Episode 57 Just Finish

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Episode 57 – Just Finish!


Yoda Intro…


P: Obi-wan-ChrisRunner, we have journeyed here to the jungle planet of Kazzoot to share with you, oh master, these wonders we have acquired for our running…

O: What wonders are these, young Padawan, to me, you have brought?

P: See here master ChrisRunner, we have Garmin’s and Nike’s to automatically track our speed and distance to make our running an exact science and free us from the worries of having to track our own time, distance and effort.

O: I see young Padawan, But I ask you, do these devices serve you or do you serve them?

P: But master, how will we know our speed and distance if we have not these wonderful tools?

O: Trust the Force, young one, listen to your body, force fit not the human and spiritual into this mechanical case!

If your Garmin tells you that you are running an eight minute mile, but you feel as if you are running a seven minute mile, who is to say which is right?

Learn to listen to your body and run to the internal time clock of your heart rate, breathing and effort.  For to master this skill you will never be without batteries.

P: I will try master obi-wan-ChrisRunner.

O: No Try young Padawan, do.  Now leave me, intervals I have to do, I must.  May the force be with you.

Well it sure has been an eventful week so far…And how are we my mindful mavens of the midpack?  Not melancholy, malevolent or malodorous I hope!  I’m good… No really.  For some reason we got President’s day off so I got a long weekend!

Saturday I drove down to Cape Cod, took the ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard, and ran a 20 mile race.  Ran it well too.  Felt so good on Sunday I went out on a 7 mile monster hill run with Buddy and my club.  I am amazed at how non-beat up I am.  I really didn’t want it to work, but I’m beginning to think Endurance Pro from Kona Endurance works.

The reason I didn’t want it t work is that I’m seriously anti-supplement and anti drugs but I’m feeling really strong and recovering well.  So – Kona-Endurance Pro gets a tentative thumbs up in the laboratory that is my body.

Got in a pretty good treadmill session doing 6 by ¼ at just about a 6:30 pace which if I complete my plan un injured and everything continues to go well, I’m going to be in 3:20 marathon shape.  Which is a bad thing because then I’ll get all compulsive runner racer guy and try to hammer a marathon and have no fun.  Where is the fun?  Where is the joy?  It’s a constant battle with my evil driven ego!

Yeah so HBO released a bunch of old episodes of Entourage on their On Demand station so I’m afraid I spent a bit o’ time on the couch watching Entourage.  But, I’m well rested and definitely well fueled.

Went out with the wife this week  and bought a car for the Bumper Girl.  She’s looking at colleges.  I have to tell you, you can get some awesome deals on cars these days.  We got a used Nissan for almost 30% less than it was 2 months ago.  They’ll just give you cars to move them right now.  Which is a good thing because the old truck is leaking antifreeze like a stuck pig.  I put some of that coagulant in it, but I think major surgery is in my future.  That’s ok I already have my 80 year old Dad lined up for radiator surgery.

So today, my friends, on the RunRunLive Podcast we talk to Kevin from “Just Finish” about his quest to create a bunch of new runners, build a community around it and sell some tee-shirts too!

I got a ton of new friends on Face book and twitter this week – thanks a bunch – love the company.  I am cyktrussell on Twitter and Chris Russell in Boston with a picture of me standing on top of a mountain.  Also, if it isn’t too much effort you can give me an iTunes review.

Lots of good stuff today my friends.  Buddy the Wonder Dog and I have been running hard and working hard to earn your love.  So on with the show.

Equipment check:

(Intro) I met this guy in the staging area for the race on Saturday.  He was passing out these cups with these splash lids on them for us to practice with.  They are like those clear plastic domes with the hole in the top.  Exactly like the tops you put on a slushy at 7-11, except they are smaller and fit the 8 ounce cups that are on the water tables.  I guess he’s providing them to the race directors to prevent spillage and splashing.  I don’t know how they worked, I carry my own water bottle and don’t drink from the cups on the table unless something has gone horribly wrong in a race, but he was at the 11 mile water stop.


Yep, it should work this time. I forgot to mention that we are donating 10% of all sales among our official Team Just Finish members that run/ride for a charity! If you pre-announce the discount code (I think I heard you do that on another podcast) maybe you could mention that?
Thanks again, Chris!

Quick Tip.

Running Into the winds

Outro –

That’s it folks – friends – another episode of the RunRunLive Podcast in the bag.  I’m not sure who’s on deck for next week, but we’ll get someone and it will be cool.

After my relative success at Martha’s and that fact that I’m feeling pretty healthy, I’m starting to fall in love with the idea of running to work a coupld times.  I’ve got about a 20 mile commute and I can do most of it on back roads.  And there is a shower at work.  So worst case it will take me 3 hours.  I’ll have to position some clothes in the office and figure out a way to get a ride home, but it would be something to talk about!

Races coming up?  I don’t know, but I guess I could be talked into a St. Patty’s Day race – I know Neuman (aka Brad) is doing a challenge for that in Buckeye.

It snowed again this week, but I can smell spring and the days are getting longer.  I pine, I yearn, nay, I lust for the trails.  I hope you all have a compelling week.

Now’s a time fraught with opportunity.  Look to turn challenges into opportunities.  Now’s the time folks to make things happen. Now’s the time to put in motion events that will have lasting impact.  Now’s the time folks – let’s get to it! And, as always, you’ll only be able to see me, if I see you, out there.


No Plastic inside – star wars in space


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