Episode 55 Dr. Craig Koniver on Nutrition (and Clint Eastwood)

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Episode 55 Dr. Craig Koniver on Nutrition (and Clint Eastwood)

Hello my friends and welcome to episode cinco cinco of the RunRunLive podcast.  And you may have guessed that I’m having a little fun today by rolling out the Clint Eastwood theme. Come on, who doesn’t like Clint Eastwood?

This is one of those mid-week episodes that you should treat the same way as when you find a 20 dollar bill in the pocket of coat you hadn’t worn for awhile!  I think I can throw in a extra episode every month just to spice things up.  If you’re new to the podcast, most of the time it’s about runners and running, but sometimes, like today, I forget to take my medicine and who knows what will happen. ..

Today I interview a nutritional expert Dr. Craig Koniver.  This is the second in my series of nutrition interviews.  My nutrition-apaloosa as it were.  The thing is I’m interviewing folks and companies and product producers who I would like to learn more about.  Feel free to tell me who, or what you would like to learn more about and I will hunt them down for a call.  You really can’t judge the quality of an interview by the content or the qualifications of the interviewee.

My favorite interviews have been with my running buddies – so we’ll have to plan more of those.  I’m also quite interested in social networking and internet marketing and all those web 2.0 things so if I get a chance to interview some of the web 2.0 luminaries that I brush up against in cyber space – I’ll do that too.

Last Friday Chris went in to his GP for his every couple years physical.  The doctors declared me overly boring in general – which is a good thing – I strive to be medically boring.

Some of the highlights include that faulty scale they always use that weighs 5 pounds heavier than every other scale in the known universe.  I do NOT weigh 196.6 pounds!  It seems I’ve shrunk an inch too.  C’est la vie.  And since I had to run in from the parking lot to avoid being late, and I had my normal 3 cups of coffee to get started, my resting pulse was a little elevated – 38 bpm.  Yeah – I’m not far from dead.  I have to warn the nurse so they don’t try to put the paddles on me.   And my blood pressure was good.  And other tests *Family Guy Clip* were all negative.

Still waiting on the blood tests.  Last time they told me my cholesterol was high and I should consider getting more exercise.  I’m not sure how much more exercise I can get!

My training keeps rolling. The wonder dog and I did a 10k in the woods on Saturday and a 16 plus miler in the snow covered rail trail on Sunday.  He was flagging a bit towards the end.

Also this weekend I procured and installed a new washer and dryer.  Carrying that beast up to the second story was a bit of a challenge.  I think I’m past the point in my life to do such things and next time I’m going to pay the man to do it.  But, I got a sweet front loading washer and dryer for darn near free.  The only issue is that the laundry room was my running shrine so as of right now all my running stuff and mementos are homeless.  Anyone have a good idea of what to do with a few thousand used bib numbers?  Of course Mrs. ChrisRunner was pleased as punch to have cleared another pocket of resistance.

I have a 20 mile race on Saturday down on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard.  Too bad it overlaps with Valentine’s day – so I won’t be running the father daughter race with my little one.  Playground of the rich and famous in the summer, hold out of the tough and genuine in the winter.  It’s a great course and I’ll try to get some audio.  I’m a little pensive because it usually kicks my ass.  I set my 20 mile PR there when I was 40.  It’s a great race.  I’m going to check in with my buddy Dan who lives in Onset because he says he’s wrangling up a trail bike for me.   I don’t think the family is coming with me because they are all too busy with their own lives to crew for me in far off island paradises.

Doesn’t look like I’m travelling this week.  I’ve got a board meeting at work and a race meeting for the Groton Road Race.  I’ll throw in some speed tomorrow and just run easy the rest of the week.  Take Friday as a rest day.  Head down to Woods Hole on Saturday early – take the ferry over to the island – run the race – take the ferry back and drive home.   I’m not even sure if I’m going to have any company this year!

Hey – I keep picking up new podcast friends on facebook and twitter.  Thanks – keep it up.  That’s cyktrussell and Chris Russell.  Or send me an email at cyktrussell@yahoo.com.  Don’t send me a resume.

So – we’ve got a strange and wonderful show full of little bits and pieces of things.

I’ve got a contest for you now.  I’m going to recite a little poetry and whoever can guess the author gets to read my intro for the next show.  You know the “hello and welcome” part.  Now I know Shakespeare, Thoreau, Dostoevsky, Joyce, any many other luminaries – but this poet was contemporary with the release of The Good the Bad and the Ugly…

Lions in the street and roaming

Dogs in heat, rabid, foaming

A beast caged in the heart of a city

The body of his mother

Rotting in the summer ground.

He fled the town.

He went down South and crossed the border

Left the chaos and disorder

Back there over his shoulder.

One morning he awoke in a green hotel

With a strange creature groaning beside him.

Sweat oozed from its shiny skin.

Is everybody in?

The ceremony is about to begin

On with the show!


Outro –

Thank you everyone like Kelwona Gurl ,  UltraDad, a couple of johns, Adam and several others who had kind words about the podcast this week.  I’m sure I’ve managed to reset your expectations with this episode!   If you like what you’re hearing tell a friend, write me a review in iTunes, send unmarked 100 dollar bills and bags o Krugerands to my inbox!

I had an awesome work out today.  Did a set of 7 ¼’s at fast tempo on the dread mill and it was one of those prefect workouts that leaves you with nothing.  That perfect knowledge that you couldn’t have done much more and you did all you could.  It rocked!

My old truck has decided to make things hard for me again this week.  Seems like the heater is out and the sweet smell of Prestone is wafting on the breeze.  It’s running fine and the Gauges all look ok so it’s probably just a hose or the radiator cap.  Two more payments and I own that rusty old piece of crap, come to think of it that’s probably exactly what the truck is thinking!

I got my tickets to Atlanta, I’ll be staying at the Holiday Inn by Centennial Park Saturday night.  Come by and visit or take me to dinner down in Buckhead with all the coked up professional football players and rap stars.

So – what’s coming up on the RunRunLive podcast?  What new lows will I plumb in the future?  I think I’m going to rehash all my marathon tips for you spring marathoners.  I’ll try to capture some more audio as I’m out and about at races and such and I promise to be more descriptive Carlos.

And…I’ve got some great interviews lined up, I’ve got Daryl from Irun in your shirt I’m intervieiwing for Friday’s show.  I have my friend and new dad Kevin from Just Finish.  I also got the green light from my friend Dave McGilvary the race director of Boston that he’ll come back on as we get close to the race for a Boston preview.  Cool Beans.  I’m thinking about going after Jeff Galloway and Bill Rodgers.  Bill only lives a couple miles from me.

Buddy the wonder dog, the Cadillac of K9’s (for you kids that’s a type of large “Car” they used to make in a place called “Detroit”) and I would like to thank you for spending some time with us and We’ll see you out there.

All right my friends I’m going to take you out with some great tunes so you can finish up your runs strong.   You know How I decided on a 40 minute format?  My base mileage easy runs are 5 miles and I run 8 minute miles, that’s it.  Just like how all our roads are designed to fit Roman chariots I think all workouts should default to 40 minutes.

So anyhow – Buddy says it’s to go and here’s some surf music Called My Western Holiday by the group known as Antique Curtains and available at the pod safe Music network .

Antique Curtains My Western Holiday

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