking” – like none ever walked in a race before Jeff showed up.

I had a great week!  I’m working like a fiend, but as I was mentioning in previous episodes I started to fall in love the idea of running to work.  When I’m not traveling, and I drive to work,  I work around 17.5 miles from door-to-door.

So Monday I scoped it out and Wednesday I did it! It was cool.  It was an adventure and it wasn’t hard.  It was about 15 degrees out and my water bottle froze – but I’m going to do it next week too.  I took some audio and sent it over to Kevin at the Extra Mile Podcast – so go listen to that there.

The heat is totally gone in my old truck anyhow so at least when I’m running to work I’m staying a little warmer!  I’m going to start a whole new thing here “Run to work day” – Who’s with me?  Come on, let’s all do it and make the world a better place.

When I do it next week I’m going to take some pictures.  I’m also going to put an advertisement for the Groton Road Race at www.grotonroadrace.com to see if I can scare up some more participants for the best race in the spring in New England.  Come on up and run with me. www.grotonroadrace.com

And thanks to Brett AKA Texafornia over at the Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast I made hummus tonight and it was awesome.

The intro was done by Sheila – She’s got a great voice and sends submissions in to the Extra mile podcast. I love her voice and I apologize for thinking she was Australian.  The other podcast I listened to was the Lagan Runner – he’s from Ireland and I just love the brogue.  Reminds me of me old Nanna saying to my mom whose name is of course Margaret Mary but they called her Peggy She say “Jesus Mary and Joseph Peggy!”  I love it when the Lagan runner says he went out at half-five to take the kids sledging.

That CSI skit is because I run all over the world and almost never take any ID with me – so I often wondered how they’d figure out who I was when they found me.  That Skit came to me one morning when I was running up a mountain in Tucson at the crack of dawn.

I could go on forever – but then where would we be?  On with the Show.

Outro –

All right folks that’ sit another sterling episode of the queen’s favorite running podcast – it’s on all the ear buds at Windsor palace – it’s the runrunlive podcast and it is in the can.

Thank you all for going to a ride again with me.  Coming up on the schedule I got some more fantastic interviews lined up.  I’m trying to hook up with my personally hero Bill Rodgers.  I’ve got the Sarah from the Goon Squad, I’ve got the Atlanta ING marathon folks, I’ve got trained bears, dancing ponies and hire wire acts with no net!

As for the next week – I guess I’ll just keep logging the miles with Buddy the Wonder Dog and as Bob Marley opined “My feet is my only carriage – so I’ve got to push on through” So remember – no woman, no cry and I’ll see you out there.

Music:  The Dimeras – Humanoid  This one is a bit up tempo so you elderly runners, nrusing and pregnant mothers, youngsters =- y’all might want to fast forward through this one because it rocks!  Hey I can’t help it – I’m a product of nurture – in the 70’s all we had was Disco and Punk – we had to choose man, we really did – We didn’t climb out of that musical wasteland until the 90’s.

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