Episode 56 I run in your Shirt

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Episode 56 – I run in your Shirt!

Intro – Hello my friends, whatcha up to?  Training for a spring race?  Oh yeah – me too.  I hope everyone is cool – this is the RunRunLive Podcast and you have stumbled upon episode 56!

Today I interview a great guy, Darryl, who is the running stud behind I run in your shirt.  Guess what he does?  That’s right, he wants to run in your shirt.  Great story.  I have some other bits and pieces for you.

If you’re still reeling from episode 55, the Clint Eastwood episode, I understand your pain and today we’ll go back to our regularly scheduled format!   All will be right again in the RunRunLive universe.

We’ve got our equipment check, our interview and our quick tip.

Thanks for all the noise on Twitter and Facebook – you’re all a bunch of studs and studdettes.  It’s a big ‘ole midpacker stud fest.  If you want to find me, I’m cyktrussell on Twitter or Chris Russell on facebook in the Boston area.

In this Podcast my wonderful Border collie Buddy the Wonder Dog and I converse with interesting folk and talk about running in the midpack.

My training is going super.  Things start to get weird in my schedule now and I’ll be ringing up over 50 miles this week – because I have a 20 mile race on Saturday that overlaps with my 16 mile long run last Sunday.  I had a awesome speedwork session on Tuesday, on the treadmill where I did 7 1/4s at my Yasso target pace and felt gloriously drained at the end.

The Yasso thing works like this…You run a set of 800’s at the same time as your target marathon pace.  So for me I’m training for a 3:20 marathon, so I run my Yasso 800s at in 3:20 which is a 6:40 pace, get it?  And if I can work up to the point of being able to do 10 of those with a2-3 minute jog rest in between then I’ll be spot on my conditioning for my target race.  It’s simple and powerful at the same time.

I went on a adventure to find some trails by my office that I will play some explanatory audio for on Wednesday and I did a headlamp run with the boys on Thursday night.  Taking Friday off, because I’m going to run 20 on Saturday.

That’s it man – I know you’re all busy campers so I’ll get on with the show.

Equipment check.

Well folks we had some spring weather in New England this week.  It got up into the 50;s and I had to run in my shorts.  And I’d like to give you some apparel advice for this happenstance.  If you’ve been running in tights for a long time and switch to the shorts when it gets warmer, especially this time of year when you may be doing long miles for your training plans, you can suffer from surprise terminal chaffing.

I know you don’t have this issue, but us hefty runners sometimes have our thighs rub together when we run.  If you go straight from tights to high cut, or regular shorts your body doesn’t have a chance to build up the thick skin to deal with the chaffing.  You can find yourself a bloody mess.

So, you’ve got a couple alternatives.  You can slather on your favorite anti-chaffing goop.  My personal favorite is Aquafor, but many runners like body glide.  But another choice is to instead of switching to regular shorts you can switch to bike shorts instead.  The bike shorts are longer and slipperier in the inner thigh and won’t chafe.

So stay safe out there as you transition to the warm weather and be prepared to have some fresh skin exposed to the elements.


Quick Tip.

Since I’m running a 20 mile race this week I’ll give you my race/training advice. Or using long races in your training advice.

You want to treat these long races just like your target race.  If you plan to take gels or pills every 40 minutes in your target race do the same thing in your warm up race.  If you plan to take a walk break at the 5 mile water stops practice it here.

Treat this long warm up race, not as a long run, but as a practice race.  You’re going to get your miles and your hours no matter what and the big opportunity is to practice and learn for the big event.

And try to focus on pacing and form.  Listen to your body in the high miles and see what bits are giving you feedback.  Is your breathing off?  Are your legs weary?  Are your mechanics deteriorating?  All these things will let you know what you need to work on in the weeks remaining for your target race.

Stay cool and race yourself to success.


That’s it folks another RunRunLive Podcast in the can.  Hope you guys have a great week.

Coming up I’ve got our friend Kevin from Just Finish.  I also got Jeff Galloway to say he’ll come on the show.  Pretty cool huh?

I’m running the Martha’s Vineyard 20 miler this weekend and then we’ll see what my schedule is going forward.  I’ve got the ING Georgia Marathon at the end of March and the Boston Marathon the second week of April.  So I’ve got a month and a half of training to fill!

Remember to go to www.grotonroadrace.com to see the road race that started it all for ChrisRunner 18 years ago.  I’ll tell you a story.  I trained for the Groton 10k as my first long road race when I started running again when I was 29.  I trained all spring for it and had a goal of breaking 8 minute miles.

I went and ran the course as a test the Sunday before the race and failed miserably, I could not run it at that pace.  All week I was miserable and mean and tough to be around.

That Sunday I went out and held my pace.  And as I passed the 6 mile mark and realized I was going to make my goal I felt such joy as I had never felt before in my life.  Rounding the corner for the home stretch to the chute, the bumper girl who was a toddler at the time leaned out of the crowd to give me a ‘low five’.  The rest is history.

So tell all your friends to come and run the race that changed my life.  And support your local races as they change other people’s lives.

I’m going to take you out with some music by Kevin Keady.  Kevin was the president of my class in Prep School and now lives the simple life with his family down on Matha’s Vineyard.  In his spare time he sings and this is one of his songs, enjoy!  If you’d like his CD “the off season” go to Kevinkeady.com

And, my friends, I’ll see you out there.

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